Chapter 33 Lost and Found

Today is the day. After a month of preparation, it was time for the tactician to finally settle down like he dreamed of doing for so long. No more war, no more bloodshed, no more death. Everything would finally come to an end. I can finally have a normal life. Today he would be giving his all to the woman he loves and be making the biggest decision of his life as well.

Matthew leaned back in his chair and looked up to the ceiling. I can't believe how fast time flies. It had been 2 months since the tactician's return, and yet the wedding was already planned and dated. Usually it would take a couple of months to plan a wedding, yet Chorm and his servants were able to get it all organized and scheduled in a mere month? The power of royalty is truly amazing.

"Jeez, Dad. You're still not dressed?" Matthew heard his daughter at the front of the room. "I came in here 30 minutes ago. It should not be taking you this long to get dressed."

"Sorry, Naomi. I've been getting distracted a lot. I'll be on my way down in a couple of minutes."

"You said that last time. It won't work again." Said the blonde, crossing her arms and leaning on the door. "I'm not leaving this room until you walk out with me."

The tactician let out an annoyed sigh before mumbling "Yes Mother", standing from his chair and heading to his closet where his suit hung. After 5 minutes of getting everything on and ready, the tactician walked out of his closet to show his daughter that he was ready by standing and holding his hands out horizontally.

"Your tie is messed up." Naomi pointed out. The tactician looked down to his tie to see it was tied in some weird knot he was not familiar with. "Let me get it." Naomi walked over and began unwrapping the mess her father had created. It was then he noticed his daughter's hair. Her hair was combed straight down and went all the way to her abdomen. The fro-like hairstyle was now none existent.

"I never realized just how long your hair was until you let it down."

"I hate having it down." Said Naomi bitterly.

"I think it looks good on you."

"I absolutely hate it."








"…Have you decided to go to Plegia?"

"Yes." Matthew asked almost immediately.

"But why? I remember you being so against it when you were first told about it. Did something happen that changed your mind?"

There was a short period of silence before the tactician responded honestly, "True, at first, I really wanted nothing to with Plegia. All I could ever remember were the crimes Plegia has committed and the things they have done to me not only now, but before I lost my memories as well… but I can't blame Plegia alone for the actions of their higher-ups. Not all Plegians are Grimlean, as we could tell from the hidden village we visited, and they need help now more than ever. I would rather it be me than another Grimlean exceeding the throne. We can't have the same mistake happen twice, right."

"…I guess I can understand that…but even if Ylisse has accepted you, I doubt they will willingly let you take Mother with you to a country that has done so much to them."

"…I'm aware of that…" Matthew said, gritting his teeth at the thought of how the Halidom would react to him taking their light into the darkness.

"How much longer is it going to take to tie my tie?"

"I've been done for a while now." Matthew looked down to see his daughter had already stepped away and his tie was now in a perfect knot. The tactician laughed before reaching out a ruffling his daughter's hair, much to her discomfort.

"Thanks, kiddo!" Matthew chuckled.

"D-Don't mess up my hair!" Naomi barked, swiping her father's hand away. "I just had it done!"

An evil smirk appeared on the tactician's face. "But I thought you said you hated this hairdo?"

"I-I did, but that doesn't mean I want it to look a mess during the wedding!"

"Don't worry. I won't judge you." Matthew said playfully, once again attacking her head.

"But others WILL!" the blonde exclaimed, retreating from her father's grip to fix her hair.

"Haha! You are so much fun to tease, Naomi." Matthew laughed, earning him a vicious frown from his daughter as she crossed her arms.

"I swear there are times I hate you…"

Ignoring that last comment, Matthew remembered something important and moved walked over to his desk. "Naomi, I almost forgot to give you your present." Matthew reached underneath his desk and pulled out a wrapped box and happily extended it to the now confused blonde.

"What's the present for? It's not my birthday y'know."

"Just open it and you will find out."

Naomi did what she was told and began removing the wrappings covering the box. Once gone, she removed the lid and tossed it aside. Then she froze. She looked up to her smiling father before looking back down to the content inside the box. "Are you serious?" Naomi cooed in disbelief.

