In the quiet Twinleaf Town

The silence is suddenly broken

Shattered by raised voices.

He yells

She yells back.

They argue back and forth.

Suddenly he snaps

Says some words.

He stops, shocked.

She gasps, shocked as well.

Angry at her, himself, and the world in general,

He leaves.

Marches right out

Of their house.

She stays, alone.

She then sits, thinking.

She knows she can be a handful.

That she has a more outgoing personality

While he is more reserved.

She realizes it was wrong

To accept the invitation

For both of them,

Without him knowing first.

And she knows

She pushed him


Too hard.

Outside he stomps

Letting the anger flow out

Through each footstep.

He gets to a park

Sits down on a bench

And breathes deeply.






He can now think clearly.

He realizes he snapped.

His reaction

An exaggeration.

Yes, he's less outgoing,

Less spontaneous.


And yes

She shouldn't have

Accepted for him

In his stead.

But he got

Too angry.

He lashed out

Too harshly.

And spoke words

He regretted immediately.

After a fe minutes

He returns.

They both apologize

To each other

And he agrees

To come to the party

Their friends are throwing.

She agrees

To check with him first

In the Future.

They walk to their room

And change.

Both think

They are still learning,

Still getting used to

This new life.

As they walk out

His hand holds hers

And his fingers Brush over

The golden band.

Her wedding ring.

And as they step

Into their car

She smiles.

He returns it.

Smaller then hers,

Like his always are.

But it is still there.

And they both remember

The old saying

'Opposites attract'.

They couldn't agree more.

Note: I wrote this in honor of my father who wrote poetry. It's a bit of a commentary of my parents marriage. They would get into fights (my mother has told me that if a couple doesn't then there's something wrong) but it never came to blows, never came to insults. Sure, one of them may say something in their anger they would regret but they asked forgiveness and the other would accept it. It was one secret to their marriage. "Ask for forgiveness, and make it safe for the other to ask for forgiveness". Really it applies to any relationship.

Paul here is a bit like my father, who had a more reserved and quiet nature. Though, unlike Paul, he wasn't against social events, even if it wasn't expected. At least, I don't think so.

Dawn is my mother. My mother has a more outgoing personality. Though she wouldn't have accepted without asking my father first.

Anyway, I hope I did a good job.

Also, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS! Alright, I was a little vague last chapter when I was mentioning I was doing a story on Luke Altos. Basically, Luke Altos is the name NoSinalBlueScreen gave to Lucas Rowan when he appeared in The Master Challenge as there was already a Lucas and he/she wanted to avoid confusion. (from now on, that's what I'm doing as I don't like saying they. It gives the impression many people are under that account. And as far as I know, there aren't. NoSig, if you want me to go back to 'they' I will. Just let me know) I then used that name for the OC I gave to the story Diamond and Pearl Time Travel by JapenDreamer09. So I figured I would make a story devoted purely to that character under that name. More details about the character will be released in the first chapter of the story.

Next, for all you Star Wars lovers out there, I have a Star Wars story planned to come out. Please give it a look when it does.

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Alright, that's it. Until next time.