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Dragon Dice Chapter 1: One Big Mess

Recap: At the end of PDWAG, Naruto, now the Juubi no Kijin, the Ten Tailed Demon God, teleported himself, his mother, his sister Reyna, now an eight-tailed Bijuu, whose form has not settled yet, his lover Hinata, and each of the old Bijuu to a new universe. The Highschool DxD universe, to be precise. Where will they end up, and what chaos will the most unpredictable immortal ever cause?

Let's find out…

Kyoto, Japan. Home of the Yokai Faction, and city under the direct guardianship of one of the only two Kyuubi no Kitsune in the world. Until now.

A few miles outside the city, a reverberation shook the ground and sky, as if a subwoofer the size of the moon had just started blasting base through the planet. There was no sound, but the disruption was easily visible.

Following the vibration, a white flash split the night sky, a flashbang from a god. When the light faded, a strange group of people stood where none had been before. There were twelve of them, ten of which had animal features and tails. The first was a raccoon-eared and tailed sandy-brown haired boy with yellow eyes and tattoos down his arms. He wore a white t-shirt with the kanji for "One" on the back, and black cargo pants, a giant gourd on his back. The second was a female, blue-haired teenage nekoshou with two tails covered in blue flames, wearing a skimpy purple and black top, and a form-fitting pair of pants, the kanji for two on the left buttock and another on the taunt fabric between her breasts. The third was a large man with many scars and an eyepatch made of what looked like the top half of a box turtle shell held on with a grey sharkskin band, his skin strangely grey and his salt-and-pepper hair looking almost like liquid. He had three scaled tails and serrated teeth, his navy blue shirt with the kanji for "Three" on the back and his black cargo pants only drawing more attention to him. On his back was a zanbato wrapped in cloth, the skull-pommeled hilt sticking over his left shoulder. The fourth was practically a copy of one of the most well-known anime characters in any world, even his name was the same. He was a muscular man with lightly tanned skin, wide eyes, a distinctive gravity-defying black spiky hairstyle, and an orange and blue Gi, with the kanji for "Four" on it's front. He also had four furry monkey tails, three of which wrapped around his waist like a belt, while the fourth hung free. The fifth was a man, around 5'7" with deep blue eyes and long brown hair going down his neck. He wore a tawny t-shirt and yet another pair of black cargo pants were present, the kanji for "Five" on the front of his shirt, his five white tails waving gently in the breeze. The sixth was a small child, vaguely androgynous with pale grey hair and almost-white eyes with a slight tinge of blue. Her, for she was a girl despite the lack of assets, clothes were comprised of a large white jacket with a zip-up hood and oversized sleeves. On the back of the hood was the kanji for "Six" in a slightly-less-light grey thread. Seventh was of visibly indetermenate gender, but in fact was female. Every inch of her skin was covered in a black armor, not metal yet not biological, resembling the skin of a xenomorph if any of them had ever seen Alien. On her back were six insect wings, a tail also protruding from the back of her suit, also covered in armor. The only thing visible through the slitted helmet was her yellow eyes which glowed with bioluminescence. The eighth was a dark-skinned giant, his chest bare except for a harness of brown leather that was almost invisible against his skin. He had slicked-back yellowish hair with a white bandana with a black metal plate that had the kanji for "Lightning" on it, two brown horns protruding from the sides of his head, right under the headband but before his ears. One of the horns was cut short, almost an inch and a half smaller, ending in a clean flat sheet, obviously sliced. Instead of wearing something with a number kanji on it, he had the kanji for "Eight" tattooed onto his chest and back with a slightly-glowing yellow substance. The ninth wasn't as impressive physically, with pale white skin, dark red hair, almost black, red eyes, and slightly-clawed hands. He wore a normal t-shirt, a fox with nine tails on the front and the kanji for "Ninth" on the back. From the back of his cargo pants were nine twisting fox tails. While he was less impressive than the others in a physical sense, a feeling of danger emanated from him, strong enough that the others slightly leaned away from him, at least until the tenth turned towards them.

