It was Monday morning and after this hard case last week Penelope had a lot of thinking to do over the weekend. Seeing Derek was almost hurt made her realize that she can't go another day without him knowing how she felt about him . But then again she had Kevin and she didn't know of she should risk it all for the chances he might not feel the same. She talked it over with her self thousands of times and she decided to chance it . there was a text coming in on her phone, she picked it up and it said that there was a surprise at the Bau. "Oooh I like surprises but that's going to have to wait I want to talk to Derek first."

Penelope stepped off the elevator and was surprised not to see derek there walking past on his normal routine. She checked her watch watch to make sure she wasn't running late and as usual she was on time. "Fine I'll just go and talked to him in his office."

She walked to his office and began to get nervous as she got closer. She got to his door and open it up "Hay hot stuff there is something I - " she looked up to see him kissing Elle . she ran before he could even notice she was there. As she got back to her office ,she felt empty and her heart was broken. She was on the verge of tears. "Pull your self together Pen ,everthing is going to be alright." She couldn't understand why she was here .she knew Derek had a thing for Elle back then but then she left she thought she was history.

Then there was a knock at her lair "Enter at your own risk ." "Hay Reid." "Hey Penelope did you see the surprise?" "No Reid I haven't ,what is it ? " i suddenly started feel better knowing it something to look forward to "you have to come see for your self ." " okay lead the way my fine fury friend." Reid lead me to the round table. I looked at him and he started smiling. "Its Elle Penelope she's back ! " Reid said .

I looked at Elle and rolled my eyes "oh Hay you " I said in I really didnt care voice. "Goodmoring baby girl" Derek said just as peachy. I looked at him and walked past him to the front of the room . "i mumbled to myself baby girl my ass " loud so I know everyone heard me.

" Are we done with this meet and greet because we have a case and it's time to get back to business.I said grabbing my papers and getting ready to present the case." Penelope notice the way everyone was looking at her with the confused looks. She just didn't care . she was looking at Elle and the way she was looking derek "um derek honey wipe your mouth either you ate Fryed chicken this early or you was trying on someones lip gloss ." I said to him giggling to my self. " " okay let's get Started.