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Chapter 3: Three hidden truths

(Time skip: two years)

Naruto sighed again, bored. He hadn't been out to destroy something in months, no good fights recently, and Yasaka wouldn't let him go attack one of the factions. Well, more like he acceded to her requests to not do so, since she really couldn't stop any of them if they really wanted to do something.

"Hey, Naruto-nii!" Kunou said, entering the apartment complex that Naruto, the Bijuu, Hinata, and his sister and mother all shared, "Kaa-chan wants to see you."

Naruto smiled. No matter how bored he was, Kunou always brightened up his day. The little nine-tails was almost impossible to hate, once you got past her aloof and uptight shell. She was the unofficial "little sister" of the group, though she called Kushina kaa-chan as Naruto refused to do, still calling her Kushina-chan, though he had changed from –san to –chan as they got a little closer.

"Oh, hey Ku-chan," he scratched the fox girl's head where she loved to be scratched, "Do you know why?"

Kunou giggled, her ears perking up, "It's a secret!" she grinned, "Come on, come on!"

He followed as she pulled on his hand, leading him out of the apartments and into the central building that was Yasaka's "Office" of sorts.

He met the Kitsune in question in one of the conference rooms, Kunou sitting in his lap as he pet her hair.

"Ah, Naruto-kun," Yasaka said, "Good, you're here. I have a favor to ask, not as an employer but a worried mother," She began, as Naruto began to worry. The last "favor" she had asked led to him having to sit through a boring negotiation meeting with the Grigori leader, his power suppressed to less than a tail. He wore armor, and had his scent and voice camouflaged, but his power was hard to change, due to it's strength and magnitude. He had gotten so bored that he nearly ended up attacking Azazel and starting a war. He would have done it, too, but Azazel ended up wrapping up the meeting quickly after he started leaking bloodlust, acceding to many things that he would probably not have agreed to otherwise. He had told her in a flat, factual tone that if he had to sit through another of those things he would blast the shit out of the other side just to stop being so bored. He also suggested that she use either Kushina or Kurama for those meetings, since they were still stronger than most if not all of the beings in this universe, the two "Dragon gods" included. Plus they both had more tactics-oriented minds than him, since tactics were unnecessary if you can just tank any attack and dish out more damage than the other guy.

"As you know, Kunou is going to an academy soon, in a different prefecture entirely. I'd like you to go with her as a fellow student, since I know you can appear younger. The school she's going to is part of the Gremory clan's territory, and I'm a little worried of sending her alone," Yasaka said, her eyes showing worry as she looked into Naruto's Juubigan.

Naruto nodded in understanding. "The Devils might make a play for her, if she joins a peerage then you'd either have to give her up or accede to their wishes, right? Hmph. I really despise the idea of going to school again, but I guess if it's to protect the little kit here…"

Kunou puffed out her cheeks in displeasure, "Muu… I'm not a kit anymore!"

Naruto laughed at her expression, "You'll always be a kit to me, kit. Anyway, Yasaka, I'll do it on one condition: I get to play around with the devils, give them a little chaos if I feel like it. After all, what can they do to me? Nothing."

Yasaka nodded reluctantly, "Alright, fine. I'll trust you, but you know Hinata will have to stay here, right?" she asked, knowing of the two's "nightly meetings." Then again, they didn't really try to keep them secret, instead reasoning that the more who knew, the more people would leave them alone while together, so as not to disturb them while they fucked like bunnies. Luckily Naruto was able to render his sperm impotent, or he might already have a dozen sons.

"Yeah, I know," Naruto shrugged, "She can use the Hiraishin variation I made for her to visit."

Yasaka understood, and said as much, before Naruto asked the big question, "When and where does Kunou start, then?"

"In two weeks she's going to Kuoh Academy, under the name Kunou Kitsui. (A/N: I don't know if the last name means anything, I just picked something that started with "Kit" and thought of it. If it does have a meaning, it was not intentional). I want you to go, using a fake name obviously, and protect her from any power plays by the devils."

Naruto nodded, serious, "Menma Uchiha," he said with a small snicker, "That'll be my alias. I'll use whatever age I should, but I hope you understand that I'm going to draw attention to myself, on purpose. That way I can deflect some attention from Kunou-chan."

Yasaka agreed, and they started creating his new identity.