"Yes, I am serious."

Naomi slowly pulled out the cloak that laid in the box and unfolded it till it hit the ground. Her eyes marveled at the mirrored cloak her father wore religiously, now in her own hands.

"It's custom made. I thought it wasn't fair Morgan had a memento of me and you didn't, so I wanted to get something for you that my past self didn't. It took a while, but it's finally done. Well, try it on. Tell me how it fits." Matthew didn't really need to tell her to do so because the she had already begun placing her hands through the wholes where her arms went and pulled the cloak onto her shoulders.

"A perfect fit." Said the blonde, her voice cracking slightly. "I love it!"

"I'm glad yo-OFf!?" Matthew was interrupted by his daughter crashing her face into his chest.

"Thank you, Father!" A smile grew on the tactician's face as he gently stroked the back of his daughter's gold hair.

"You're welcome, Naomi."

"There you are!" The moment was ruined by an out of breath Morgan leaning against the doorway, wearing a dress identical to her twin. "I've been looking everywhere for you guys! What's the holdup?!"

Naomi quickly pushed away and composed herself, going back to her normal stern posture. "I just came to get Father. I was going to head back down any minute." Naomi looked to her sister to see all her fatigue and frustration had faded and she was now marveling at the cloak her sister wore.

"Wow! When did you get that?!" Morgan exclaimed, already in front of her twin and scanning the cloak. "It's a perfect fit! Did father get you this?" Naomi looked away from her sister and slowly nodded. "Cooool…Can I try it on?" The question immediately made the young dark mage quickly retract her arm away from her sister and held herself defensively.

"No way! You already have one just like this!" Naomi barked.

"Awwww, don't be stingy!" Morgan pouted. "If it was me I would let you try it on anytime you ask!"

"Oh yeah? What about the time I asked if I could where Father's coat for only a day? What did you tell me back then?" Morgan immediately looked away and let out a guilty laugh as she remembered the day clearly.

"T-That was different."

"How is that different?!" Said Naomi. "Either way, it's mine and I refuse to give it up." Instead of giving up like Naomi thought her sister would do, a determined smirk emerged from her twin as she stepped closer.

"Then you leave me no choice, Naomi." Morgan said in almost a whisper as she slowly closed in. "I'll just have to take it by force then. Maybe tickle you until you willingly give in. You should know I'm a lot stronger than you and how I always get my way when I start my assault." Naomi began to slowly back away from the girl she thought was her sister, now turned demon in her eyes.

"Y-You wouldn't dare."

"You sadly underestimate my persistence, Naom-OW!" Both hands went to Morgan's forehead as she massaged the area her father flicked her at. "That really hurt, Father!"

"Stop teasing your sister." Matthew scoffed. Morgan crossed her arms in a pout.

"Fine. I'll stop...for now." Morgan said, giving her sister an evil grin as she nervously removed the cloak from her shoulders and put it back into the box.

Matthew let out a deep sigh. "I swear you two can be so childish for your age."


Matthew and the twins jumped out of their skin when they heard the cry of a woman coming from the distance. They knew immediately who the cry came from.

"Oh Gods, Emm!"


The tactician already miles in front of his daughters and was already nearing his wife's room. Within seconds he was down the hallway and already breaking down Emmeryn's door. "Emm what's wrong-" A white blur quickly took cover behind him before he could finish his sentence.

"Matthew! I-I was changing into my dress a-and that creature came out of nowhere and attacked me!" Emmeryn cried and pointed to something in her room.

Creature?Matthew thought as he turned his head to where his wife pointed. If someone said a "creature" was following them, your first thought would be something big and terrifying that would make you bolt or take a defensive position in an instant. Instead, the second the tactician turned around, all his worrying decimated immediately.

*Arf* The small "creature" cried as it sat and wagged it's tail back and forward.

"Awww, it's just a wittle Husky, Emm." Said Matthew in a high pitched tone as if he was speaking to a baby.

"H-Husky?" Emmeryn said, both scared and confused.

