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Class: Myrmidon (but can still use magic)

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Chapter 1 Failure

The night sky overtook the sun as the Shepherds prepared to set up camp outside Regna Ferox border. The events of today played over and over in Matthew's head. He was unable to accept it. The fact that the plan he had put together to save Chrom's sister, Emmeryn, had all but failed him in the end. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he tried to wipe them away with his coat sleeves, but it seemed the more he wiped away, many more were replaced and fell helplessly down his face. He whimpered as he fell to the ground, pounding his fist into the dirt. Emmeryn falling to her death played over and over in his head.

"I failed." Was all he could get out before he was engulfed in sorrow.

I should have planned for this! he thought. If I had only thought up every possible outcome, she would...she- his thoughts were interrupted by the flap of his tent opening and closing. Matthew gazed halfway up to see a familiar yellow dress. He immediately knew who stood before him.

"Hey..." Lissa said sadly. Matthew refused to acknowledge the princess's presence. She was the last person he wanted to see. For the short time he has known Lissa he knew how much Emmeryn meant to the poor girl. She literally fainted in Regna Ferox hearing her sister was to be executed. He even promised her that he would put together a plan to save her sister.

But he failed.

In the end, his plan was not enough to save Emmeryn. Matthew wiped the tears from his face, stood abruptly and walked toward the exit keeping his head down. He refused to take even a glance at Lissa. He tried going around the princess just to be stopped in his tracks by Lissa grabbing his arm.

"Matthew!" The weary tactician continued looking to the ground as it became the most interesting thing in the world. "Matthew...you don't have to talk, but at least look at me..."

Matthew finally looked up to the princess, cheeks puffed and eyes red. It was no secret to Matthew that she had been crying after he passed her tent minutes ago. He already expected Emmeryn's death to hit Lissa hard considering how much she'd talk to him about her. And the reason for her death was standing right in front of her.

"Lissa." Matthew stammered. "Listen. I...I'm...it's my-"

"Don't." She cut him off.

"But it's all my-"

"I said don't!" she yelled, grabbing both of his shoulders and turning his body until he was completely facing her. "I don't want to hear you blaming yourself on what happened today!"

"But it IS my fault!" he yelled. "It was MY plan Lissa. Don't you see? It was the plan that I came up with. It was MY tactics out there. And-" he stopped and went back to gazing at the ground. "...it was my promise that I broke." Silence filled the tent as they both looked to the ground. Minutes passed before Lissa finally spoke up.

"So you want me to hate you..?"

Matthew clenched his fist. "It would be easier..." he mumbled.

"Gods, Matthew." Lissa muttered before taking a deep breath letting it back out. Her posture straightened as she looked up. Gazing at the broken man before her. "Matthew, listen good because I will only repeat this once... No one in the camp, not me, Frederick, and especially Chrom, blames you on what happened today. We know how much you try everyday to make sure we all get out of the next battle alive. Trust me, we know. We know how many hours of sleep you deprive yourself of just to come up with plans to keep us all alive. And, time and time again, you have proven that you treasure every life you command. Do you really think that after all your hard work and dedication that we would simply hate you because you failed once?"

Matthew looked up at Lissa through blurry eyes and mumbled, "I-"

"NO!" Lissa barked. "So I will NOT let you sit here and insult our friendship! I want to see the tactician that saved us battle after battle with his quick wits and excellent tactics! The tactician that fights not for war, but for his friends and the people he loves! Don't you see Matthew? I ne-" she stopped before correcting herself looking to the ground blushing. "We need you... The Shepherds wouldn't be the Shepherds anymore without you."

A final tear strolled down Matthew's cheek as a smile found its way to his face. He wiped his face with his sleeve before putting his hand on Lissa's head. "Thanks, Lissa. I...really needed that." A big smile came across her face as she removed his hand from her head and held it in front of her.

"What are friends for?" she said, giving him a huge bear hug. Squeezing for dear life as cries from the tactician could be heard.

