All My Friends Are Superheroes

Summary: Being a teenaged hero is no walk in the park; juggling school, homework, superpowers, friends and family can be tough, especially when you and your secret boyfriend are tiptoeing around teammates, parents and mentors. However, sometimes in life you have to just stop worrying, and let the stones fall where they may. It might not be that bad, after all. Season 1. AU/OOC. Birdflash.

Eventual Pairings: BirdFlash (Wallace "Wally" West/Richard "Dick" Grayson), SuperMartian (Conner "Kon-El" Kent/M'gann M'orzz), RedVision (Roy Harper, Jr./OC), MysticTiger (Zatanna Zatara/Artemis Crock), Torpedo (Kaldur'ahm/Raquel "Roxy" Ervin), GhostWire (Mihael "Mello" Keehl/Mail "Matt" Jeevas), SuperShadow (OC/Damian Al Ghul), WhiteWonder (Nate "Near" River/Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark), SpeedCat (Mia Dearden/Jason Todd), LongBat (Connor Hawke-Queen/Barbara "Babs" Gordon), BraveBird (OC/Timothy "Tim" Drake), QuickIce (OC/Cameron "Cam" Mahkent), BlackArrow (Dinah Lance/Oliver "Ollie" Queen), WestAllen (Iris West-Allen/Bartholomew "Barry" Allen), BatCat (Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle), SuperWonder (Clark Kent/Diana Prince).

My Original Characters: Sushmita "Sush" Desai (Soothsayer), Olivia "Liv" Hawke-Queen (Brave Bow), Kyra "Kay-El" Kent (Supergirl), Felicity Chase (Quickclaw), Pyotr Andreyev (Peter Andrews), Anastasia Ivanova (Anya Evans), Leanne "Lea" West-Grayson (Stargazer).

Rating: M, for sexual themes, language, violence, and dark/possibly triggering subject matter.

Point Of View: Third person's POV, set in past tense/story format, with dreams/thoughts italicized. The focus will mainly be on Robin and Kid Flash, of course, but I fully plan to further explore their interactions with the team, and also with their JLA mentors. Story starts after the team has been established, right after the end of their first official mission together.

Warnings: Adventure, Age Differences, Alcohol, Alternate Universe (Earth-16 AU), Anal Sex, Angst, Anxiety Attacks, Asexuality, Attempted Sexual Assault/Rape, Bisexuality, Black Comedy, Child Abuse, Coming Out, Crossdressing, Crackiness, Depression, Death, Demisexuality, Different Fandom Characters, Discrimination, Drama, Drinking Games, Drugs, Erotic Spanking, Family & Friendships, Flashbacks, Fluff, Gore, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Robin, Hurt!Wally, Kidnapping, Language, Lemons, Manual Bondage, Masturbation, Medical Babble, Mental Illness, Mentioned Assault (Physical & Sexual), Mood Whiplash, Multi-Chapter Fic, Murder, Mythology Babble, Nightmares, Non-Beta'd, Non-Canon Pairings, NSFW, Offensive Humor, OOCness, Oral Sex, Original Characters, Pansexuality, Past Child Abuse (Non-Explicity Mentioned/Implied), Prostitution (Mentioned), Protective!Wally, Psychopathy, PTSD, PWP, Race/Gender/Sexuality Prejudice, Rape (Past: Non-Explicitly Implied/Mentioned), Religious Babble, Romance, Satire, Seduction, Self-Harm, Sexuality/Sexual Confusion, Sexual Themes, Shenanigans, Sick!Robin, Slash, Slash (M/M, M/F, F/F), Spoilers, Suicidal Thoughts (Mentioned), Superpowers, TBT (Teenagers Being Teenagers), Teasing, Timeskips, Time Travel, Torture (Non-Graphic), Trigger Warnings, Underage Drinking, Underage Driving, Underage Sex, Vigilantism, Violence (Explicit & Non-Graphic), Weirdness, etc.

