Here's chapter two. It's definately smaller, but I thought it was a good place to break it off. I might go back to it and add more later, since 4000 words in chapter 1 and close to 1500 in chapter two is not something I want to continue the trend of. Anyway, this shows a little of Naruto's new "temperment," after getting a message about whether he was going to be the same as the first story or not. The answer: Obviously not. He found out his father was a manipulative shit and essentially cursed him to be tortured for all eternity. That leaves a mark on your psyche.

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Dragon Dice Chapter 2: The two shits not given.

Recap: New universe, HS DXD world, found by Yasaka, "hired" to work with the Yokai faction (Cuz let's face it, having all nine Bijuu plus the new Juubi would be the equivalent of having a nuke pointed at the other factions), showed Bijuu forms, and now are leaving the Kamui.

After Yasaka, Reyna, and Kushina managed to calm their stomachs,and Kunou got angry at Yasaka for not letting her come into the Kamui with them, they all sat down to begin negotiation.

"So, from what I can tell with the information you've given us, you essentially need a guard, and if there is a battle in another place, you need a fast, hard-hitting force, right?" Kurama asked Yasaka, who verified it with a nod, "Among us the best at defending are Shukaku and Saiken, the former can create sand to trap or crush his enemies and Saiken can make "bubbles" filled with acid, poisonous gas, explosive substances, the works. She's great at traps. I propose that in return for lodging and a stipend, those two will follow your orders, to a degree. None of us likes not being in control, but they will have to deal with it. Meanwhile, the fastest of us are myself, Chomei, and Matabi, so we should be the "response" team. The others are in the middle, so they could reinforce either team as necessary, though I don't expect to need that. Naruto-sama, Hinata-sama, Reyna, and Kushina are essentially outside of my jurisdiction, but I doubt you'll really need to worry about them," Kurama summed up, "That work for you?"

Yasaka looked at him, thinking over what he said, before nodding, "That is acceptable. Though if you intend to live in your giant forms, we have no place that could fit you. Also we'll need to make up a background story for all of you, saying you're godlike beings from another dimension won't go over too well."

Naruto shrugged, "Just say we're yokai from another part of the world, the results of crossbreeding and experiments, to explain the different species and traits. I can copy any knowledge necessary for our alibi from the mind of someone who has it already, so feel free."

Yasaka made a mental note to have one of the Yokai that was good with hacking to make a cover for them and put it in the government's files. "Alright then. Now the last thing is where are you going to-"

A loud cry rang out, cutting her off "GRIGORI!" a yokai outside yelled, "TEN!"

Naruto looked at Yasaka, "Guess we're starting early," he quipped, pulling his blade from thin air, before walking towards the door, the other Bijuu following.

Almost as soon as his foot touched the ground outside, Naruto blocked a light spear with his left index finger. "Interesting…" he looked at the spear, a dark grin spreading on his face, "I want one."

He held out his hand and a spear formed. Unlike the light spear, it wasn't just light, but a core of light surrounded by translucent writhing shadows, before solidifying into a solid object, able to be reused.

"Hmm…" he thought about the spear, ignoring four other spears that struck him in the head, heart, leg, and stomach repeatedly, each just bouncing off.

He started paying attention once more, blocking the fifth that was aimed at his crotch, his face shifting from a smile to a grimace as he glared at the fallen angel dressed in black robes, "You just fucked up…" he growled, drawing his spear back, "I'll call it Shunbun." He decided, about to throw it, "Catch!"

He threw the newly-named Shunbun(Equinox), tearing through one of the ten wings of the Fallen Angel, leaving a foot-wide hole. Naruto extended his hand and it reappeared in his grasp, the tip bloody. "Hmm, so you do have red blood…" he looked at the Fallen, who was still blasting light spears at him as the other Bijuu just watched, amused. "Hey Kurama, what's the definition of insanity?" he called, snickering a bit at the fallen angel's face, his pained and enraged expression darkening at the joke.

"Alright, I've had my fun, and I've gotten a new weapon, so I think I'll let you live," Naruto said, catching one of the light spears in his mouth, biting it in half. "But I'll be taking a memento!"

His yes narrowed, and the fallen angel screamed as he appeared behind the Grigori, one hand on the side of his neck, the other digging into the hole on the wounded wing, "I wonder if these grow back? Well, you get to test it!"

