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Chapter 3

I was abruptly woken by a loud howling noise, it was oddly similar to the one I heard the very first time I met Ahera. I immediately stood up, my ears high above my head, pin pointing every noise I could hear, "hey, Sarina, why didn't you turn up at the clearing today?" Ahera said as he ran in through the entrance of the house. I jumped back, he had given me a fright, "don't do that" I spat at him "you should learn not sneak up on me like that". "Sorry, I thought you were awake, oh yeah, that howl was my father" he looked troubled as he said this, "what's wrong" I asked him. "N-nothing's wrong and no, I have not seen your parents" I felt like Ahera's reply wasn't truthful, "well, I am going out to look for my parents" I told Ahera as I trotted out the entrance of my home.

I couldn't find my parents anywhere around my house, the sun was setting quite rapidly and I was beginning to feel as if I had no hope of finding even another pokemon. As I walked along the small pathway that had formed from us traversing this route many times during hunting, I could hear noises, no, words, in a mysterious language yet somehow I could understand it. "Maybe we can find a Raticate in this forest, I heard that this place was popular for having pokemon an abundance of Ratatta". I wasn't sure who this could be so I hid in some bushes of to the side, to my surprise, I wasn't the only one out here, "Ahera! What are you doing here" I wasn't sure why he would be here but I hoped he wasn't stalking me like I was his prey or something. "Hey, shhh…" I heard the voice again, then another voice said "what! What!" I assumed they had heard us and I cut my breathing to as low as I could make it without feeling dizzy. I watched as two tall figures came into view, unlike anything I had ever seen, no fur, no large ears or even a tail. "Wait, those… no… they can't be" Ahera's jaw was wide open as he said this, "humans!" he whispered, I had no clue what these humans he talked about were. "What are you on about Ahera?" I asked him, he did not answer, he just stood there with his jaw open. Suddenly, one of these humans pulled out a small spherical object, it was black with two golden stripes on the top half and white on the bottom half. "Growlithe! See what you can find" the human on the left said, I had seen a Growlithe once, when I was just a pup. With a flash of white light, a Growlithe appeared in front of the human, my jaw was now just as wide as Ahera's. We both watched carefully as the Growlithe sniffed the ground and surrounding shrubbery until it reached us, something we hadn't thought about, it froze still and began growling.

I saw Ahera jump out and smash into it so I did the same, with our force combined, we were able to knock the Growlithe onto the ground and begin biting at it, "Growlithe, use your ember attack" the human shouted. The Growlithe began to grow hotter for a second and then a small ball of flames hit me, the ball exploded the moment it hit me, I was pushed back but managed to stay on my feet. However the knockback wasn't all, I was burned, my fur protected most of my skin but it would take a good rest heal the various wounds I did have. Ahera charged at the Growlithe and smashed into it so hard that the ground vibrated, the fainted Growlithe skidded along the dirt, the human who summoned it shouted out as he held the magical sphere out again, this time the Growlithe disappeared with another flash of light.

I thought I was finally safe but then the second human said something, "Those are really powerful Eevee's, use your last ultraball to catch the one you weakened". I assumed that the magical sphere was this ultraball, however I didn't like the idea of being caught, suddenly he pulled out an ultraball and threw it at me. As soon as it hit my head everything went dark, I tried to run but smashed into an invisible wall, I was so frightened that I kept smashing into this wall over and over again. After smashing into it four times, I was ready to give up, then, with a flash of light, I found myself back out in the forest, a large Flareon was standing next to Ahera and the two figures were gone. I looked around at the shattered pieces of the ultraball, "are you alright?" the Flareon asked me, I nodded in reply, "I am Ahera's father, your parent are back at your house, we were just out hunting together". I felt a lot happier and safer than before, we headed back to the cave that was my home, my parents were waiting there, the sun was gone and the night was growing darker. The day was very long and eventful but I needed to rest, bigtime! My parents had a long chat with Ahera and his parents but I heard none of it as I was already fast asleep, dreaming of tomorrow.

I awoke to no smell at all, surprisingly, I got up and yawned, my parents were still asleep but I still ran out of the house and towards our clearing. I was staring at the ground and not paying attention to where I was going when suddenly I smashed into something, someone, I jumped back and saw him. He was an Eevee but he was almost fully white, his body being an off white colour, "w-who are you?" I asked, "my name is silver." he replied…

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