"L-Lissa! C-Can't! R-R-Ribs! B-Breakin-Oh Gods!" Lissa released her bear hug and the tactician stumbled backwards while wheezing and holding his chest.

Lissa stuck her tongue out playfully at the tactician and said, "That's payback for making me worry about you." After he was done with his wheezing, she turned him around and began pushing him out of the tent. "Time for you to make your way to Chrom. I'm sure he could use his best friend right about now to cheer him up!"

The tactician did not resist. Instead, he turned to her with a smile and replied, "Okay. I'm off... Thanks, Lissa. For everything." He gave one final wave before marching towards Chrom's tent. Lissa waved back as the tactician disappeared further and further into the night. She lowered her hand and looked down, seeing nothing but her boots. Foot steps were heard from behind her and she quickly turned a full 180 degrees to the sound. She dropped her guard when she saw it was just the candy loving thief.

"Gods Gaius! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry princess. Didn't mean to shake your boots." he said, unwrapping a lollipop and putting it in his mouth.

"...I swear one day you will turn INTO sugar." she said smirking, elbowing the thief softly in the ribs.

"Sounds sweet if you ask me." Lissa rolled her eyes and began walking to her tent. Gaius in tow. "So, what were you and bubbles talking about back there?"

"Nothing I would tell YOU." She said, sticking her tongue out at the thief. Gaius smirked and continued walking alongside the little princess.

"I guess we all have our secrets." Gaius said nonchalantly.

"Yea... Gaius? Thanks, you know, for comforting me earlier."

The thief's mouth curled into a genuine smile and said, "No problem, Princess"

Matthew stopped when he finally reached his destination. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He exhaled and stood up straight while opening his eyes. He starred at the flap to Chrom's tent, determination in his eyes and walked forward and into the prince's tent. "Chrom. We need to-" he stopped, awe stricken as he watched his friend pull his lips away from the short, pig-tailed blonde. They both turned their heads in surprise to see Matthew standing in the doorway. Matthew turned his head quickly to his right and to the ground. Both nobles lit up like fireworks and Maribelle forcefully pushed Chrom away. They immediately regained their posture while looking away from each other. There was a few seconds of silence before Matthew cleared his throat and spoke.

"Ummm, Maribelle. May you give me and Chrom a few minutes alone please?"

Maribelle cleared her throat as well and replied, "O-Of course, Matthew. I was just getting ready to leave anyway." Maribelle gave Chrom a quick bow before exiting the tent as quick as her legs could take her. Matthew turned to his friend with a wide grin on his face. Chrom eyed the tactician with flustered cheeks.

"Wow, Chrom. I thought I would come check on you to cheer you up from a depressing state, but it would seem my worries were for not." the tactician said while his smirk widened. The bigger man put a fist to his mouth and coughed.

"Well, I can't stay depressed forever. I have a Halidom that needs its prince now more than ever." He smiled at his friend as he walked over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. Both of their smiles dropped as Chrom looked straight into Matthew's eyes. "Listen, Matthew. Knowing you I know you will put all the blame to yourself for what happened today. I just want you to know that I don't blame you. Nor do anyone in the Shepherds. If anything I should be sorry for forcing you to think up a plan for nearly an impossible mission." Chrom smile returned to his face." I've only known you for a short amount of time, but I know that you are not only an amazing tactician, but an amazing friend. I would put my life in your hands a hundred times over. I promise you that."

A smile came to Matthew's face as he balled up a fist and lightly jabbed Chrom in the chest. "I'm gonna hold you to that promise." he said. "So, how about we head to the War Council tent and come up with a plan to put Gangrel to the sword and end this blasted war?"

"I couldn't agree more." Both men walked toward the exit and began walking to the War Council tent. Matthew closed his eyes and thought of his short memories with Emmeryn. All the way back to the first time they held a real conversation.

Night of before Maribelle's rescue

Matthew ruffled his slicked back his brown hair as his brain jumped up and down looking for an answer. He had been stuck for the past hour on a counter attack method for dark mages he had heard so much about from Miriel. Every corner he turned seemed to come to a dead end as someone in his strategy died. "No no. Can't do that. That would leave Lon'qu and Miriel open for attacks." Matthew let out a sigh as he gripped his hair in frustration. "There has to be SOMETHING I can do."