He was the most obviously inhuman, his dead-white pale skin countered by his black hair, darker than the void of space. Two bone horns protruded from his forehead, pointing up into the air, extending about two inches above the rest of his head. His eyes were unique, red-and-blue pattered orbs that showed both rings and tomoe slowly circling. He wore a black top and black cargo pants that had been cut off right below the knee, slightly ragged on the end. Two wings protruded from the back of the shirt, one golden angelic feathered wing that was almost glowing in the night, the other something you might see in a horror film, a blackened bone wing with what seemed like a void in between the "spokes" of the wing, stars visible when he moved his wings. It was as if the wing was a viewport into space, the picture changing as he moved. Ten tails protruded from his back, the color impossible to identify due to the constant haze of power around them. Slowly, though, they vanished one by one, leaving only the wings and horns, and some other minor features. His feet were bare, for obvious reasons. A small talon-like piece of bone made a movable claw on the back of his feet, his toes more like claws but fully opposable. His elbows also had bone "blades" sticking out of them, nearly six inches and razor sharp. His fingers had sharpened nails, from a glance they were obviously sharp enough to disembowel a bear with his hands alone. The most impressive/horrifying thing though, was his aura. It was impossible to not feel the mass of energy and power that swirled around him, compared to the nine-tailed beast next to him, it was as if he was the combined output of a million nuclear powerplants at full output, while the nine-tails was a child with a hand-crank motor. Completely incomparable.

Also with them were three others, two red-haired women who looked like the same person at different ages. Both wore a navy blue shirt and black pants, the older also had a katana at her waist. They gave off a little energy, but nothing compared to even the first of the ten beings before them. The final girl was different. Her energy nearly equaled the nine-tailed beast, and in fact she had nine tails behind her white blouse and grey pants, her white eyes surveying the night, veins bulging beside them. Her tails were strange, it was impossible to say what animal they came from, it seemed to be a blend of multiple.

"So?" the strongest asked, "Can you see anything Hinata?"

The blind-but-not girl frowned, "It's difficult. There is a lot of ambient energy, the nature energy here is so much more potent, or much more present than in the Elemental Nations, it makes my Byakyugan act up. I think I can make out two distinct beings coming towards us quickly though, their energy is at about Shukaku-san's level.

The raccoon-tailed beast pouted, "It's not my fault I'm not as powerful as you guys…" he whined, "I chose control over power!"

The others rolled their eyes, obviously having heard it before. "How far?" the demon asked again, "Eta?"

"Fifteen seconds." Hinata said, "What should we do Naruto-koi?"

The now-named Naruto smiled, "Nothing. Whoever they are, they are not even powerful enough to hurt Shukaku, so if they aren't stupid they won't attack us."

Thus reassured, all thirteen of them just waited, their stances relaxed.

"And… now!" Matabi, the nekoshou, said with a small chuckle as she timed the newcomers appearance perfectly, "Hmm… A fox yokai…?"

The newcomers were obviously confused about what the group was, the only ones of a recognizable race were Matabi, Kushina, and Reyna. Kurama lacked any other Kitsune traits besides the tails and eyes at the moment, so they were unsure if he was a yokai or something else.

"Who are you!?" the older of the two Kitsune said, the younger one little more than a girl. Both had nine tails, yet their power was maybe equal to Shukaku, if they were combined. Their confusion led them to sound more hostile than Yasaka wanted, the feeling of tension started to increase as both groups merely stared at eachother.

"Gahahahaha!" Shukaku broke the silence with his loud laugh, "This is a Kyuubi!? Kurama, you must be so proud of your people, heh…"

Yasaka grew red as she turned to the Ichibi, only for Kurama to act first, casually backhanding the one-tail into a tree. "Shut up. Just because you're technically my little brother doesn't mean I won't kill you," he snarled at the fallen one-tail.

