Kaneki and Touka are the main actor and actress in Tokyo Ghoul TV series that is currently a hit in Japan. Kaneki Ken age 20 is one of the most popular Young Actor infamous for his acting skills that can carries violent/gory characters excellently and yet a very gentle sweetheart person when out from the shooting scene, it is safe to say he is very famous among young women. Kirishima Touka age 18 in other hand was a popular singer who just jumped into acting career and Tokyo Ghoul was her first female lead.

None of the fans are actually aware that Kaneki and Touka was actually a childhood friend back in the days before Kaneki's family went abroad when he was 12. Little that they know fate was strong between them when both met during the Tokyo Ghoul's audition finalist.


"So Kaneki, have you meet your female partner who plays 'The Rabbit'?" asked Moritaka, the Tokyo Ghoul's director.

"No, i haven't somehow her name sounds so familiar to me" kaneki scratching his head unconsciously.

"Of course you have silly, she was the main vocal for the famous anteiku idol group few years back"

"Ah...i see"

"Wait, don't tell me you don't even have an idea who are anteiku members?"

"Well, actually, I'm not even aware of the idol group, i'm really sorry Moritaka-san for not knowing them"

The director sighs

"That can't be help, so the rumours that you isolated yourself after shooting movies/series or even commercials are true?"

"Yes, I just prefer to spend time reading and such rather than socializing too much, somehow i'm really into acting since school when i was being forced to participate in drama club"

"Well, you should be thankful to whoever forced you, he/she might have realised that you have potential in acting"

"That would be my best friend hide" Kaneki smiled

"Haha what a good best friend, send my regard to him! oh look your female partner is here, we can start the scene where both of your characters interact before that please introduce yourself"

"Hello, nice to meet you kirishima-san i'm kaneki ken, i hope we can get along very well!" Kaneki bows

"Kaneki...ken? is Sasaki haise's real name?"

"Yes, my manager choose the stage name for m...touka-chan?"

"Kaneki ken, it's really you! i can't believe this"

"What a surprise to see you again touka-chan" kaneki smiles happily

"Don't act friendly in front of me you shit-head"

"Aii, touka-chan is is still the same after 8years, I was so relieved"

"Well, I guess I picked up the right actor and actress since The Rabbit and Centipede relationship doesn't get along very well in the beginning"

"Wait morita-san, does that mean i was officialy hired and need to work along with this sasaki haise aka kaneki ken until the series over?"

"Looks like it, yes i'm afraid, so please make sure both of you improve the relationship along the way, i hope you guys have finished reading the script right?"

"Yes, morita-san i'm intrigued with the plot and thank you for hiring us, we promise to deliver the best acting for this series"

"But I haven't accepted the offer yet Morita-San! i don't want to get stuck with him!"

"Sorry kirishima-san looks like your manager doesn't approved it"

Yomo was signing the contract


"Touka-chan let's work hard together shall we?"

Touka narrowed her eyes and said

"Don't you dare touka-chan with me" and she walked away

-End of flashback-

Kaneki giggle during the shooting break as he recalled meeting with kirishima-touka that once was his dear friend, suddenly his shoulder get slammed lightly with a gentle hand

"What a freak...you were a nerdy freak back in the days and i can't believe you still a freak until today"

"Touka-chan is always mean, at least this nerdy freak being loved by young females all over japan"

"Don't get too cocky sasaki haise"

"Aww touka-chan is that a sense of jealousy?"

"Hell no!"

"Alright everyone times up! let's start working" the director called

"Let's do our best touka-chan! i know you love this scene so much"

"Of course, i can't wait to punch you really hard in the face!"

"This face is too precious, please have a little mercy ok?"

kaneki seems can't stop teasing touka since the 1st day they met after 8 years being apart, touka in the other hand always showed how annoyed she was but secretly she likes it whenever kaneki pay so much attention to her.