Timeskip: Two weeks

Kuoh Academy. A typical school, home to mostly humans, with two devil peerages, and a fallen angel. Not to mention the yokai that now attended, other than the Nekoshou that was in one of the peerages. Naruto looked like a ten-year-old, with Kunou the same. They were supposedly super-prodigies, admitted with a full scholarship to the High-school block. Naruto knew the real owner of the school, and had ensured that he would not know what his two genius students were without extreme investigation. Amazing what a few aversion seals and genjutsu would do.

As they entered the front office to pick up their schedules, Kunou's usual outfit replaced by a sundress and geta sandals, Naruto wearing his usual black outfit and cargo pants, genjutsu hiding the seals on his arms as they might get mistaken for tattoos. "Ah, yes, Menma and Kunou, right?" the office worker who gave them their schedules said brightly, "The school council representative will be here shortly to show you around, since you two are so special."

Menma (I'm going to call Naruto Menma from now on while he's in school) nodded silently, Kunou just following him to a seat. He was about 4'9" in this age, and Kunou 4'6" while in her fully human form.

Naruto felt it the instant she walked in. A devil, medium to high class, and the leader of the Student Council. "Ah, Sona," the receptionist greeted, "Here are our young prodigies."

Sona merely nodded, "Come with me please," she said in a near-monotone voice, pushing her glasses up with one hand.

They followed her out of the office and around the school, stopping at various classrooms on their schedules, which were the same. As the tour was winding down, Menma asked a question that had been bugging him for a while. "Ah, Sona-san, what is that building over there?" Menma asked, pointing to an oddly large building some ways away from the main areas, "Is that a lab or something?"

Sona blinked in surprise, "You can see- ah. That is the Occult Research Club building, due to the school Chairman being related to the leader of the ORC they got a building out of it. I'm sure Rias would be very interested in both of you."

"No shit. Damn, I should have recognized the illusion for what it was, rather than pointing it out!" Menma griped to himself.

Kunou frowned, "What building? What are you talking about?" she asked in confusion.

"Don't worry about it," Naruto said reassuringly, "Anyway, I'm sure Sempai has other things to do than show us around. Arigato Gozaimasu, Sona-sempai for showing us around."

"Arigato." Kunou echoed as Sona nodded, face unreadable. "Menma-san, we may call you in later to deal with some finalized paperwork," she said, getting a nod in reply as he turned to follow Kunou.

"Strange… Just who is Menma Uchiha to be able to see through an illusion cast by a high-class devil? Kunou is the name of the leader of the Yokai faction, so it' true Yasaka sent her daughter to school, but who is he? A bodyguard? A friend? And is he human or something else? I didn't feel any yokai from him, so he can't be one of them, but just what can he be? Or was it some inborn quirk that allowed him to see through it?" Sona pondered, eyes on his retreating back, "I'll have to talk to Rias," she muttered, making tracks for the Student Council room, and the rest of her Peerage. Before she talked to Menma, she'd ask Rias if Sirzechs-sama had said anything about the two, and hopefully learn who they were.

"Uchiha-san?" a boy approached him at lunch, "The President of the Student Council would like to see you," he proclaimed, Menma merely shrugging, " Mmkay," he said, discretely making an invisible shadow clone to watch over Kunou, "lead the way Saiji-san."

The boy nodded, leading him into the building and the room the Student Council met in, where he was faced with Sona and her peerage and Rias and her peerage, including one of the famous "Perverted Trio."

"Ah, Menma-san," Sona greeted him, "I dislike beating around the bush, so I'll come right out and say it. Who and what are you?"

Menma faked confusion, inwardly laughing that they hadn't even waited a full day to check up on him and Kunou, "What do you mean Sona-san? You know my name."

Rias stepped forward, "What she means is your faction," She scowled, "What race are you?"

Menma frowned, "Huh? Asian, of course." He responded, deciding to play dumb.

"So you are human…" Sona mused, "A sacred gear then? Very well. Menma-san, I offer you a choice. I saw on your record that you live with a caretaker dropping by every few days, and have no family. Either stay here and listen to what I have to tell you, or leave now and don't receive the offer." She stated clearly, piercing eyes staring into him.