Yasaka just watched as the two fought, the punches and kicks of this "Kurama" cracking ground and demolishing trees as the other stopped it with… was that sand? The gourd on his back was pouring out a seemingly-limitless supply of sand, it's fast movements blocking nearly all of Kurama's attacks as the two fought.

She wanted to say something, but before she could speak a towering pressure cut her off, forcing her to her knees as Kunou started to cry, her eyes wide with fear. Despite the pressure not being aimed at her, Yasaka was extremely fearful, and the two who were the target? Both of them fell to the ground, unable to move as their bodies froze.

"That's more like it." Naruto spoke, his eyes showing amusement, "I don't think a fight is the best way to introduce ourselves, Shukaku, Kurama. You can beat the snot out of eachother later."

Grumbling, Kurama nodded, and the pressure vanished, both he and Shukaku getting to their feet and brushing themselves off.

"Now then," Naruto continued, "Maybe we should let our guests speak? Please, go on." He said, courteous to the Kyuubi and her daughter.

"W-w-well, my name is Yasaka," the older Kitsune said, "I'm the guardian of the ley lines here, and I was alarmed when all of a sudden they flared, before thirteen new presences appeared, with power that I've never seen before, in any being!"

Naruto snickered lightly at her words, "In other words, you panicked and were worried we were hostile," he translated easily, "But now what?"

Yasaka blinked. He was asking her what to do? She realized she had been seeing him as a "boss" type, someone whose power allowed them to order others and not have to follow, a plan maker not follower. This, though, blew those ideas up. He was honestly asking what to do, his slight smile genuine.

"W-well…" she thought for a moment, "I guess it depends on what your intentions are."

Naruto's smile grew, "Not much," he admitted, "I just came here to get a new start, maybe have a few fights, eventually move on. I'm a being of battle, but I can appreciate peace too. Anything that would fit? You said you're a "guardian?" Does that mean you're a leader?"

Yasaka nodded, an idea blooming in her mind, "Come to think of it…" she mused, "I have a few things that need doing… I'd need to give you some background, but if you're strong enough to rip a hole through your dimension, with enough power to make the earth itself react, I'm pretty sure you'd work."

Inwardly a chibi-Yasaka was jumping around and cheering, a banner hanging over her with the words, "Yokai faction: New number one"

"Well, where are we going then?" Naruto asked, "And how do we get there?"

Yasaka gaped as the Kamui portal faded away, having only been told to focus on her home, before the swirling movement took ahold of her. She quickly ran to a trashcan and threw up, Kunou following moments later. Naruto and the Bijuu just laughed, not maliciously but amused at her response. Luckily it was tempered by Kushina and Reyna also doing the same, their vomit being energy, instead of a liquid or solid.

"What are they anyway?" Yasaka thought, not for the first time. Her eyes roamed over the group, looking for hints. Three were obvious, with a maybe-sorta for two more. The two-tailed one was obviously a Nekoshou, extremely rare and obviously powerful, though the heatless blue flames on her tails were strange. The two that barfed with her were human, regardless of the energy she felt from them. She was unsure about the male nine-tailed one, his tails resembled Kitsune tails, but he had no other aspects, and his yokai felt off. It felt like a cross between yokai and Senjutsu chakra, with a side of magic, a blend of all aspects. The only other one she had an idea about was the first, one of the long-thought extinct Tanuki race, his control over sand was strange though, Tanuki were aligned with earth and water, not earth and air. But maybe she was overcomplicating things. Either way, she'd find out soon.

"Alright, if I'm going to be trusting you with our security, I need to know what kind of yokai you are, and what your full forms look like," she said, worrying a little bit at a few of them. The two redheads and the blind one's energy seemed unformed, so their forms would be interesting, if they even could access them yet. The others would be good to see.

