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Soft and capable hands fly across the loom. The threads intertwined with one another with uttermost care as, one by one it begins to create a tapestry containing the events that are taking place and by those doing them, elves and human alike.

She does not stop, her hands flying on her loom, she smiles as the desired forms begin to take shape. Today, the scene is one she is sure will have strong consequences for everyone involved; she does not need that her husband explain its importance, something deep within her being knows without knowing.

Beneath her hands a forest landscape takes form, in it, an elven maid dances beneath the light of the moon and the stars of Varda. She is smiling, enhancing her natural beauty; her face full of light and joy and her black hair dances with her movements on the air.

But, hidden from sight, there is an unnoticed voyeur. He is of the second born, he stands hidden behind a tree, but his eyes follow the maid, enchanted with her; but he remains hidden, a silent observer to the beauty.

And Vairë smiles as she finishes her tapestry, now she must start another, and let fate take place.

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