It was obvious that she expected to pick option one, or she wouldn't have brought up "Menma's" solitude and lack of family, which meant he immediately turned around and walked out of the room, heading to class as the bell rang, leaving behind a shocked and silent room.

"Did I go too far?" Sona asked Rias eventually, "I wanted to have him hear us out, I didn't expect him to react so poorly to the mention of his family."

Rias frowned at her friend, "He's lived alone for so long that he probably doesn't even know what a family is like, therefore he sees it as unnecessary. If you want him you should do what I do, I'm sure you can manipulate a stray."

Sona grimaced at the thought, "Maybe. Has your brother said anything about the Kyuubi girl though?"

Rias nodded, "We're supposed to leave her alone. Let her know of our existence but not try to get her as a piece unless the opportunity naturally appears. Menma, though, is fair game."

Sona nodded again, "Fine. I'll shoot for this weekend."

Rias said goodbye and left then, leaving Sona and her peerage to plan the death and rebirth of one Uchiha Menma.

Naruto was walking with Kunou home from school on Friday when he felt it. A devil's presence, but warped, a stray. "Hey Kunou, I'm going to take care of something," he said softly, "A stray dog is nearby."

She nodded, recognizing their pre-set up code, "Don't be long."

Naruto nodded, staying in his Menma disguise as he turned and entered an alleyway, acutely aware of the people following him, and the ones herding the devil towards him. When he finally saw it as he reached a sparsely-populated part of town, he was not impressed. It looked like a centaur, with huge-ass teeth and hooves that left burned imprints in the ground, yet still if that was all, it was nothing. The presences that he had felt were watching, no doubt waiting for when to intercede. He gained a little smirk, as he contemplated how to do this. "DIE!" the devil yelled, charging at him with low-jonin speed.

"Kūton: Kami no Arashi" Naruto whispered as the sky changed in a small area above him, a black cloud about fifteen feet in diameter forming before starting to rain lightning down at the devil and him. The devil flinched every time a bolt struck near him, whereas Naruto merely laughed, before extending his arm into the air, drawing on the lightning like a battery. "Raiton: Rairyuu no jutsu!"

A giant dragon made entirely of electricity formed out of the next bolt, it's twisting movements fluid and sinuous, captivating the stray as he watched the deadly creature. "Begone from my sight." Naruto said coldly, before the 70-foot-long dragon flew at the stray, who whimpered, "Mommy," before vanishing in a dome of lightning. When it faded, the stray was still alive, if barely, and Naruto picked him up before throwing him in a seemingly random direction, in truth directly at a gaping Sona. Task complete, he turned to leave, humming "Another one bites the dust" by Queen as he walked away.

"I wonder what they'll do next?" he thought with a small smile, "I honestly didn't expect them to act so soon. I guess Sona-san is more desperate than I thought…"

Sona was in fact still sitting on her rear in an alleyway, the fried body of the Stray Devil they had herded towards Menma laying near her, his breathing cutting out after a minute or so. Her eyes were wide with disbelief as she watched the scorch marks created by the localized lightning storm Menma had created started to fade, the ash marks seeming to blow away in a small gust of wind. "D-did you see that?" she whispered to Tsubaki, her queen, "I wasn't hallucinating, correct?"

Tsubaki's eyes were just as wide, "If you were, I was sharing it," she said, echoing Sona's amazed tone, "He created a storm out of nothing, rained down lightning like it was, well, rain and used it to create a dragon made of electricity, killing a medium-class stray devil like he was swatting a fly. I… I just don't know what to say…"

As the rest of her peerage approached, the same question was on the forefront of each of their minds, "Uchiha Menma, just who are you?"

"So let's see if I understand this," Yasaka said, sitting in her soft swivel chair, staring at Naruto with her hands on her temples, rubbing away. "You were approached by the Heir to the Sitri family, with the heir of the Gremory family with her, and offered a "family" or you could leave then? And you just left, and didn't ever inform me of it. Now, earlier today you were walking Kunou home from school, and sensed a stray devil, going to kill it. You knew that people were following you and watching, yet you still created a thunderstorm out of midair and used a giant dragon made of lightning to kill it before walking away, never acknowledging the ones following you. Do I have it right so far?"

Naruto nodded, a grin on his face, "I wonder what they'll do next?" he mused out loud, "I doubt that that plan was Sona-san's idea, it seems more like the sort of thing that the Gremory heir would do. Sona seems more logical and calculating than her, but also too cautious… Well, I'll see when it happens."