"Why not use the Pegasus Knights to defend the others from magic strikes? They have high resistance to magic and will make a good defensive group against the dark mages."

"No I can't risk one of our Pegasus knights getting injured. We may need them to carry away our wounded...wait." A light bulb popped above Matthew's head. "That's it! If we use the Pegasus Knights to dodge and distract the mages, then we can use our archers to quickly dispose of the mages! Thanks!"

"Hehe you're quite welcome Sir Matthew."

Matthew's pen froze as he began to realize there was someone else in his room besides him. He slowly turned his head to see the Exalt of Ylisse smiling back at him.

"Hello Sir Matthew." Matthew stiffened and jumped.

"Y-Your Gra-AUGH!" he gripped his knee as the pain rushed through him from hitting it against the table he was working at.

The Exalt let out a small giggle before bending down, picking up the pen that hit the ground and placing it back on the table. "Forgive me Matthew. I didn't mean to startle you. Is your knee alright?"

"It's alright, Your Grace." He looked up to fully see Emmeryn's bright smile. "Forgive me Your Grace, but you shouldn't be up this late. You should be in your room resting.

The Exalt laughed at the tactician's concern. "You sound a lot like Phila Sir Matthew, but like I told her, I am a grown woman and can decide when to go to bed myself."

"U-Umm I didn't mean to-"

Emmeryn cut off the tactician before he could properly apologize. "It's quite alright, Matthew. I just finished talking to Lissa and was heading to my room when I saw your light still on. So I decided to stop by and ask how you were holding up in the Shepherds."

"I-I'm doing fine Your Grace. Just doing a late strategy check. It would do well to have every possible outcome written down somewhere." Emmeryn brightened her smile at the stiff tactician as he seemed to try and desperately fix his posture.

"Peace, Matthew. You don't have to address me so formally. 'Emmeryn' is fine for now."

Matthew stood straight and gave a bow. "F-Forgive me your highness, but is it really okay for me to not address you properly? I wouldn't want to seem disrespectful."

Emmeryn smiled. "It is quite alright Matthew. I don't want a close friend of my brother to address me so highly. So from now on I will address you as 'Matthew' and you address me as 'Emmeryn'. Please, I insist."

"B-But Your Grace! I couldn't possibly be so disrespectful to-"

The Exalt's smile dropped to a frown. Matthew seemed to sweat furiously at the displeased queen. "It's even more disrespectful to not follow your queen's wishes. Now. I ORDER you to call me Emmeryn!" she demanded crossing her arms and tapping her foot. Matthew sighed and took another bow.

"Yes ma'am."

"Yes what?"

"Y-Yes... Emmeryn." he said in defeat.

The Exalt's smile found its way back as she let out a soft giggle. "That's better. I've always wanted a real friend." she said. Matthew looked to the Exalt in shock.

"Beg pardon, Your Gra-... Emmeryn. I would think someone with your heart and beauty would have many friends-" he stopped before realizing the words that just left his mouth. A blush immediately rushed to both of their faces. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that! Well, not that you're not beautiful or anything. You're gorgeous!..Wait. No NO! I mean...that is.." Unable to find words Matthew lowered his head in a means to hide his face from the lady in front of him.

Emmeryn seemed amused to see the quick witting tactician before her struggle. "It's quite alright Matthew. I know what you're trying to say, but even though I'm always surrounded by people, all but Chrom and Lissa treat me like a Queen." Her face dropped and she gave a hard stare at Matthew's boots. "I would very much like to have a friend that is not obligated to treat me kindly. I want a friend, not a servant. Does that make sense?" The tactician stopped for a moment. It all made since. Since she was a child she must of had to be raised as a queen in a time where her people needed her the most. Matthew flashed back to earlier today before they arrived back in Ylisse. How Chrom told him the hatred people had toward the royal family for putting them through the harsh war on Plegia. She had to be strong and fight to gain the peace she so desperately wanted. Even when the people hated her, she never held it against them. He thought how painful it must have been for her to be forced to grow up.

