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Chapter 2: Sea Blue Monster

"Sora, snap out of it! It's not Kairi!" Cloud said as he jumped in the air and slashed downwards at Sora who deflected his attack and landed safely on the ground.

"I won't let you hurt my friends, monster!" Sora said, looking as though he was ready to spill Cloud's blood.

Sora ran at Cloud and activated Thunder, blasting the ground next to Cloud and then slamming his Key Blade into Cloud's chest. Cloud flew backwards and slammed into a pillar, shattering it to pieces.

"He's smart. Damn, I didn't want this to take too long. Had to take care of that other Heartless… Where is it…?" Cloud saw the Kairi heartless appear behind Sora and embrace him in a hug.

Sora started to grow, larger and larger, until he was at least 10 meters tall and wielding what looked like a giant, even for his size, version of Oblivion. He was soon covered head to toe in a dark mist that seemed to represent armor. Finally, the red chained heart appeared on his chest signifying him as one of them.

"Heartless… How…?" Cloud said as he looked at the new, more badass version of Sora, he looked into his eyes and saw nothing but darkness. Pitch black darkness.

Sora roared loud and launched at Cloud, slashing downward at him. The impact of Sora's Key Blade broke a few of Cloud's ribs and knocked the wind out of him as it sent him flying through two more pillars, eventually landing on another one, creating a large crater where he impacted it.

Sora's heartless form seemed to fade in and out of reality, and then he saw Sora… No Kairi though.

"That's how it is, huh? Heartless bastard absorbed Sora into its body. So I'm not fighting Sora…" a smile crept onto his face as he thought about this, "Now I don't have to hold back!" Cloud screamed at the Heartless as he ran at it, much faster than before and sliced across its body, narrowly missing Sora.

"There," Cloud turned around and looked at his opponent, "That should…" he stopped in his tracks as he saw that his Buster Blade did nothing

"T-That's impossible. That strike should have killed him. Easily." Cloud thought to himself trying to figure out what happened "Unless…" He looked at his sword and slammed it into the dirt, "My Buster Blade won't work." He held his right hand out as a giant key blade appeared that was easily as big as his Buster Blade.

"It's been a while since I've used this thing." It was about 5 to 5 ½ feet long with one sharp edge and a blunt side; it had a red diamond shaped mark going down its side, and when Cloud held it in his hand, it glowed with a strange aura that appeared to be a rainbow of colors.

For a split second, you could see a hint of fear in the eyes of the giant Kairi heartless. Soon, though, it snapped back into reality and swung it's giant blade at Cloud. Cloud easily blocked the first one and did a side flip over the second one. After his little airborne maneuver, he used the first key blade as a catapult and launched himself above the giant beast and slashed downwards towards the head of the beast, who was surprisingly fast and sidestepped cloud and backhanded him, knocking him into the nearest pillar again.

This time, Cloud turned it against him. As Cloud was flying backwards, he launched at the heartless and…

"It's dark again. What is this? Where am I?" Sora thought to himself as he looked around. He saw nothing, so he tried to move. It was like his legs weren't working. He couldn't move.

Sora tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. Sora was terrified at this point and thought back on what happened before this.

"So, me and Cloud were fighting Heartless, and a giant heartless appeared out of nowhere and they battled it." Sora only remembered one more thing, and at this, his eyes would've widened if he could've felt them, "Kairi showed up and Cloud said something about her being… A Heartless…"

Sora felt sad and angry at the same time. He felt betrayed, thinking he finally found Kairi for her only to be a Heartless that wanted to use him.

"Whe I get out of here, wherever I am… I'm going to murder that Heartless!" Sora looked around looking for a way out, but he only saw darkness. Then he heard a voice that sounded like… Cloud!

"Sora, I'll free you from this bitch!" he heard Cloud scream and for a split second, he swore he saw a light.

"Wait… I'm inside…" he looked up and saw a red heart laced in chains, "the Heartless… That means, Cloud is out there fighting something terrifying. Alone." He felt something one his face and was in shock.

"I was so enticed by the light and the heart and hearing Cloud that I didn't even notice… I can feel my face now."

Sora tried to wipe away the tear, but it seems only his face was free.

"Guess I gotta wait a little longer. "I'll let Cloud face this… thing." Sora seemed to pass out and let Cloud try and rescue him. His last thought was, "I hate feeling this helpless."

Cloud's slashed through the chest of the Heartless and landed on the ground, slicing through his foot and repeating the process over and over again. Eventually he got it pissed enough that it grabbed at him and tried to slice at him.

He missed though and sliced his own hand off. Cloud laughed at its stupidity, but knew to be cautious. He landed on the ground a few meters away away from it and watched closely. What he saw… was unreal.

"Sora's eyes…" sea blue eyes...looking right at him.

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