Tommy watched his daughter played by his desk in his home office. He had moved into the pack house/den as soon as he took reigns as Alpha. In that time Kira had become engaged to Trent and they were mated and married. His words to Trent had been that Tommy saw it as he was handing his daughter over to the younger man and he expected her to be taken care of. Thus far Trent had lived up to expectations, they had gotten a loft together and were working on setting up their home and looking forward to a possible family in the not to distant future.

He smiled at the sound of Samantha's laughter. He didn't know what she thought was so funny but he enjoyed the sound either way. His phone rang and he answered to hear Bran on the other end.

"Hello, Thomas, you met my granddaughter, SeoHyun, correct?"

"Yes, is everything ok with her?" Tommy asked.

"She's doing good, she's out on a camping trip with her father, its how she wanted to celebrate her birthday." Bran explained.

"She's sixteen, right?" Tommy asked confirming his suspicions.

"Yes, she's also considering going to college in your territory."

"She's more than welcome here, my pack will take good care of her, I'll make sure of that."

"I know you will, but I'm afraid she will be insecure for a while after she first comes into your pack, she's submissive, and a bit of an introvert because she was abused." Bran explained.

"I understand, don't worry I will take care of her as if she were my own." Tommy vowed.

"Thank you, Thomas, I will let Charles know she will be safe in your pack."

Tommy got off the phone with Bran and picked up his daughter who had crawled over to him and pulled up on his pant leg and enjoyed the sound of her laughter as he tickled her belly then hugged her close.

"Never forget you are loved." He told her. He placed her on the floor and let out a deep breath as he reflected back on the past couple of years. Had anyone told him that one day he would be a werewolf, be the last of his own pack and have a one year old daughter by Hayley, he would have called them crazy, but he was all of that and more and he couldn't have been happier about it.

The End.