"Yea, it's a type of dog, and this one is just one third of it's regular size. Which means it's a pup!" Matthew walked away from his wife and crunched down to the dog that happily stood on both legs and placed its paws on the tactician's chest. "Awww, he's just a wittle boy with awot of energy, aren't chu!" Matthew said playfully as he pats the Husky on the head. The dog retaliated playfully by grabbing the tactician's hand with it's small paws and lightly chewing on it.

In Matthew's eyes, he could see the dog was just being playful with him, but in Emmeryn's eyes, she saw a demon beginning to devour her husband. "H-He's eating you!" The former Exalt cried out and took a step back.

The tactician laughed at how his wife was acting. "It's okay, Emm." Matthew reassured his wife and began to roughly play with the little creature. "Don't worry wittle guy! I know you just wanted to be fwiends with my wife! Yes you did! Yes you did!"

"H-He's not friendly at all! He tried to bite my leg and chased me around my room!"

"Awwww you just wanted to play as well!? You are such a good boy!" The tactician continued his playful game with the Husky. Emmeryn felt as if her husband was joining the dog in making fun of her and her face slowly turned into a pout.

"You're supposed to be on my side Matthew~." Emmeryn pouted.

Matthew laughed when he heard his wife's childish side appear. It truly had been a while since he had heard this innocent side of her. He turned around and said, "I'm sorry, Emm. I was just ha-ACK!" Matthew choked on his words when he saw his wife's attire. Unlike the regular garb he was expecting to see, she had rid herself of the cloth and now only wore her pure white small-cloths and stockings.

None the wiser, the blonde looked in confusion at the way her husband was staring at her. "W-Why are you looking at me like that, Matthew?" Emmeryn asked and stepped forward. Never in her life had she regretted taking a step forward. The second her foot came forward, the now unoccupied dog wiggled away from the tactician's grasp and ran at her. Emmeryn's fear quickly returned when she saw the small being coming at her at full speed. "NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO!"

Emmeryn quickly backpedaled out of the room and crashed into Naomi and Morgan, who finally arrived, knocking all of them down to the ground. She was only down for a second before she stood and began backpedaling again to get away from the dog that constantly jumped at her. Matthew did not waste any time coming out of his trance and stood to his feet to go after them.

"W-Wait, Emm! You can't go out there like that!"

Matthew and the twins were able to quickly catch the terrified Exalt and carried her back to her room before anyone could see her in her glory; the dog chasing behind. When Matthew told the former Exalt of her appearance, her face lit up and she quickly slammed the door behind her when she reached her room. Chrom, Lissa and a few maids came by to see what had happened, but were relieved to know that everything was OK. Lissa and the twins were given the honor of escorting the happy creature next to the tactician out of the castle, while the others went on about their business. Leaving the tactician to stand guard by the door.

After a few more minutes of standing, the door slowly creaked open and Emmeryn poked her head out. "Is it gone?" She asked in a hushed tone.

"Yes, Emm. The creature has left to conquer the outside world with Lissa and our children." Ignoring the jape, Emmeryn let out a sigh of relief and fully opened the door. She now wore her green garb instead of the white dress he had expected. "To think the once great Exalt of Ylisse is afraid of a puppy. I will remember this till the day I die." Matthew laughed.

Emmeryn's face contorted to a frown as she looked at her glee-filled husband. "I swear to Naga, if you tell anyone outside this castle, I'm divorcing you." Emmeryn threated, shutting the tactician up immediately. Her anger defused when she saw the innocent look on her husband's face. "…That was my first time seeing a dog…"

Matthew raised a brow at his wife's confession. "You've never seen a dog before?"

Emmeryn shook her head and replied, "No. Back in the island I lived, there weren't any dogs or cats. Even here I've never seen on while I was out."

That was understandable. Ylisse didn't really have any dogs around, and the one's they did have were usually kept indoors of in the backyards of the nobility, Plegia had little wild life and they were too concerned about the war to run into one in Valm. Her fear just moments ago was now justified and made the tactician feel bad…if only slightly.

