Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fanfic from Liza's POV. I love that musical very much. Ephraim and Liza have always been my favourite brother and the bride. I was intrigued with with their romance in the movie. Ephraim was so quiet in showing his love to Liza. Even in the barn dance, I found it amusing that he didn't dance that much with Liza. He was glad to see her dance with his brothers. Other couples like Dorcas and Benjamin were always in the movie. Ruth and Caleb were seen most of the time, let's not forget Sarah and Frank's kiss. Dan and Martha were quite a couple too. Daniel was looking for Martha and calling for her desperately, Gideon spoke of Alice all the time. While, Ephraim remained silent. I felt like Liza was much stronger character than Ephraim himself. So, I waited for a long time for people to write a story about them. But I finally decided to do it myself. Hope you all enjoy! I made a background for Liza myself and I watched this movie many times and I think I'll do an okay job on this story. I was inspired by Mandi96, Delightness, and Goblz for writing this story. Some parts of the story belong to them. So no copyright intended.

It was a lovely June morning in Oregon Territory, birds were chirping and flying happily. Sun shone bright. It was the beginning of summer. June was the month when couples got married and had children. In June people fell in love suddenly, well at least that's what they said. I loved June, I often called it the month of promise. Promise of love and warm summer. Summer was short in this region, so June was like a relief to everyone. I would love to be a June Bride someday.

One beautiful June morning. Me, Sarah, Dorcas, and Ruth were sitting in Dorcas' kitchen having tea.

"Girls, I don't think I'll be able to make a quilt, I hardly have enough fabric to make an apron." Sarah exclaimed suddenly.

"Quilting Bee is in few days" Ruth added disappointedly. This changed the mood, we all started looking at each other worryingly. We had been looking forward to the quilting bee for a while. It would be a pity, to postponed it.

"Oh girls, don't worry we'll think of something" Dorcas added.

Dorcas was always the optimistic one from the group she always knew how to help us out. I smiled at her.

"Dorcas is right!" I said turning my gaze at Ruth.

"Are you sure that we don't have enough material?" I asked Ruth. "I mean, surely we must have enough if we combine all of our material?"

"Liza, we also have to think about our dresses for the barn-raising." Dorcas said. "Don't forget, it's in a month and we will need lot of fabric to make ourselves nice dresses."

All of us girls had moved to this little town from East. Living here was much harder, after all the place was still unsettled. There were hardly any girls out here. So, we'd always stick together no matter what.

As we were still chatting and deciding what to do. Dorcas interrupted us. "Girls, why don't we go ask Mrs. Bixby if she has any extra material that we could use?" Mrs. Bixby together with her husband was a local store owner. She was a very friendly woman and we all loved her dearly.

"That's a great idea, Dorcas!" I said cheerfully.

"Oh yes, let's get over there right away" Sarah added excitingly. We all got up and went to Bixby store.

We walked as fast as we could, and finally entered the store.

"Good morning Mrs. Bixby" I exclaimed together with the other girls.

"We're having a quilting bee" Ruth said.

"We thought you might have some odds and ends," I finished quickly.

"Let me see" Mrs. Bixby smiled at us and went behind the counted and started poking around under the counters.

We waited for her excitingly, until from the corner of my eye, I saw a man who was talking to Mr. Bixby. He was dressed in buckskins and was walking towards us. I looked at Dorcas, and then quickly lowered my eyes. He was tall and had fiery red hair, he had a perfect image of a backwoodsman.

"They are spoken for" Mr. Bixby told the man.

I quickly realised that the man was interested in us and couldn't help but smile. "Oh, you had me scared" The man said sarcastically. "Lady can change her mind, can't she?" He stood next to me and I blushed. Sarah couldn't help but giggle a bit. We all lowered our eyes and continued watching Mrs. Bixby.

"Pay him no mind girls, Fred put his things in the wagon, don't keep him waiting" Mrs. Bixby motioned to her husband.

"Oh, I'm in no hurry" The tall man said. "I got all afternoon" He added.

"Well, your wasting your time mister, no girl in this town will marry you." Mrs. Bixby told him.

At this, Dorcas and I smiled at each other playfully. I must say, this man was quite intimidating. But none of us dared to say a word.

"Oh, I always got what I wanted" He boasted arrogantly. I glanced at him, but then quickly looked away not wanting to catch his eye.

"I'm here today to get me a wife. I don't mean to go home empty-handed" As he said those words, he looked at us. And I couldn't help but smile sheepishly. I must say this a very strange way to court a lady!

"You're all pretty fresh and young. I'll keep you in mind" The man said. I smiled. Thanks for the complement. I guess he is not that bad!

"But I ain't deciding on nothing until I looked em all over" With that, he turned and went away.

"What a weird man" Sarah said awkwardly.

"Very boastful and arrogant" Ruth added.

"Men like him are plenty out here" Mrs. Bixby replied. "Did you find the material, Mrs Bixby?" I asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Oh yes, I did"...

After that, we all returned to Dorcas' house and continued chatting and getting ready for the quilting bee and the barn-raising. I quickly forgot about the man from the Bixby store and so did the other girls. We were all too busy and excited to even think about other matters.