Hey people! I got the idea to make all The 100 characters into Once Upon A Time (OUAT) but there is a twist. Some characters I had to change there gender, this is a Bellarke fix but Hook is Clarke and Emma is Bellamy. Bellamy is still a guy and Clarke is still a girl but they are playing the parts of Emma and Hook. After a while I will try another fic with the regular genders. Henry and Roland from OUAT are the same because I couldn't think of someone to take there places. I know there are people from both stories missing and not fitting to their personalities but I came up with this around 3 in the morning. If I think of something better or if any of you have suggestions feel free to PM me and I will consider them. Also I will add characters or change them on this page.

People who are on The 100 People they are playing from Once Upon A Time (OUAT)

Bellamy is Emma -

Clarke is Hook -

Abby is Regina -

Jake Griffin is Charming -

Aurora Blake (Bellamys mom) is Snow -

Roma is Graham -

Echo is Neal -

Anya is Walsh -

Kane is Robin -

Wells is Liam Jones (Hooks brother) -

Murphy is Pan -

Octavia is Belle -

Atom is Gold/Rumpelstiltskin -

Indra is Zelena -

Lexa is the Snow Queen -

Monroe is Elsa -

Mel is Anna -

Sterling is Kristoff -

Monty is Archie/Jiminy cricket -

Miller is Lily -

Vera Kane is Maleficent -

Jasper is Tiny the giant -

Raven is Ruby (red riding hood) -

Callie "CeCe" Cartwig (Abby's friend who Kane floats on the pilot) is Cora -

Jackson is Daniel (Reginas first love) -

Byrne is Granny

Charlotte is Wendy -

John Mbege is John Darling -

Cage is Michael Darling -

Shumway is Felix (Pans right hand man) -

Fox is Ariel -

Nigel (the woman who trades things illegal on the ark) is Ursula -

Diana Sidney is Cruella -

Lincoln is Will Scarlet -

Maya is Blue/Mother Superior -

Finn is Smee -

Wick is August -

Dante Wallace is Geppetto -

Harper is Tinkerbell -

Lorelei Tsing is Milah -

Dax is The Author -

Sinclair is Sidney (Reginas mirror) -

Keenan Mykulak is Marian -

Jaha is Blackbeard -

Henry (Emma and Neals son/ Reginas adopted son) same person

Roland (Robin and Marians son) same person

Pinocchio (young August) same person.