"Ok you guys are going to Florida. Four women have been killed with the same MO. He tied them up and straggled them to death" the pictures are being put on the screen behind me the women on your right is Tanisha Williams he does not discriminate on the race of these women. Hotch said "he has been killing women once every week so we are expecting another body next week if we don't stop them in time. "Wheels up in 30. "Garcia grab your go back your coming with us.

"Ok sir ""is Elle coming with us sir."

"Yes she wants to join the team again but she needs a trial."

"Oh ... That's great." She said swiftly

Penelope went to her office to get her suitcase there was no way she was going to be able to fit 7 pair of heels, underclothing, accessories, hair ties, dresses, hats and a bathing suit just in case she could persuade them to stay a little while after the case was over in one small bag so suitcase is what she brought.

"Wait for me Hotch can I ride with you to the plane."

"Yeah sure Garcia." You sure you don't want to catch Morgan."

"No sir his SUV looks a little full."

"It's just him and Elle, Penelope."

"Ok sir do you not want me to ride with you our something, because I can definitely catch a ride with JJ

"No that's not what I'm saying. It's just that you don't normally want to ride with you plain old boring boss."

"But I do now and you're not old Hotch and you wouldn't be that plain if you change your suit of tie color every once and a while." She said with a wink

"Penelope let me carry your suitcases he said reaching for two of them." "Why do you have 3? He said looking confused.

"Shoes jewelry hair accessories in that one, all of my clothing in this one, and that bag have my ray of colors and laptops neatly bubble wrapped and ready to go. Ok let's go she ran ahead of Derek and the rest

"Everybody was looking at Hotch suspiciously especially Derek and Emily."

When Hotch reached the car Penelope was seated and waiting. He quickly put her thing in the back seat and hoped in and started the car.

During the drive Hotch spoke quietly "Penelope are you mad that Elle is back I know you saw her and Derek kiss. Explain why koru angry about it

"Ok Hotch I was going to tell him how I feel about him and I walk in on them kissing and I didn't expect to see that or for that to happen. She sighed

"I'm sorry you had to see that but I do think that he loves you take it from the profiler."

"Well he has a damn funny way of showing it." She giggled

"He'll come around if he doesn't screw him you still got me."

"Aww thank you my sweet boss man."she reached over and kissed him on the cheek. she look at him blushing.