Author's Note (Contains Spoilers!): First thing's first, I'm only putting these warnings on the first chapter so I'm not wasting space with every knew one, so make sure you read them, and maybe check back once in a while in case I added/edited it, which I do. Note that not all of the warnings are guaranteed to happen, I just like to be safe in case there's anything that might trigger or squick out the readers. Also, please be aware that this story is an AU of the first season of Young Justice. We all know about the shit the Reach and the Light pulled, but I would rather write a story further exploring the angst, drama and excitement a group of teenaged superheroes go to rather than write about a dark, possibly apocalyptic future. As such, Wally is not dead (never gonna happen in my stories - EVER!), none of my babies are dead, okay? There's only one Roy Harper in my story - but don't worry, even if he's not a clone, he's still an asshole who cares very much about his friends. Also, I'm going to be following some of the events of S01, mostly because I'm not nearly creative enough to come up with a ton of all original missions for them, but there will be some. Also, I fully intend to also go more into the relationships between the JLA and the YJL, because I think protective adult superheroes is something sweet. This isn't gonna be a sapfest or anything, I just can't help but watch the show and think "Jesus! These kids need their parents around, where are they?" So for those of you who want DaddyBats, MamaCanary, and Superman not being a complete tool, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice, its characters, or any other non-YJ, but still DC, characters that appear in this story. I also don't own the characters Mello, Matt and Near (from Death Note), who I'll drag in just because I feel like it. However, I didn't label this as a crossover because it's not set in the world of "Death Note", but rather, I simply stole my favorite characters from it and altered them slightly. I make no profit off of this story, it's only for my own and others' enjoyment.

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." - Nora Roberts

Just who the hell did Robin think he was?

Wally had no idea, all he knew was that he was beyond pissed off. Even after the team had sort of unanimously designated Aqualad to be their leader, the young speedster was still fuming with anger over the argument he'd had with a certain masked brunette.

He always acted like he was so much superior, just because...because - well, Wally didn't even know why, but the kid was so fucking cocky. Robin might have been his best friend in the entire world, and he may have loved him to death, but that didn't change that he constantly frustrated him with his stupid ninja tricks and his sunglasses-at-night douching up the place and argggggh!

If it were just the oh-so-subtle jabs at his intellect, the redhead might not have minded as much as he did. Wally knew that he was smart, so did his family, he wouldn't be taking all AP high school courses come September if he wasn't! After all not just anyone could successfully recreate the Flash (to a lesser degree, sure, but that wasn't the point!) without having a brain cell or two. Besides, everyone was entitled to their opinion, and he didn't care if one person thought he wasn't very bright.

But then the little punk had the nerve to insinuate that he'd be nothing without his speed!

Like he was any better!

At least Wally actually had a power. He didn't need to rely on shiny toys that his daddy bought for him. What was even up with that, anyway? He knew Robin was Batman's sidekick, but like...was the man his guardian too, or something? He'd never heard the kid actually talk about his parents. Hell, he wouldn't even tell them his real name.

Oh, whatever, it didn't even matter.

Sure, maybe Robin hadn't intended it to come out that way, but that's exactly what it sounded like when he said it. It hadn't always been that way. He and Rob often teased each other good-naturedly, but ever since their team formed Robin had been strutting around like he had something to prove.

Perhaps Wally wasn't as skilled of a fighter as the Batman's progeny, and maybe he didn't have cool stealth training, but so what? He added his own contributions to the team! He was also over two years older than the other teenager.

The raven-haired boy simply didn't appreciate that, at all.

If he wasn't so damn cute Wally probably would have punched the smug smirk right off of his annoying, pretty face weeks ago.

Okay, yes, maybe the words had hurt a little more than he wanted to admit to himself, and he was covering it up with anger, but it wasn't as though Wally liked Robin or anything. He wasn't exactly the redhead's type, even if he knew he wasn't really one hundred percent straight. While his preferences had always been more for women, but he couldn't deny having had attraction to guys before, too. It wasn't that big of a deal or anything - Wally could have been as queer as a three dollar bill, but the younger teen would have still been nothing more than an arrogant shit that happened to be kind of nice to look at.

At least, that's what he told himself.

Good thing too, considering his personality certainly left something to be desired.

Right, that wasn't entirely fair of him. Wally knew he wasn't the friendliest teammate towards the bird, but could you really blame him with how Robin had been acting all day? The kid was a freak! Always giggling and vanishing into the shadows, expecting everyone to follow his lead, because of course they were all just supposed to magically predict what the guy was planning.

Grumbling irritably to himself, the redhead covered his face with a pillow and groaned, almost wishing he hadn't told his parents he wanted to stay at Mount Justice until the summer was over. It hadn't occurred to him until the fight that this meant he would be stuck in this place with Robin who, concidentally, was also remaining there until school began.

