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"Lily Evans. There's something I need to ask you."

Lily turned her head quickly and her eyebrows furrowed. "Oi?" she called back.

James Potter was standing on a table in front of the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room, gathering quite a few looks from the people around him. Potter was short and slim, only thirteen-years-old, with dark hair and thick, square glasses, but he had a smirk that drew him quite a bit of attention. Potter's three best friends – Remus, Sirius, and Peter – stood a few feet behind him, snickering. The four boys had recently taken to calling themselves the "Marauders," which Lily thought gave them a bit more credit than they deserved.

"Evans," James continued, "I think you're extremely fit."

Lily felt all of the blood in her body rise to her cheeks. Her friend Marlene McKinnon grabbed her arm, though Lily wasn't sure if that act was supposed to be reassuring or restraining. Lily was busy wondering if the couch would be so kind as to swallow her whole.

"In fact, I think we're soul mates." James smirked, and looked around approvingly at the crowd he had gathered. "So, I want you to be my girlfriend. Eh, Evans? What do you think?"

What did she think? Oh, there were a lot of things that Lily thought, some of which she wasn't too keen on saying out loud, especially with several older students watching them and laughing at them. Lily stood up and practically stomped over to the table, her red ponytail shaking back and forth as she walked. She roughly pulled James down off of the table. "Is this a joke, Potter? Because it's not funny."

"It's no joke," he laughed. "Every Potter man marries a red-headed lady, and I think you are my red-headed lady."

"No," Lily said, feeling her face flush again.

James raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure? I've been told that I am quite a catch." He winked at her.

"Potter, there is no way… I do not want to go out with you."

"But I was romantic," he protested, still smiling.

Lily scoffed. "That was not romantic! That was embarrassing!" She took one more look at the boy, and then she pushed past him and ran up the stairs to the girls' dormitory, knowing that he couldn't follow her there. Of course, her retreat to her room didn't do anything to hide the whispers that she could practically feel being passed around Gryffindor Tower, making a name for Lily Evans before she had really gotten the chance to do so herself.

For the next month, Lily avoided James at whatever cost, even if it meant spending Potions paired up with a Slytherin whose snide comments about her blood purity (or lack thereof) made her feel extremely uncomfortable. James tried to talk to her, maybe he even wanted to apologize, but she never gave him the chance. Then they went home for Christmas vacation, and when they came back, it seemed that both had decided to forget about the event. Without ever mentioning it again, they went back to being on amiable terms – most of the time, at least.

The only thing that had changed was that when James annoyed her now, instead of ignoring him as she used to do, Lily had taken to yelling at him, and quite loudly. It was as though everything he did wrong reminded her of the time he had embarrassed her, even if they never mentioned the event. And he yelled right back at her. Over time, the other Gryffindors learned that a bicker between Lily and James in the afternoon almost certainly meant an explosion by nightfall, and they learned to avoid the Common Room on these days.

Two years later, on a spring afternoon, James would ask her out again, once again in front of all of her friends, all of his friends, and a bunch of strangers. And she would say no and yell at him. That time, it took even longer for her to forgive him.

Two more years, and their bloodshot eyes would meet across the dark Common Room.

Well, hello there. I just have what will hopefully be a short A/N so you know what you're getting yourself into with this story. It won't exactly be canon, but it won't really be non-canon either... What I mean by that is that we don't really know what James and Lily's final year at Hogwarts was like, but some of the things in this story won't exactly be grounded in evidence from the books, shall we say. But stick around, it should be a fun ride.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!