Yasaka glared at him, her eyes narrowed at his seeming failure to grasp the seriousness of the situation. "Naruto!" she said sharply, "This is a real problem! If you end up underestimating them and get killed, you likely won't be able to fight back if you're revived! Their "pieces" are bound to the king mentally, and if the king gives a direct order the pieces usually can't disobey! If that happens they'll use you to eliminate us and the Heavens and Grigori! The devils are more aggressive than the Yokai faction, they won't be satisfied with using you as a deterrant, they'll send you out to kill your family, the other Bijuu and Kushina-chan, Reyna-chan, Hinata-sama, even Kunou and I!"

Now Naruto's eyes widened in realization, "Oh, so that's what you're worried about!" he laughed. "Yeah, not gonna happen. Even if they did revive me somehow, I can easily break any mental limits. In the world we come from there were people with watered-down versions of my eyes. Those mutations, called "Sharingan" could trap people in an unbreakable illusion, or even twist the mind of someone without them noticing and control them from their own mind. They also made it so that any other illusions and most mental techniques were absolutely useless on them. My eyes are the true deal, easily a thousand times more powerful than the strongest Sharingan to ever exist, so breaking a mental tie that is no doubt weak since they haven't had anyone like me try to test it before, would be child's play. And that's even if they could revive me, but since I literally can't die, it's all academic."

Yasaka's glare intensified, "Everything can die," She growled, "Even Great Red or Ophis could be killed if we knew how. They're mortal, they just cant die of old age or disease."

Naruto shook his head, before drawing Shunbun and stabbing it into his forehead, piercing his skull and leaving it sticking about a foot out the back of his head as he stared her down. "As I said Yasaka, I LITERALLY can't die. My body is made of energy itself, trying to kill me is useless. I don't have blood, I don't have bone, I don't have flesh, except when I will it. I could be disintegrated into nothingness and my consciousness can reform. I can overcome any seal aimed at me, any technique absorbed, anything. I told you before, I absorbed a PRIMORDIAL GOD, a being that makes the combined power of everything in this universe look like a squirt gun compared to a nuclear missile. And I will protect Kunou, she's like family to me. That's why I don't take anything seriously, because I know whatever happens I will survive and outlive it. That's why I try to not think about things too seriously, and let my emotions rule me mostly. Because if I end up thinking about things too much, my thoughts turn to my situation."

"Situation?" Yasaka asked, trying to not be put off by speaking to someone with a SPEAR through their head. "Please remove that, it's rather distracting."

He obeyed before looking her in the eyes, all humor, all levity, all joking demeanor gone. In it's place was a scared look, covered up before she could confirm it. "My situation… There are three things I haven't told the others. I'm trusting you here. Yasaka, what do you think immortality means?" he asked, looking at her intently.

"True immortality means never dying, no matter what happens," she responded, "Though many things in this universe that call themselves "Immortal" just won't die of old age or disease. They can be killed still."

Naruto nodded, "True Immortality is what I have. Think about what it'd be like? Hinata, the Bijuu, Kushina, Reyna, you, Kunou, everyone will die eventually. The beings you call immortal can actually die of old age, but it'd take millennia to do so. The Bijuu are the same way, as are Hinata, Kushina and Reyna. Yokai are that way, the Dragons are the same way, Devils, Angels, Grigori, everything has an end. Except me. I will be around when everyone I know is dead, when the only movement on this planet is wind stirring the sand that used to be cities, blowing among the withered sticks that used to be trees, and watch the sun rise on a planet with nothing else on it. I will be alive when everything on Earth dies. I will be alive when the sun goes nova and the entire solar system is destroyed. I will be alive when the galaxy eventually dies. Yasaka, I will be alive after the universe itself collapses back into nothingness. Think about that clearly for a moment. I will be around to watch my family and loved ones age to dust, to bury them with my own hands. I can't die, no matter what happens, whatever it is, I will endure it and carry on. Never-ending loneliness is what awaits me in the end, when everything in every universe is gone, the universes collapsed and nothing but an endless void of not even blackness, no color or life in the void. I am nigh-omniscience, the closest thing to it you will ever encounter. I can read the future, shape it as I wish, change the past, do almost anything, except save myself from the curse of immortality. I could revive my loved ones over and over, but that would only be dooming them to the same fate as me, as their minds and souls wore down from being revived so many times. I could create universes to entertain me, but that would just be postponing the inevitable. I can't even do the same thing as the original Juubi, the Primordial God I absorbed allowed his power to be sealed so it could die when it's power was taken, to save itself. Nobody will be able to absorb me; my power has grown to unprecedented levels. Now think of how I act. My jokes, my happy-go-lucky lifestyle, my mercurial temperament, my desire to live while I can, that's all a coping mechanism. I hate reflecting on the future, on the endless void that awaits me in the end."