That was when he heard a light tapping at his bedroom door, "Wally? It's me," a familiar voice called out.

Fuck his life.

"I don't know anyone named 'me,'" The speedster muttered under his breath, before reluctantly calling out, his words muffled, "It's unlocked."

Wally heard the metal door slide open, and the light footsteps, but for a moment there was nothing, "...Should I give you two some privacy?" He asked.

It took a moment for him to figure out that Robin was talking about the pillow he still had draped over his face, and instantly he felt even more annoyed, chucking it aside and sitting up quickly, "What the hell do you want, Bird Brain? I'm not fluent in Prick, so if you have something to say, say it, or get out." He pointed at the door.

Robin seemed puzzled by the amount of venom the redhead displayed, which wasn't all that surprising. He was generally more upbeat than this, and rarely lost his temper unless really ticked off. "Uh, I just wanted to make sure we were, y'know, cool?"


With a roll of his eyes, Kid Flash sarcastically responded, "Yeah, we're cool, Mr. Sunglasses-At-Night. Practically popsicles. Now if you'll excuuuuuse me-" he then proceeded to yank the comforter folded at the end of his bed up over his head, so he no longer had to see the younger boy.


Wally had almost begun to hope the kid had left...

...and then the blanket was being pulled away from his face. He scowled up at bird, "What?"

"You're mad at me, aren't you?" Robin's tone was unusually soft for a moment, and the redhead blinked up at him warily, thinking he saw something almost human-like on the kid's face, but it was gone before he could be sure.

Covering up his faltering irritation at the raven-haired boy's presence, he stood and passed Robin, purposely bumping his shoulder against the younger teen's, "Geez, someone call the newspaper! We've got Happy Harbour's next MENSA canidate right here!"

He pretended to be studying his bookshelf.

"What's wrong with you?" Robin demanded, more sharply, and the redhead inwardly grinned, it looked like he was finally starting to get on the thirteen-year-old's nerves.


When he didn't answer, the pale boy continued, "What are you even doing?"

"Looking for a book," Wally fake gasped and spun around to face the bird, "Shocker, isn't it? I can actually read!"

A perplexed expression appeared on Boy Wonder's face, "Huh? Why would that be a shock?"

"I dunno, maybe because everytime I so much as disagree with you, you all but imply I should be locked up in some special ed kids' class with a bucket in my lap to for catching drool." he sneered.

Okay, that was kind of mean, he admitted it, but the look of shocked disbelief, followed very shortly by guilt, that crossed Robin's face made it kind of worth it.

"Wally, I..." Robin swallowed, fidgeting in place, hesitating, "I don't think you're stupid." It seemed almost like he wanted to apologize, but that probably would have been too out of character for the kid. Still it wasn't enough, considering the bird was constantly making him feel like shit.

"Could've fooled me."

Nothing on his shelf looked all that appealing at the moment, so he just grabbed some science magazine and plopped back down on the bed, pointedly ignoring Robin's presence.

"What do you want me to say?"

Peeking at him over the pages, Wally noticed he actually seemed sincere. Maybe he hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. In which case, the speedster could totally use this to his advantage. He could mess around with the kid for a bit, see if he could piss him off; push his buttons like he somehow always managed to do to the redhead, "How 'bout you admit it?"

It was hard to tell with the shades he was wearing, but the teen could swear Robin was blinking at him in confusion.

"Admit what?"

Glaring openly at him now, Wally responded through gritted teeth, "Admit that you think you're better than me, that you always have. That you think without my speed I'd be nothing but some kid that doesn't even deserve to be on the team!" He blew up at the end of the last sentence, "You constantly look down on me! Is it 'cause I can't fight as well as you can, or the fact that I don't go to some private prep school like you probably do? Why the hell are you even here - don't you have some fancy mansion to be at?"

Robin actually took a step away, taken aback by the outbust, and he was completely quiet for a good couple of minutes, his face unreadable, "...I'm sorry, Wally," he said in a hushed voice.

Huh, looks like he wasn't a machine.

"Sorry isn't good enough!"

Okay, he was faking being madder than he actually was, but by this point he was kind of having fun. Wally almost decided that he was going too far, and contemplated letting Robin in on his tease, but something made him change his mind.

