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Aule had always found teacher to be a calm time, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with the elves that came to him for tutelage. He had never been one for favorites, but he felt especially proud of those who worked hard to achieve their goals.

There was an elleth (one of the few ones) daughter of a now friend his, Nerdanel, daughter of Mahtan was one how he thought would soon be well known among the Noldor, maybe even beyond. She was naturally gifted and she sought to perfect her craft with a single minded approach.

He remember when she first arrived at this forge, alongside her father and nervous, no, her demeanor had been one of control, but her eyes gave her away. And he had taken her under his wing, teaching her everything she wanted and needed to know. And as time passed, he was not disappointed.

Soon enough, she started to receive commissions for her work and she had been delighted when she shared the news with him, he had found the news unsurprising. He had always known she was bursting with talent.

Today, he had found her working on a marble piece, a commission by Ingwë himself, for a fountain with the elven likeness of Manwë, he felt proud. She would be of great renown, he was sure of it.