"Um…" they exchanged looks all around, the blind girl meeting their eyes with unerring accuracy, "Do you have a really really big area? If we all transform here, we'd crush about a mile," the girl in armor said, her voice sounding as though multiple voices spoke at once. "And if Naruto-sama transformed into his full form, no barrier could contain his power, you'd have these so-called "Devils" and "Angels" attacking in minutes."

Yasaka blinked, surprised at the statement. "How big is the largest of you?" she asked, apprehensive.

"Well, if you mean in pure height, over 600 feet at his shoulders. The biggest if you mean just physical size is over 70 tons, most of it muscle. Not counting Naruto-sama's full form, we don't know how big he is since we've never seen it. His power is greater than all of us combined, though."

Yasaka started praying inside, to whatever god watched over Kitsune, likely Inari. "Well, we could-"

Naruto cut her off, "I can transform in this very room," he said, "Kurama has seen my real form in Reyna's cage."

All eyes snapped to the Kyuubi, who nodded silently. "But Cho-chan is right, if I transform you'd better be prepared for a siege. Or I could just do it in the Kamui dimension…" he suggested, getting nods from each of the Bijuu, which equated to another nod from Yasaka.

"Kamui." He said softly, the world vanishing, replaced by a series of plain boxes, stretching on into infinity. "So, let's go in order!" Naruto clapped his hands, "Introduce yourself then transform."

Shukaku nodded, turning to Yasaka, "Ichibi no Shukaku, one tailed Tanuki, first of the Bijuu." He said, sand starting to swirl around him, obscuring him from view.

An instant later, the sand ballooned outwards as he took his full form, absorbing the sand into himself, a giant tanuki with black markings and one tail. "My powers are of Magnetism and Sand, with a high ability to manipulate earth and air."

Yasaka gaped, and Kushina whispered to Reyna, "If she's stunned by Shukaku, she'll be unconscious by the end of this…"

The blue-haired Nekoshou stepped forwards, "Nibi no Nekomata, Matatabi is my name, and I am the Two-Tailed Monster Cat."

She was engulfed by blue flames, before they faded to reveal a four-legged cat, resembling a tiger made of blue flames, with two tails. She was about 3/4ths the size of Shukaku, and her flames were not giving any heat off, "My powers involve the dead, fire, and healing."

The Sanbi stepped forward, setting Samehada down, "Isobu is what you can call me, Sanbi no Kyodaigame. Though they left out shark in my name."

His eyepatch expanded, covering his body in a giant dome of turtle shell and grey skin, before slowly it shifted, swirling around until he was a perfect ball, topped by the shell. The front of the skin-cocoon split open, revealing the one-eyed gaze of the Sanbi, Isobu. "My powers are over the water and I can grow coral to immobilize my enemies, along with draining energy through touch."

Goku stepped forward, and smirked, "My name is Son Goku, just call me Son, Yonbi no Saru, King of the Sage Monkeys, and Four Tailed Bijuu!" A golden blast of light enveloped him and the author's voice rang out, "Okay, the outfit was pushing it but NO SUPER SAIYAN YOU ASSHOLE!"

The golden light retreated, showing the red-furred Yonbi looking around for a source for the voice, "Ah whatever…" he said, shrugging his massive shoulders, "My powers are over Earth, Fire and Lava."

Kokuo stepped forward, his narrowed eyes looking straight at Yasaka as he tossed his hair back, "My name is Kokuo, the Gobi no Irukauma, with powers over Steam and Gas, with some small influence over fire and water. I also have a fire resistance able to neutralize the Nibi's flames, only the cursed Amaterasu could hurt me." He bragged, before his hair started to grow, blocking their view as he shifted into the Gobi, "Nice to meet you."