"What is, then?!" The raven-haired boy blurted out, rather anxiously.


Wally hadn't actually thought that it would work, so the kid was either really gullible, or he honestly felt bad about their fight still. The thing about speedsters was that they rarely held grudges for long. Everything was so fleeting for them, when time went by in the blink of an eye. Still, despite his internal insistence that he felt nothing beyond friendship and mild attraction for the other boy, the redhead instantly knew what he wanted, "A kiss."

The look on Robin's face was absolutely priceless, "W-What?"

"You heard me. I want a kiss. A smooch. A peck. A liplock. Spit swap. Tongue tango. Whatever you want to call it." The redhead grinned slightly at the positively flabbergasted expression on the brunette's face. "Just a small one. Then I'll forgive you, and we'll be all good again."

Even as he was saying it, Wally wanted to kick himself. What was he doing? This was Robin, his rival and his best friend, and he was freaking thirteen. Everyone else on the team believed Robin was born on December 1st, 1996, but Wally knew the truth - he was actually born in March of '97, meaning he wouldn't actually be fourteen until spring of next year. His own birthday was January 16th, 1995. By his calculations that was an age difference of roughly 794 days, give or take. The kid was way too young, it could practically be a crime. For all he knew it actually was one. Why was he trying to extort a kiss from him anyways?

Robin stared at him in open-mouthed shock for a moment, before managing to partially compose himself, "You... you can't be serious."

"Maybe I'm not," The speedster replied, stretching out against his mattress, "Maybe I'm just screwing with you." He peeked at the other boy, and smirked, because he seemed completely bewildered by his behavior. "But.. what if I actually did want a kiss, hmm?"

"You're just trying to trick me," said Robin, now looking perturbed.

The ginger chuckled, "Am I?"

"Since when do you kiss anything that isn't in a skirt?"


He probably had that coming, but still, ouch.

Wally considered firing back some equally snarky comment about how women's clothes would probably be an improvement to Robin's usual attire, but refrained. He wasn't trying to be a complete dick, after all, he just wanted to have a little fun. "Fair point. But just because I've never hit on a guy in front of you doesn't mean I've never hit on a guy period."

More staring, and at that moment the redhead really did wish he could see the Boy Wonder's eyes, it would make it so much easier to tell what he was thinking and feeling without those stupid shades. When Robin didn't say anything for a while, Wally pulled himself up into a sitting position so he could look at the kid more closely, "What's wrong, Birdie? You afraid of catching my cooties? Or just worried that my fag swag will rub off on you?" He winked playfully at him, a bit of sarcasm oozing into his tone.

To his surprise, the younger teen clenched his jaw, the confused look being replaced with hurt and anger, apparently starting to catch on to KF's little game, "Forget it. Your forgiveness isn't worth that much, Wally!" He turned and started to march out.

Even after having time to think about it, the speedster still wouldn't know what possessed him to do what he did next.

Before the bird could leave, Wally was up and off of the bed, zipping across the small room and slamming the door shut with a little more force than necessary, causing Robin to stop as it closed inches away from his face. He turned to frown at his teammate.

If the action startled him, he didn't show it.

"Okay, maybe I was playing with you, a little bit, but it doesn't mean I was joking about before."

Robin rose an eyebrow at him, clearly skeptical, crossing his arms.

Bracing his arm against the doorframe, Wally couldn't help noticing how he towered over the younger teen. He often forgot just how small the boy was. But in this moment it was plainly obvious. The kid seemed to realize it as well, because he shifted slightly, still peering up at the redhead, expectantly.

The freckled boy smiled and leaned closer, "Not too late for that kiss, you know." He whispered, coyly.

With shock, Wally noticed the way his cheeks appeared to color slightly.

Robin was blushing?

Was he in the Twilight Zone or something?

Then again, everything at the moment was feeling kind of surreal.

It struck him just how serious he felt in that moment. It might have been a game earlier, but it certainly wasn't now. Standing so close like this, it was impossible not to notice that Robin, as young as he was, still happened to be insanely good-looking.

"Your choice, Little Bird."

He was slowly getting closer to the brunette, very close, and his friend tensed when he and Wally were merely inches apart, but failed to back up or protest either, a fact that didn't slip by the speedster.