Matthew smiled and looked toward the grieving Exalt. "I'm sorry, Emmeryn. I can't say I know what you're going through... Or maybe I do but just don't remember, but if you are willing to accept me, then I will gladly be your friend." Emmeryn looked up and into the tacticians eyes, seeing that every word he said was true. She smiled before bowing.

"Thank you very much, Matthew. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"M-My pleasure." he said turning his head away from the Exalt. Emmeryn raised both her hands and rested them over her heart.

"I'm so relieved." the tactician looked at her confused.


"Yes. I was scared that something might happen to Lissa and Chrom. But knowing that they have you at their side, it really takes a big weight off my shoulders. Please, keep them safe. They are the only family I have left and it would shatter my heart if something were to happen to them. So please, Matthew, keep them safe."

Matthew smiled before bowing to the Queen. "Your wish is my command." He raise his head to see the beautiful smile that had been shot at him many times through the conversation before she turned and began walking to exit the room, but stopped half way.

"Oh, and Matthew?" She said while looking over her shoulder at the tactician. A smirk began to grow on her face as she spoke. "That was quite bold of you to try and court the Exalt of Ylisse herself." Matthew's jaw dropped as sweat streamed down his neck."I believe you were complimenting on how 'beautiful' I was?"

"Y-Your Grace! Emmeryn! I didn't mean for it to sound like such in my speech! I-I was simply complimenting you to make a point!"

Emmeryn closed her eyes and put her right index finger to her chin. "Oh whatever will I do? You're a close friend of my younger brother, yet you're hitting on his older sister? I do wonder what he would do if he ever found out about this?" she added dramatically. The tactician's mind imaged Chrom as he tied all of his limbs to four different horses, then gave the word as the horses took off in different directions. He gulped as he imagined no longer owning his legs or arms.

"P-Please Your Grace! Have mercy!" Matthew pleaded shaking in fear. Emmeryn let out a laugh before opening the door.

"Don't worry, Matthew. I will keep this a secret between the two of us, okay?" she smiled back at the tactician. "Good night, Matthew" was the last thing she said before the door closed behind her and soft footsteps slowly faded down the hallway. Matthew sighed before sitting back down at his table.

A few seconds later his door opened again and Robin's eyes widened as the one in his presence now was none other than Chrom. "You're still awake I see." said the blue head.

Matthew sighed. "Yeah, I've been thinking of strategies to go against dark mages. I've finally gotten what I needed, so I shouldn't be up much longer." he assured his friend.

"Well don't stay up too long. It would be bad if you were too tired to defend yourself if we were suddenly attacked."

"Don't worry, I won't." Matthew said while continuing his work. Chrom stood up straight crossing his arms before an evil grin overtook his face.

"So, beautiful, huh?"

Matthew stopped as his hand went numb, dropping the pen once again to the ground. Horses and ropes soon overtaking his mind as he failed to control his shaking body.

Matthew smiled as he looked up toward the cloudy night sky. He closed his eyes and a picture of Emmeryn's smile appeared.

"I may not have known you for a long time," he thought "but because of you I have a purpose. I will keep the promise I made and keep Chrom and Lissa safe. I will end this war and we will see your dream of peace. So, please, watch over me."

Matthew reopened his eyes as he continued walking down the dirt path to the War Council tent with Chrom. A glowing smile spread across his face.

"Nnnngh.." The woman slowly opened her eyes. She picked up her head to see that she was on a beach."W..Where?" she was confused. She didn't know what was going on and she was scared. She gripped her head as it began to ring."I...It...Hurt..." A face popped into her head as she tried desperately to remember who it was.


She removed her hand from her head and placed it in front of her. Red was all she could see as she began to panic."H...Hel..Help." she whispered. She began to feel her head fog up as she struggled to keep her eyes open. The last thing she saw was the same face, but this time, it was smiling at her. She took a deep breathe before darkness took over and mumbled a name.