Chapter 1

I awoke to the sweet aroma of Oran berries, my favourite morning meal. I had a long day ahead of me, heaps of hunting and fighting practice after that I would have some time to play fight with my friends. My parents were both Umbreons, I was still an Eevee, a cute little brown fox, however my parents said it was not long until I could choose to evolve into one of the seven evolutions our species has.

The day went by quickly, I felt tired after all the training but I had to fight my friends and we had a tournament to finish. It was just a little battle we were having but we like to call them tournaments because it makes them sound bigger and harder. We ran out into a small clearing in the forest and began our tournament, I was up against my friend Ahera. He was older than me and was close to evolution time.

I started the battle by charging at him with all the speed I could build, he managed to dodge my attack and I ended up skidding to a stop in front of a tree and stumbling. Ahera took this chance to bite at my hind legs, I howled in pain and leaped into the air. I turned around the moment I landed, he was glaring at me and growling in a very frightening way, however I still felt confident. I charged at him again, this time smashing into him and pushing him backwards, still on his feet, Ahera lunged at me and smashed into my body. I was sent flying back and I hit the basin of a tree. I was aching all over my body and embarrassing whimpers were escaping my mouth, "Ahera! You didn't have to go so hard on her" I heard the Picharisu known as Pichar yelled out. Pichar is only just older than me, we have known each other since we were really little.

I stood up and tried to ignore the pain, Ahera walked over to me and licked a bruise on my cheek. "Sorry Sarina, I hope I taught you not to mess with me" he said in his usual cheeky tone. Ahera was always a sly, cheeky friend, which was the very thing I liked about him the most, I've had a crush on him since we met, two years ago. I was with my parents foraging for berries in the forest when I heard a noise coming from a bush over to my left. After a while I couldn't bare the noise, not from annoyance but rather that my curiosity was getting the best of me. I ran over to the bush so I could investigate and without warning, Ahera jumped out at me laughing, "you should have seen the look on your face!' he said as he rolled around laughing. "It's not funny, you should be more careful next time" I said as I got back to my feet, even my parents were chuckling, then I heard an ear piercing howl to my surprise Ahera jumped up and ran off into the bushes.

I remember that day fondly, however Ahera wasn't always a very good friend. We argued a lot, mostly about small things, I also didn't like it when he slammed into me every morning that I came out late on days that I didn't have to train. "Sarina! It's time for you to come home darling" I was cut short of my daydreaming by my mother's voice, at that moment I got straight up and began to head back to my house. "Bye Sarine!" Pichar yelled as I bounded off. I reached my home in no time and my parents were there waiting for me, "how was the tournament sweetie" my dad asked me. "Well, I lost to Ahera" is replied in the most enthusiastic voice I could make but nothing could hide the disappointment I felt. I followed my parents into our little cave house and lay down between the two of them, "good night mum and dad" I said as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the smell of fresh meat rather than Oran berries, today seemed different, my parents were just sitting outside the cave entrance leaning on one another. I yawned as I got up and stretched out my legs, I trotted over to my parents and saw some meat and a few berries on the outside. These berries were pink and smaller than the Oran berries, no doubt they were Pecha berries, my mother's favourite type of berry. "Sarina, don't you remember, it's your mother's birthday today" I heard my father say, the thought of me forgetting instantly washed over all other thoughts. "oh no" I thought, "oh mother I'm so sorry th-" I was cut off by my mother saying "don't worry darling, you don't have to train hard to day, you can go off with your friends". I was free, free to play all day, this was going to be a very busy day for me and Ahera, I really wanted to beat him in a battle. I ate two of our spare Oran berries and ran off to the clearing that we always meet in. to my surprise, Ahera wasn't already there, I sat and waited for him to arrive but he never came, I had waited too long, I finally gave up and decided to leave.

It was midday and the sunlight was just shining through the thick canopy of leaves above me. I was walking back to my home when a ratatta jumped out in from of me and charged straight for me, it only just missed me, I turned around to see it being joined by two other ratatta's. I let out a low menacing growl and I could see the fear in their eyes, after I was pleased with my growling I began to charge at the middle ratatta. I felt a rush through my body as I smashed into the ratatta and sent it flying across the ground, the others looked at me and made small cute growling noises. "Leave me alone or you'll end up like your friend" I snapped at them as I began running home.

I reached the cave my family knows as home but no one was there, this day was becoming more and more unusual. I went into the house and lay down, waiting for my parents to return.