Wally smiled inwardly, heart pounding, and closed the distance between them, capturing Robin's lips with his own.

The younger boy froze in place, but he didn't move away. Whether because he didn't want to or was simply too stunned to didn't actually occur to Wally. Which, if he had known then what he would by the end of the week, it might not have surprised him. Instead of pulling away, the speedster snaked his arm around the bird's waist and drew him in closer, his other hand reaching up to cup the back of the brunette's head.

Robin's lips were so soft, and sweet.

Unable to help himself, he pressed their mouths together a little harder, and heard, felt, the other teen let out a shaky gasp in response, giving him the chance to slip his tongue into the kiss. Despite the promise of a quick, simple peck earlier, Wally quickly forgot about everything, his mind racing so fast that his thoughts were incoherent to even himself.

His fingers threaded through Robin's deep black hair, mapping out the teen's mouth far more gently and slowly than he had previously with anyone else he'd ever made out with.

Acutely aware of hands suddenly gripping his shoulders, Wally braced himself, fully knowing that the other boy could push him away at any second and kick his ass for pulling this, but was shocked to realize, even with his eyes closed, that Robin's fingers were clenched in his shirt.

The kid was trembling slightly, and he was just about to pull away, admittedly a bit concerned for his friend, but heard the brunette make a strange noise in the back of his throat, before he felt weight pushing against him unexpectedly.

Robin is kissing me back.

It was this realization that sent lust searing through him, and within seconds, Wally had broken away from Robin, spun them around, and pushed the other boy up against his bedroom door, crushing their mouths back together in a bruising kiss, their bodies pressed against each other, ignoring the voice screaming in his head that he shouldn't be doing this with him at all.

Even though Wally often jokingly referred to himself as being a ladies man, there actually was truth to that statement.

When he flirted and/or fooled around with girls, he always knew exactly what he was doing (most of the time), despite some of the team not believing that he lived up to his bragging. He was pretty popular at school for that reason alone. Usually, however, he always went in knowing what to expect. But now? It was just the opposite. He felt completely overwhelmed, acting on instinct alone.

What the hell do you think you're doing?! His brain screamed at him as the speedster tried to drown it out, Robin is barely a teenager! He's also your best friend! Batman will kill you if he finds out!

He was biting and softly licking at Robin's perfect lips, tracing their outline with the tip of his tongue, and this time the ninja parted his lips willingly, letting out a shaky breath. Soon, Wally was thrusting his tongue back into the younger boy's mouth, massaging the other's wet appendage with his own, exploring hungrily, and the younger teen's arms were curling slowly around his neck, holding on as if it were the only thing keeping him up.

The speedster was in something akin to a trance, his hands sliding up the brunette's sides, almost caressing him through the thin red t-shirt he was wearing, shoving their hips together suddenly, causing Robin to jolt back, breaking the kiss with a soft whine.

"Wally..." he breathed, his voice hoarse, and the ginger took a moment to admire what had become of the Boy Wonder. His face was now visibly flushed, and he was panting for air, lips shiny with saliva - his or Wally's, he wasn't sure. Probably both.

Not that the speedster was left unaffected by the last few minutes.

Oh, no, his heart was racing even faster than what was normal for him, and his jeans definitely felt tighter. He shifted, uncomfortably, and his friend let out a low whimper when Wally's thigh pressed against his clothed erection, arching slightly into the pressure.

Blinking, Wally leaned back slightly so he could look Robin up and down, sporting a sly grin when he noticed the other teen was equally turned on by their impromptu make out session.

Dipping his head down, the redhead allowed his lips to gently brush over his friend's ear, making a shiver run down Robin's spine. "You enjoying yourself too, Boy Wonder?" he whispered, slowly sliding his hands down the length of Robin's arms, reaching for him like he was going to hold his hands, before his fingers curled around the brunette's wrists, moving down further to intertwine their fingers.

Behind his shades, the other boy donned a confused, visibly flustered look.

A rather wicked smirk appeared on Wally's face, and before the raven-haired teen could question his actions, he jerked their joined arms up, pinning Robin's hands against the door, high above his head, stretching both of their bodies out.

Robin's gaze flashed up, before he stared back at the redhead, and the speedster knew full well he could get out of the hold at any moment with some fancy ninja move... but he didn't appear inclined to do so just yet. Still grinning, Wally leaned forward, and Robin seemed to expect another kiss.