Yasaka shivered as she stared into his Juubigan. When she actually thought about what True Immortality meant, she was scared too. Humans claimed Immortality would be a gift, but he knew the truth. True immortality meant loneliness and boredom would eventually be the only things you knew. You would watch as everyone and everything turned to dust. There was no way around it, he was scared.

"…I'm sorry." She forced out, unused to saying those words, "I didn't think."

"No, no you didn't!" he spat, looking away, "Just… Please don't tell the others what I've told you now. I don't want their pity, I don't want their comfort, I just want them to be happy. I told you this so you know that I won't let anything happen and you don't have to worry about your daughter, but please don't repeat it."

She nodded, catching something in his voice as he said the word "Daughter."

"That's why." She stated suddenly, new sorrow in her eyes, "That's why Hinata isn't pregnant yet, despite your nightly sessions. You-"

He cut her off with a growl, "-Don't want any child to have to be cursed with the same fate, yes. I am approximately eighty percent sure that any child I conceive will contain my true immortality and most of my power, though they won't reach me. I could NEVER condemn an innocent child to that, let alone my own. I've only ever given one person true immortality, and that was as a punishment, the ultimate punishment."

His thoughts were on his "father" as he said that, thinking of his curse for the man. He had given Jiaraya and Tsunade limited immortality, a parody of his true immortality but they could essentially "Choose" to die when they wished. Until then, they were just as immortal as he was.

Yasaka opened her mouth to say something more but he pushed his chair back with excessive violence, "This conversation is over." He growled, "I'm going to find something to murder."

She just nodded. The conversation had given her a unique view on how he saw life, and it scared her. He would do anything for entertainment, desperate for a way to occupy his mind. His "sadistic" fighting, his way of just letting things happen and rolling with it, his uncaring persona, it was all just to escape his own mind. There was only one limit, she realized, he wouldn't hurt one of the people he cared for, the Bijuu, Hinata, Kushina, Reyna, and now Kunou. She had no doubt if she hurt Kunou and he found out, she would be killed slowly. He was like a desperate man, with both everything and nothing to lose at the same time, and was unable to stop the inevitable march of fate.

Once he was out of her meeting room she finally allowed tears to form on her face, the tears she had held in all meeting. He didn't want her pity, he didn't want people to focus on him with sorrow and pity, he wanted to LIVE as much as he could.

She couldn't blame him for that.

Well, there you go. Chapter 3. Now, I know that I wasn't clear on the "Three truths" that he hadnt shared, so here they are:

1) He is a true immortal/the effects of being so

2) The old Juubi allowed it's power to be sealed by the Sage of Six Paths in order to eventually "die"

3) The reasons behind Hinata not being pregnant and his attachment to Kunou, that he sees her as not a little sister but a daughter he'll never have himself.

Sorta grim if you think about it. Immortality seems like a great thing and all, but really? Living forever would be horrible, an ultimate curse. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I made sure it was longer than the second, coming to a total of 4,197 words not including the author's note (here or the beginning).

Oh, translations:

Shunbun (春分): Equinox (one of two days that has equal parts night and day/light and dark). Naruto's spear made of those opposing elements to be super effective against either Angels or Devils, with no real bonus or weakness against Grigori or Yokai.

Arigatou gozaimasu(ありがとうございます): Formal way of saying "Thank you." Usually improperly translated to mean "Thank you very much" while instead it just means "Thank you" with added formality like you'd use with someone you just met.

A quick guide to suffixes:

-Sempai: A suffix whose meaning equates to "upperclassman" or someone who is in a higher grade than you or has been in the school longer than you.

