I watched intently as Mrs. Bennett lectured and copied the diagram on the board, I had a lot to catch up on since I was absent for an entire week because I was sick with the flu.


I felt someone tap my elbow with a pencil and turned around, to see my classmate Corey. I was confused. We weren't friends and weren't in any of the same circles, why was he talking to me?

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?" I answered, confused.

"Because you're sweating. A lot." He told me, gesturing to my forehead with his pencil.

I frowned and hesitantly put my hand up to my forehead, and it was sopping wet with sweat. I looked down at my hand in shock and suddenly realized that I felt hot and I could feel the sweat dripped down from my forehead. I looked down at my notes to see the droplets smearing the ink and washing away my notes.

"Ugh, no!" I complained.

The flu must have cycled. Darn it. I thought I was over this. I raised my hand, "Mrs. Bennett?"

"What is it?" she asked without tearing her eyes away from the board as she drew another diagram of an isosceles triangle.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked.

"Can it wait?" she asked as she turned around to face me. "Oh. I see. Okay, go. But go to the nurse's office you don't look so hot," she commanded.

I nodded and scurried out of the room trying to ignore the stares and whispers from my class mates.

"Was that all sweat?" I heard a girl wonder.

I power-walked down the hall and reached the stairs when I began to feel woozy. I held onto the rail and took deep breaths as I began to feel nauseous. I took deep breaths. No, no,no. I cannot throw up now. I will not throw up.

I felt it come up my throat and ran to the janitor's closet because I knew that it was nearby and always had a giant trash can inside. I threw open the door and ran to the bin before vomiting into it.

I began to tremble and looked down to see my legs shaking, I couldn't keep them still and searched for something to hold onto. I reached for the cabinet and fell.

My head spun and I stared up at the ceiling groggily until it faded to blank. When I woke up my head was clear. I still felt sick, but not as intense as before. I tried to get up, and I felt like there was something holding my lower body down.

Did I accidentally knock a cabinet down on me when I fell?

I glanced down to see what it was and face to face with a giant, shimmering scaly tail.

Oh my gosh, I'm a mermaid.