That's not what he was going for, though.

Instead, Wally slowly moved their faces closer together, drawing the tip of his nose up along the boy's jawline, and while hearing his friend's breathing stutter was immensely pleasing, it still wasn't enough. Teasing was fun, but the redhead was pretty worked up himself at that point, so he merely brought his mouth back to Robin's ear, nibbling lightly at the lobe, and began kissing a trail down his throat, feeling the brunette's pulse hammer against his lips, before he abruptly ground their hips together again, hissing at the delicious friction.

"Nnnngh...!" Robin squirmed in the older boy's hold, craning his head back unconsciously, "W-Wally..."

The speedster stiffened for a moment, because he'd never heard anyone make just his name sound that dirty, even by accident. Shaking it off, he kissed Robin again, more fiercely this time, and even less controlled, claiming him with his lips and tongue as he kept pressing their groins together, rocking against him sharply.

Wally had forgotten everything else around them. The room temperature seemed to get hotter and hotter, dizzying fog clouding over his brain, and the need for air steadily increasing even though he couldn't bring himself to pull away, instead releasing the other teen just so he could take Robin's face in his hands and pull him closer, kiss him deeper.

At the moment, he was only mildly aware of the brunette's hands tightly grasping his shoulders as he seemed to instinctively thrust back against the redhead, letting out muffled moans that went right to his cock.

"A-Ah! Oh, mmmphh, Wally, God..."

Holy shit, who knew the kid could even make those sounds?

If anyone told him yesterday he'd be making out with Robin of all people, with him pressed against the door while they got each other off through their clothes like the hormonal teenagers they were, he'd have laughed in their face. Because really, the two of them were often at odds with each other even at the best of times.

But the heat radiating from their skin and the scent of sweat that seemed to fill the room was absolutely intoxicating, and he couldn't get enough of it. Wally felt a full-body shudder roll through him, a vibration, which accidentally increased the speed and friction of his movements, only heightening the pleasure, and causing him to release a low groan, his fingers tangling in his friend's raven hair, gripping it tightly.

He could hear Robin gasping for air in between their now sloppy kisses, which were at this point mostly clicking teeth and wet tongues, and it shouldn't have been hot but it really was.

From the sounds that the other teen was making and the way he seemed to be quivering against him, Wally could tell he was close, and at this point it was too late to stop even if he wanted to, which he definitely did not. Concentrating as much as he could on channelling the kinetic energy rolling off of him in waves, the redhead increased the vibrations, driving his hips even harder into the other boy's, listening to him cry out in response.

It was so hot, hearing him make those desperate little whining sounds, like a wordless plea.

With how turned on they both were, and the rate at which they were going, it didn't take long at all before they were reaching the edge; Wally felt Robin's whole body suddenly tense up, the boy let out a strangled moan as he jerked against him once more before he came, and the sound of it alone was enough for the redhead to reach completion right after, shuddering and pressing heavily against his friend.

The room was silent save for their panting attempts to catch their breath, and when his heart no longer felt like it was about to jump out of his chest, Wally let out an airy laugh as he took a few steps back, not seeing the way that Robin was trembling...

Until he nearly fell.

Wally caught him, of course, before he could hit the ground, steadying him on his feet before letting go, "That was, uh, nice, wasn't it?" he smiled down at his red-faced friend, noticing how he seemed even more adorable than before now that he was flushed all over. His post-orgasmic grin faded slightly when he realized the other boy wasn't even looking at him (though it was hard to tell with the sunglasses), and how he didn't speak.

"Robin?" Wally asked, a little nervously, putting a hand on his shoulder, "You okay?"

The raven-haired boy fidgeted, refusing to lift his head and meet the ginger's concerned gaze, eventually blurting out, "I-I have to go!" He spun around quickly and took several seconds too long fumbling to open the bedroom door before slipping out, disappearing down the hall.

Wally had the urge to chase after him.

But he didn't.

Well, this is chapter one. I, at first, intended to do simply a oneshot of Dick and Wally making up from their little fight over the team's leadership, but got to wondering. This seems like a popular pairing, and I can see why because I really love the characters' dynamic, so I decided to just go with it and see what happened. I also want to write about the teams' friendships, and how they interact with JLA, so let me know if you have any requests.

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