It was night, the train could be heard passing by somewhere.

A dog's howl sounded as a small building appeared that said 'Aida Sports Gym'.



Aida's father also known as Aida Kagetora began to speak.

"You're doing it again this year." Aida's father said with his usual frown, leaning by the door with his arms crossed.

"Seirin coach's dad?" Kasamatsu questioned.

"My dad." Aida confirmed.

"Her dad…" Hyuuga grimaced, earning himself a sympathetic pat on the shoulder from Koganei.

"Sugar dadd—"

Izuki's voice was interrupted when the coach's fist came flying to his face after his attempt to make a pun.

Midorima and Hanamiya could only gap at the scene.

"Noted." Kasamatsu nodded with a hum.

"In order to reach their full potential with all eyes on them, they've got to show at least that much courage." The female coach paused her writing, bringing her elbow to her desk to support her cheek with her hand.

"Are you sure it wasn't a ploy to get you?" the father questioned implying that the basketball team's intention was to use her.

"What?!" Kagami exclaimed outrageously. "That jerk how could he say something like that?!" he gritted his teeth.

"Kagami-kun calm yourself." Kuroko said.

"BUT-" Kagami frowned at Kuroko while he pointed at their coach. "If anything SHE'S using US! Making us carry her damn stuff in the middle of class.."


The Seirin team all gasped in unison.

"What was that Kagami-kun…?"



Kagami flinched as he slowly turned to face Aida, who looked like she would eat him alive.

"HEEEEEIIII! KUROKO HELP!" Kagami screamed when the coach reached for his neck.



Kuroko leaned closer to Akashi's side. "I got nothing to do with this."

Akashi gave a small smirk, placing an arm around the blunette's waist . "Filth shouldn't scream out my Tetsuya's name."

"What was that..?" Aomine's eyes bulged.

"None of your concern." Akashi answer smoothly.



(A few minutes later)

Aida smiled. "I want them to get me again this year." She said warmly.

"D'WAAAAAAAAA~!" Seirin team all hugged themselves facing the coach with goofy smiles.

"I didn't know you loved us Coach!" Koganei smirked.

"I'm so happy to be part of this team..!" Furihata teared up.

"S-shut up!" Aida blushed in embarrassment.



"Love? She nearly killed us!" Izuki clutched his swollen cheek, as he gestured at an unconscious Kagami in Kuroko's lap.

"Hmph! You guys deserved it…" Aida pouted turning away.


Midorima sweat-dropped. "Kuroko if your coach is abusing you, phone me immediately and I will call the police…"

Takao burst out laughing at the comment.



"Told you she wasn't to be trusted Kurochin." Murasakibara added in with a yawn.

"Do you have something against me?!" Aida snapped at the purple gaint.

"Kurochin said you hate maibo. Anyone who hates maibo has no heart." Murasakibara gave a shrug.


Back at the screen Aida's father sighed giving up. "You're so reckless."

Opening at the door, he stepped out of the room earning Aida's attention. "I'm glad you're passionate, but it's not good for your skin." He said through the door crack frowning worriedly. "You should get some rest."

"I still need to finish the second years' individual programs." The female coach responded.

"Don't push yourself too hard." The two smiled at each other before the door to her room was closed shut leaving her alone.

"Nothing beats cultivating talent." She whispered with a small smile.

"Amen to that." Kasamatsu nodded with a smile. "Training hard is the way."

"More like torture…" The first-years of both Seirin and Kaijou all groaned in disagreement.



It was 7:39 am on the clock outside of Seirin. It was finally time.

At the rooftop, Aida stood confidently by the railing with her pink whistle in her neck. The wind blew on her brown locks and her school uniform.

She gave a laughed mockingly at the screen. "I've been waiting for you."

"What…" somebody in the crowd sounded out.

The first years gave her an unsure stare. Excluding Kagami and Kuroko who on the red-head's case he simply deadpanned while Kuroko was expressionless as always.

"Are you stupid?" Kagami muttered under his breath.

"Is this a duel?" Kuroko followed.

"Pfft a duel! I should've gone to your school Tetsuya!" Haizaki let out a smug laugh. "Your team cracks me up."

"Please don't." Koganei whispered to himself.

"Never! I'll never allow such a thing!" Kise yelled out all of a sudden.

Haizaki growled his way.

With a small sigh, Kagami closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his head. "I forgot all about it, but Monday…-"

"The morning assembly is in five minutes!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing all the way down the building where the students all piled up for the outdoor assembly.

"Is there a cult going on in here that I should know about?" Kasamatsu deadpanned.

"Didn't we get in trouble for this?" Furihata remembered turning to his fellow team who nodded back at him. "The whole school thought we were doing something illegal up on the roof for weeks." He frowned at the memory.

"It wasn't a cult dammit!" Aida screamed. How many times must she repeat that?

"It wasn't?" Kuroko voiced out. Kagami snickered beside him.

The female coach gave Kuroko a look of menace. "No it wasn't…!"

"A cult should be underground not out in the open like that." Midorima added smugly. "Foolish."

"Oi Oi..!" Hyuuga sweat-dropped. These kids were out of control…

He angrily pulled out the club slip from the back of his pants and held it up. "Hurry up and take it!" he demanded.

"Before that, I have something to tell you." The female coach interrupted.

"Huh/Eh?" All the first years sounded aside from Kuroko who merely blinked.

"The cult ceremony?" Kise blinked.

The Seirin coach could be heard screaming bloody murder in the background.




A/N: I know…I know I'm late af and it felt really lame and rushed. Also waay too short, but I tried my best so I hope you guys enjoyed. Lemme know if you want me to continue. Bye