The two shared a short silence before Matthew picked a subject. "Today is finally the day, isn't it?" Matthew smiled. "The day where we can finally live as a normal life without having to deal with war."

Emmeryn showed a similar blissful smile and replied, "Yes. I've waited too long for this day. To finally settle down and not worry about losing anyone. I don't know why, but seeing the many Plegian's in town that are attending my wedding and getting along with the people of Ylisse is really heartwarming. It's like a dream of mine has finally been fulfilled."

That's because it was a dream of yours, Emm. Matthew wanted to say, but kept it to himself. Matthew could never forget the look of the peoples' faces when the many Plegians entered their inns. There were indeed a lot of whispers and rumors about their presence, and mostly likely still are, but the Plegian people showed no hostility and only offered thanks to the Ylisseans for freeing them of their past king. Even Aversa brought along a reluctant Tharja, whose presence leaked with aggression. Saying somewhere along the lines of "not wanting to repeat that hell day again", then walking away with her husband close behind.

"Sir Matthew!" The couple both turned their heads to their left at the call of a soldier that came from their left. The man stopped in front of the tactician and did a courtesy bow before speaking, "There is a man at the front gates that says he has an audience with Your Grace, Emmeryn. None of the guards have any record of an audience, so I've been sent to confirm."

"Ah, that must be my guest." Matthew replied. "Send him to the garden. Tell him we will see him shortly."

The soldier saluted before replying with a "yes sir" and quickly marching back to him station. Emmeryn Looked to her husband with a confused expression on her face.

"Shouldn't the guess for the wedding be directed to the cathedral? And why would he say he had an audience with me?"

Matthew gave her a broad smile before take her hand into his. "Don't worry, Emm. This is just my wedding present to you."

The brunette led his wife carefully outdoors and toward the garden area of the castle. The sunlight blinded the tactician and only reminded him of the summer heat he hated so much, but that was but a minor distraction. What he cared about right at this moment was the present that would be standing in the middle of the garden.

"Matthew I can't see." Emmeryn complained, both hands in front of her to make sure she wouldn't run into anything.

"Don't worry, Emm. We are almost there." Matthew reassured, still keeping his hands over her eyes.

The tactician motioned his wife's head to turn left and into the garden where her "present" would be. He tried again to motion her head to the right and away from the wall that she was about to run into but failed and had to use is leg to stop her from going forward and still keep a hand over her eyes. The air was filled with a sigh of relief and a scared Exalt that barked at her husband's bad directions. Then there was another voice. It was a low, masculine voice that laughed at the couple turning the corner. From the sound of what seemed like a cough at the beginning of the laugh, anyone could tell that the person was among the elderly. Emmeryn couldn't see who it was, but Matthew could and he slowly led her till she was standing in front of him.

"I'm gonna let go, but don't open your eyes until I tell you, okay?"


Matthew slowly let go and backed away. He didn't need to see the front of his wife's face to know she was keeping her word. Once he was a good enough distance away, he called to his wife and gave her the 'OK' to open her eyes. The blonde's eyes peeled open and she immediately put a hand above her brows to shadow her eyes from the blazing sunlight. As if completely forgetting there was light in her eyes, Emmeryn's hand slowly dropped and froze when she could make out the figure that stood in front of her.

"It's been quite a long time, Emm." The old man in front of her spoke.

"Father." Emmeryn managed to choke out from her faze of shock. The man was taken aback from the title he was still receiving from the former Exalt.

"You're still going to call me that even when you know I'm not really your father?" Emmeryn smiled before nodding at her father figure and wiping away a stray tear.

"I don't care if you are my real father or not. Even if I was only there for two years, you were like a Father to me and will always be one in my eyes."

The old man guffawed at Emmeryn's response. Apart from her speech, she really hadn't changed much since the last time he saw her. He really was the best thing that had happened to him in his lifetime; and he has lived a long time. "Well, what does an old man have to do to a hug from his daughter who he hasn't seen in years?" The man joked, getting a laugh from Emmeryn as she stepped forward and embraced the man she called "father". "It's funny, I thought for sure you would have forgotten about me when you left. I'm glad I am still fresh in your memories."

