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Chapter 1: Hollows

"Cold… So cold… Wake up… Sora! Wake up!"

"Sora! Wake up! Come on!" Someone was poking at Sora with what felt like a stick. "Come on, Sora! You have to wake up if you want to find Kairi!"

"Kairi… Who's that…? Where am I? Who are these people and why do they sound so distant?" Sore thought fading further and further into sleep.

"SORA! HELP!" there was a loud crash and suddenly Sora bolted up, "What's happening!? Where are we?"

"Castle Oblivion, don't you remember?" said a weird looking duck with a wand.

Sora looked over and saw a tall dog man with a shield and nothing more.

"What's happening and who are you, um, creatures?" Sora asked the duck and dog man, very confused.

"Oh, gawsh Donald. He doesn't remember us. This isn't good. Not good at all." Said the dog man with a hint of worry in his voice.

"I know, I know, Goofy. We can't worry about that right now, though. We have a lot of Heartless to deal with and not enough time to get Sora out." Said Donald angrily.

At that moment something busted through the roof and took out at least half the black beasts they called heartless.

Sora screamed as all his memories poured back into him like a river into the ocean.

"S-so, that's what happened, huh?" Said Sora still a little shocked from his painful memory regaining experience.

"I'm afraid so, but let's not stand and talk. More hollows will be here soon. We have to go. Now!" said a strange man carrying a sword bigger than he was "Unless you want to help me kill these heartless. Oh, by the way, I'm Cloud."

"Ah, so you're the famous Cloud Strife. I've met all your friends, and I must say that they're excellent warriors." Said Sora with his signature goofy grin on.

"That'd be me. Now what's it gonna be? Fight, or flight?"

Sora pulled out his Keyblade and transformed it into Oathkeeper and Oblivion, "I never run from a good fight. Donald, Goofy, you guys get out of here. I wanna do this on my own."

Donald and Goofy ran off to do whatever weird ducks and dogs do.

"Good man. Now let's kill us some heartless freaks." Cloud said readying his sword. Sora did the same and they were off to killing the Hollows.

In the middle of the fight Sora was talking to Cloud, he said "Hey, after this, can we spar? I've always wanted to see what I could do in a fight against you."

"Sure thing. I'll go easy on you so you might have a chance of winning." Said Cloud with a rude, but joking tone to his voice, "And after, I'll treat you to some Sea Salt Ice Cream on top of Clock Tower. That stuff is really good," He said slicing through three more hollows.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Sora said as he blasted two hollows next to cloud with a couple of fireballs, "but it won't happen if you can't watch your blind spots."

They continued to fight the heartless until they were both out of energy and out of smart remarks.

"There's too many of them. What's causing this many to appear?" said Cloud.

There was no response by Sora, and when he turned around to look at Sora, he saw a huge hollow had just formed in the middle of the room.

"I-I think that's why…" said Sora a little scared.

"Is Sora actually scared!? This thing must be super powerful for that to happen… Oh, God, what have we gotten ourselves into…?"

"MAN UP, SORA! WE CAN TAKE HIM!" Said Cloud lunging at the beast and using Meteora, "He's not that tough." As he said that he was nocked through the air and landed on his back.

Sora snapped out of it and ran over to Cloud. Sorry I froze. I was just scared. It reminded me of the day I lost Kairi to hollows, that's all." Said Sora rubbing the back of his head.

They both laughed, but it didn't last for long.

You ready to kill this bastard?" Cloud asked Sora.

"Yeah. Let's get him." Said Sora lunging towards the creature and freezing it.

"Nice move!" Cloud said activating Omnislash Version 5 "NOW DIE!"

The monster unfroze the instant before Cloud struck and whipped Cloud away.

"We can't get close. He's too powerful." Said Sora worriedly

"Don't forget. Our blades aren't out only weapons. We have our magic too," Cloud reminded Sora who immediately send a Firaga at the beast.

As Sora did this cloud used a Lightning attack to stun the beast and tried Omnislash again. This time it worked and the beast was as good as dead.

That was, until it split into two.

"Kairi… Riku…" Sora said walking toward his fallen friends.

"Sora, that's not them… That's the monster. He's trying to trick you." Cloud held Sora back as he shot a fireball at what looked like Riku.

"NO! RIKU! WATCH OUT!" Sora screamed and jumped in front of the fireball attack.

The attack missed Sora and hit Riku in the gut. He turned into a hollow and faded away.

"What did I tell you!? They aren't real!" Cloud said to Sora as he covered Kairi.

"I WON'T LET YOU HURT HER!" and Sora drew his blades to Cloud who slashed them aside.

"You can't beat me, Sora." Cloud said, raising his sword, "No matter how hard you try, the only person that can beat me is that damn fairy." Cloud said remembering his fight with the green fairy boy named Link.

"He had a weird name…" Cloud thought to himself as he lost focus.

Sora whacked him upside the head a little bit later and Cloud fell to the floor.

"You need to pay attention, Mr. Perfect" He had a venom in his voice as he said those lasts words, "It's on"

Cloud and Sora charged at eachother, knowing one of them may die today...

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