Welcome to "What Could Have Once Been and May Yet Be" a collection of oneshots (maybe some will be longer) of pokemon stories. The reason behind this name I'll explain.

I'm sorry to say but it's very unlikely that I'll continue to write Return To Sinnoh. I apologize but I don't really have the drive to write it and I recently wrote myself into a bit of a corner. I hate doing it as I know how much I hate seeing authors abandon stories but I think it's worse to not tell your or just write bad chapters. The only thing that gives me a small peace of mind is that I didn't write much and therefor it's not like you guys were super hyped up, only to watch all the anticipation get smashed. I may re-write it but its unlikely.

I just want to quickly thank NoSignalBlueScreen, who's been helping me ever since I first began to ask. They've been a major help with a lot of what I do and their story 'The Master Chalenge' is one of the best pokemon stories out there on this sight.

I had a second storyline planned, which would take place after the nationals. I might write it. No promises.

Now, as far as the stories themselves, their little ideas I've had in my head and I want to get down. Hopefully it won't just be the next chapter as the only story. Hopefully.

Once more I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me.

-AA (Ajani's Apprentice)