"I could never forget the man that saved me when I didn't know who I was. You are a hero in my mind as well as my Father. I am able to have everything I have now because you saved me that day. For that," Emmeryn backed away slightly and took a courtesy bow to the old man who looked in shock. "Thank you. For saving me, for taking care of me, for being there for me, I could say thanks a million times and it wouldn't be enough. Thank you."

The father figure scratched his head sheepishly at the Exalt bowing in front of him. He felt he was unworthy to be receiving such praise from someone of her status, but did not voice his thoughts. He knew how stubborn she was and she wouldn't allow him to speak what was on his mind anyways.

"Seeing you healthy and living your life is all the thanks I need, Emm. Really."

Emmeryn shook her head at the old man's easy acceptance. She had to do more for him! There's no way that can be the only thing he would get for all the things he has done for her! "Why don't I show you around the castle!" Emmeryn suggested. "There are many things here that weren't ever on the island we lived on! Oh! And our chiefs' food is good as well! I have two baby girls I want to show you as soon as possible! And-"

"Woah, calm down, Emm." The old man interrupted the blonde's glee. "I'll gladly accept anything you want to show me, but all of that can wait till after your wedding. I wouldn't want to take all your attention away from your husband. This is supposed to be a day for you two, right?"

Emmeryn looked over her should to the man she called husband. They both smiled at each other before she turned back to her father figure.

"You're right. This is our day. I promise I will show you around before the end of the week." Emmeryn bowed.

"And I look forward to your promise, Emm." He bowed back. "Now, if you would excuse me. I believe I should get going to the church. I got a front row seat after all!"

Emmeryn laughed before replying, "And I'll be sure to look beautiful, Father."

They both shared a short embrace before the old man turned around and headed out of the garden, following the knight that brought him there.

Matthew walked up behind his wife who immediately did a 180 and engulfed him in a tight embrace.

"Thank you, Matthew. Thank you."

Matthew smiled at her before wrapping his arms around her. "Don't mention it, Emm. This is our day, and I want you to remember it for the rest of your life."

"…" Emmeryn thought about what he just said and broke the embrace. "Matthew," Emmeryn cooed.

"Yes, Emm?"

"I've been thinking about this for a while now. There's a chance that I may never remember the days we first spent time together. I've gotten small pieces of my past, but nothing in chunks besides my speech. The Emmeryn you once knew and fell in love with may never resurface from my memories. Knowing that," Emmeryn looked up to the tactician with hope in her silver eyes. "Will you still stay with me?"

"Of course I will, Emm." Matthew replied immediately, not even having to think about his answer. "It doesn't matter if you lost your memory before or not. You are you and I will love you no matter what happens in the future." The level of seriousness in his eyes reassured the former Exalt, causing her to smile. A moment of silence went and Matthew felt it was the perfect time to lean in for a kiss. Instead of the softness he expected his lips to embrace, it was stopped with a finger from the woman he wanted to connect with.

"That kiss can wait until after our vows, Matthew."

"Then I will say my vows right now." Matthew pushed, earning him a playful laugh from his spouse.

"Geez, Matthew. Be a little more patient. My lips aren't going anywhere."

"….Fine." Matthew pouted, acting like a child who had just been denied candy. Emmeryn's smile widened and she reached out to cup her husband's face into her hands and bring him down till their foreheads leaned against each other.

"I love you, Matthew. Let's make this day a day to always remember, my husband." Matthew mirrored his wife's expression and cupped her cheeks in return. Both sharing a moment to just touch the one they've sworn their lives to.

"I will, my love. I will."

Everything about the life of war he once led came to an end today with the woman standing before him. With her hand, he closed the door to the life he couldn't remember, with the ring, he opened the path to a possible beginning, and with the kiss, he insured his future. He didn't know if he or his wife would ever remember who they once were, but time wasn't really against them seeing that Emmeryn was already remembering and he had friends to build new memories with.

But, after all, "lost" can always be "found".

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