The shy little Saiken timidly stepped forward, "U-u-um, my name is Saiken," she said softly, "Rokubi no Namekuji… Um, my Bijuu form sis sorta gross, or so I'm told, please don't try to salt me or something… It doesn't work and it's just weird…"

She put her forefinger and thum in a circle, before blowing through it, a bubble engulfing her, turning opaque as it grew, before popping to reveal the Six Tailed Slug, "M-my powers are over acid and poison, and I can use bubble jutsu to make traps and mines…"

Chomei stepped forward, her echoing voice more excited than normal, "My name's Chomei, or Lucky Seven if you want. I'm the Nanabi no Kabutomushi."

Her armor grew larger and larger, slowly shifting into a different form, that of the armor-clad Seven Tailed Beetle, her buzzing wings starting to lift her up, "My powers are over insects, air, and light, to a certain extent. I also am able to summon bugs as I wish, and can see what they do, making them spies."

Gyuki finally stepped forward, "My name's Gyuki, ya fool, ya fool!" he said, making a gesture, only for one of Son's tails to whack him on the head, "If you didn't like Bee rapping, don't you try too! You'll just make Naruto-sama mad!"

Son rubbed the back of his head, "Fine…"

His body shifted as he started to grow, the eight tentacles out of his back curling around him, before swelling to a giant size, then opening like a giant flower to reveal, "I'm the Hachibi no Kyogyu, and my power is over water and lightning. I also can make ink at will, using it to spray smokescreens."

Kurama stepped forward finally, "My name's Kurama, the Kyuubi No Kitsune or Kyuubi no Yoko, whichever you please, Last of the Bijuu." His yokai exploded around him, engulfing him in an opaque orange shell, "Feast your eyes," he said with a small laugh, as his nine-tailed form towered over the other Bijuu by almost a quarter of their size. "My powers are complete and perfect control over yokai and chakra, and complete sovereignty over Wind, Fire, and Earth, as well as Demon arts."

"And finally me, the youngest of the tailed beasts," Naruto said, his smirk growing, "I am the Juubi no Kijin, but you can call me Naruto. My powers are mostly only limited by my imagination and creativity. The orginal Juubi was a Primordial God, and I have access to all of that. It's hard to control though."

His energy began to skyrocket, as the other Bijuu bowed, before a light engulfed him, shifting him to his demonic form. It looked vaguely humanoid, with white hide and black hair. It had ten horns, ringing it's head like a crown, and black hair. It's eyes were the same rinnengan that Naruto had, and it had his wings still. It's arms were thick, with long claws, and it's legs had talons on the end. It was approximately seven feet tall, with ten tails fanning out behind it, an aura of power radiating from it, strong enough to completely dwarf the Kyuubi's power. To compare the Kyuubi to it was to compare a drop of water to an ocean. It utterly terrified Yasaka, the power was enough to wipe out the planet and all the various pantheons and Dragons for shits and giggles, with enough left over to recreate everything perfectly.

A part of her mind was laughing triumphantly though, "Now the Yokai faction is the new leader!" she thought, as each of the Bijuu and Naruto shrank back down, their powers restrained once more. "What about you three?" she asked, looking at Hinata and the two redheads.

"Ah, Hinata has yet to gain her form, she's still settling. Reyna is a Kitsune as well, eight tails, but I've locked it off to one until she can control it. Kushina is actually a human, with some yokai due to a yokai sealed in her long ago. It's gone now, but she has a bit of the power left," Naruto explained, "Sorry."

Yasaka nodded, "Well, I think I've seen enough," she said dryly, "I'd have to be stupid to not want you on our side after that display."

The bijuu all shared little smirks, the same thought going through their heads at once, "She thought that was our true power? I held it down to one tail!" Shukaku just rolled his eyes, "Naruto-sama didn't even use one tail's worth of power, let alone fully release his seals… I can't wait to see that Kitsune's face when she finds out our true powers…"

Oblivious to the Bijuu's deception, Yasaka continued talking, "First can you take us out of this dimension?" she asked Naruto, who merely nodded.

As the Kamui pulled her in, she covered her mouth with her left hand, hoping against hope that the trashcan would be close enough to reach.

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