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He alone of the Valar knows the future.

Knowing the evils that were bound to happen to elves was often a heavy burden; even though he knew his responsibility, he carried the weight of knowing what the future. Nobody knew what was coming, not even Manwë. Nobody understood how much he wished it wasn't his duty, or at least, share it with someone.

Oh he had Vairë, his beloved wife, she who was all sweetness and patience; she who could erase the worry lines of his face with a soft caress of her hand. And help him feel renewed.

But today, as he stood in front of Míriel, he is completely unable to tell her what the future would bring if she decided to stay; he could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. And he tries, he says without saying and waits, hoping she will leave the halls and reunite with Finwë.

But she chooses to stay. He acknowledges her decision with a nod as he tells her that she will never leave the Halls until Eä be re-created. Míriel nods and accepts her fate. And he sends her back to her room in the halls, where she is -as of now- a permanent resident.

Now he must inform Manwë of the decision taken and now, the fate of several elves has been sealed. And he is again forced to play the role of silent observer, even when he knows, when he wanted to speak loudly. But close he closes his eyes and is silent.

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