Everyone averted their eyes, and most of the yokai covered their ears so as to not hear the wet ripping sound as Naruto tore off the Grigori's wing slowly as the fallen angel screamed in pain, his hands frantically grabbing at Naruto's arms but not moving them any faster or slower.

Finally he fell to the ground as Naruto surveyed the wing that he held in his hand before turning back to him, "Now get the fuck out of here before I get bored and decide to use your head as a ball. GO!"

The fallen angel didn't even bother to swear vengeance or try to sneak attack, or anything of the sort. He just stifled a sob as he glanced to where the wing had been, before a purple magical circle appeared below him, teleporting him away.

Yasaka was stunned. When she had gotten the idea to hire them, she hadn't thought they would be this sadistic. Then again, the fallen angels and devils both had used yokai as target practice before, even going so far as to nearly cause the Nekoshou species to go extinct, only two survivors. "Damn…" Shukaku whistled, "He's pretty damn sadistic…" Kurama glared at his younger brother, "Shut it. I told you what he went through, so shut the fuck up or I'll turn you over to Hinata-sama."

Shukaku paled even further, pleading with his brother to show mercy, getting a "Hmph," in response. He wasn't scared by much, but Hinata's power was at the same level as Kurama, and she was extremely protective of her "mate," and if he knew one thing it was that insulting another guy in front of a girl that liked him lead to a swift and painful beating. He learned THAT lesson with Matabi while she was crushing on Gyuki as a child. Now, they were just close, after learning what Incest was, both had backed off.

"…Hot…" Hinata said, looking up at Naruto, standing in midair with an ebony-feathered wing in his hands, a hole through it.

"As much as I think many of you would like to stare at Naruto-san, I think most of you have WORK TO DO!" Yasaka shouted, sending the watching Yokai running. "And you!" she turned to Naruto, "What was that?! You left him alive? He's just going to want revenge now!"

Naruto looked at her and yawned. YAWNED. "I couldn't give two shits about a weakling like that wanting revenge. He couldn't face any of us in a hundred years. Even Shukaku is easily ten times as strong as that idiot. I left him alive to send a message, "keep away or die" ya know? Now I'm going to go get rid of both of the shits I didn't give in a more sanitary way," he said, sauntering towards the house she had been going to give them, reading her mind on where to go. "See ya."

He was dragging the wing behind him, though it hovered about an inch off the ground, a layer of solidified air keeping dirt off it.

The other Bijuu and Hinata and Reyna followed him, Kushina instead electing to talk to Yasaka. "Don't think too badly of him," she said, "Less than two days ago he learned the father that had abandoned him at his birth had put a kill seal on his lover, Hinata-chan. He gave Minato-teme a fate worse than death, but he's still shaken up about how close he came to losing her forever. After something like that, it's only natural that he's changed, for better or worse."

Yasaka looked at her in surprise, "His father tried to kill his lover?" she asked, "Why?"

Kushina looked uncomfortable, "Well… Actually no, it's his story to tell. I would tell you but I don't want to lose my son. Again. Just… please don't judge him before knowing the whole story."

With that said, she ran after the others, leaving Yasaka gaping. Kushina was Naruto's mother? She had "lost" her son before… Did that mean she abandoned him too? Why would she call his father an idiot, if she married the man? Too many questions and not enough answers.

She resolved to ask him at a later date, after he had settled in more. "Well, at least I know one thing," she thought wryly, "Things won't be boring with them around!"

So that's it for chapter two! Yeah, he's a fucking sadist now. Deal with it. Actually he isn't really "sadistic" but sometimes... Well, I won't spoil it for you. Yes, he will be collecting "trophies" from any opponents that he sees as strong or skilled, but also he wants to commemorate his new weapon. Shunbun (meaning Equinox, one of two days that have a perfectly equally long day and night). It's effective against both Angels and Devils, due to it's equal halves of light (devils) and darkness (angels). I am aware that in canon there is no such "weakness" of the angels, but think of it like two opposing elements of equal strength. The light that is inherent in the angels is hurt by the darkness that makes up part of Equinox, though on Fallen and Yokai it just is a spear. Albeit the force Naruto throws it with make it have a "shell" of air pressure that make any wound bigger. It will turn up in the future more than the sword he used in the first story. I decided that it was too "instant-kill" (not that being the Juubi and a primordial god is any better), so a less lethal weapon was dreamed up by the insanity in my head.

Well, that's all for now. Soon I'll be starting to answer some of the questions at the end of the first story, and I have no doubt I'll get rage about some of my answers.