-Kohai: Reverse form of Sempai, denoting a lower grade/newer student.

-San: A suffix used with someone you don't know very well, or don't have a very close bond with, such as a classmate you've never spoken with before. This is the default suffix, if you don't know what one to use, this is usually a good default.

-Sama: A suffix used to denote extreme respect and authority, for example you'd call the head of a different family "(name)-Sama" to show respect and acknowledge their status. Another term used to do the same is -Dono, which is just a different level of respect.

-Kun: A suffix used on the end of a male's name to denote familiarity with the person. Essentially the "proper" male version of "-Chan"

-Chan: Affectionate suffix used on a female's name (although it's also used on boys sometimes while they are children).

-No suffix: This indicates either an extremely comfortable/close bond between two people, or when used by someone without that bond it can be taken as an insult (the same as leaving out a title on purpose to spite someone)


Styles used:

Kūton: Sky Release: A combination of wind, water, and lightning elements used to manipulate the atmosphere. As with every elemental combination, Naruto can use it due to being the Juubi. Sky release techniques are ALL at least high-A/low-S class due to the inherent instability of the elements of Wind and Lightning, plus the reaction between Water and Lightning, making them one of the hardest elemental combinations to use but at the same time one of the deadliest. A Genin with average Genin-level chakra that used one of these techniques (that is, if they could pull it off without perfect control over the elements) would find that half of their chakra would be able to decimate a mile-wide area. The most intriguing thing about Kūton though, is it's malleability. It's unstable, but that means it can be shaped more easily. Due to that, a wide-area destruction jutsu could also be compressed down into a smaller area with greatly increased damage (as Naruto did).

Raiton: Canon. I don't think I need to go over Lightning style.

Jutsu used:

Kūton: Kami no Arashi/God of Storms - (Mid S-rank technique): Causes a cloud to form by rapidly charging the ions in a certain area as well as manipulating the moisture to draw a cloud together and get it charged, before rapidly dispersing the actual RAIN and causing the rapid discharge of the accumulated electric energy in the form of a storm of lightning bolts. Similar to the Kirin created by Uchiha Sasuke, but more effective and using a more refined execution, thus improving it's power and creation speed. A skilled user (like Naruto) could create a cloud that covered half of the Elemental Nations in under a minute. A fifteen-foot cloud like the one made would be less than a second.

Raiton: Rairyuu no jutsu/Electric Dragon Jutsu - (Anywhere from low A to mid S rank depending on the power put into it. When used in combination with Kūton, is at minimum low S): Manipulates lightning to look like an eastern dragon, size variable depending on the power behind it. When the dragon impacts an enemy, the electricity is dispersed in a dome effect that fries everything inside. The jutsu is hard to dodge (when it's used with Kūton, impossible) due to the speed of lightning, either chakra-made or the even faster natural lightning. Odds of survival if struck by this jutsu are very low, as even if you don't get completely fried by the dome of energy, your CNS (central nervous system) and sinoatrial nerve (SA-Nerve) are disrupted and even potentially destroyed by the voltage. For those of you who are NOT well versed in the parts of the body, the Sinoatrial nerve is one of three parts to the electrical pulse that makes your heart beat, the other two being the Atrioventricular Node (AV-Node, located on the interatrial septum close to the tricuspid valve) and the His-Purkinje system (located along the ventricles to conduct the pulse). There, now you can tell your parents that you learned something about your heart from reading fanfiction and watch them misunderstand what you mean entirely.

Well, that's it for now. I know I said I'd answer some of the questions that were in the first story this chapter, but it was getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight, so I had to cut it off where it seemed natural. I promise I'll get to the Elemental Sages soon, I can't wait to hear what you guys think of my idea for them.

Oh, and before I forget, the name of Kūton was NOT my creation (originally I was going to make it be something like "Atmospheric release" but this definately sounds better). I got the name from the Naruto wiki, specifically Omnibender's Elemental Recomposition Table. Check it out, it's really well done and a great place for getting names. Especially since I STILL don't know how people translate "Sky Release" into Kūton, when I try a romaji translator I get "soraririisu." Can anyone PM me (or leave a review, anonymous or not) on how you get the names? I know that they mean the same thing, but jeez... I want to figure out how to make my own styles, rather than having to use others since I can't find out how to spell them. Seriously, please help me with that.