Sup Ev'rybody My name is ChrisZilla18, this is my very first fanfic on the site, and I may not be the best writer out there but I'll do my best. I have been beating around the bush for this one along with life and college getting in the way but I'm finally gonna put my story out for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Onward to the story

This story is rated M for Blood and Gore, Adult Language, and Future Lemons. It will also contained few elements from Devil May Cry, both classic and reboot series as well and Doom.

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"Name of Attack"

'Demonic/Angelic voice'

Its was a warm spring night, we see an island in the East Blue where it seems like it was just another quiet ordinary evening. That is, if you take to account something falling from the night sky. This strange object starts descending faster and faster until….


The object hit the water and sand with so much force, the resulting impact caused the sands and water to fly upwards. As the water and sand dissipate, it reveals a sort of human like figure wearing a black skin tight tactical shirt with orange lines on the sides underneath a tattered brown trench coat and dark blue trousers, however this is no human being that is laying down unconscious on the sands.

Five minutes passed and the creature groggily brought its hands showing its short but lethal claw like nails, lifting itself to its knees revealing something astonishing. The creature looked like a male human with his angular jawline and eyebrows, and pointed nose.

But that's what separates him and the other humans. His eyes showed an orange red pupil and slit reptilian iris, has a crimson red skin tone, his feet were similar to his hands; human like feet but with curved toenails resembling a bird of preys talons, and on top of his short black spiky hair, two curved back light brown horns on each side of his head. But the most surprising feature of all is the creature's long slender point tail, This mysterious creature's name is Ishmael, known to the Demon world formally as The Fallen General but nowadays simply traitor, but to his friends and the people that have known and heard about him he is The Devil Avenger, also goes by the moniker "Anarchy".

Closing his eyes and bring his hand to his head, he shook it and muttered to himself

"...What the hell happened, last thing I remember was a flash of light, screaming, and…." the demon's eyes widened open upon realization and quickly stood up, Ishmael looked around and shouted " Guys? Stark, Rogers, Carol, Peter, anyone?! Where am I and how the fuck did I get here!" He slowly took a couple of deep breaths and assessed the situation.

'Okay, calm down Ish, let's take a couple steps back; Kang came to earth to conquer it and we were holding him and his future robot army off and as we were gonna take the fight to Kang, we find out that he was preparing to fire a laser on the mansion to destroy and I had the bright idea to go fly straight through it to destroy ship's laser.' 'And now I'm stranded on a figgin' island off the coast of whatever."

The Demon Avenger sighed and decided to scout out the area and have a bird's eye view, so the demon unfurled his bat-like wings and flew straight up. As he reached a certain altitude, what he saw confirmed his suspicions, indeed the demon Avenger was on a island in the middle of the vast ocean, but then with his heightened hearing, he heard voices from a distance and as he turned around he noticed a town past through the thick forest " A town huh, at least this island isn't uninhabited" so the demon flew straight for the town in search for answers.

Well there you have it, a start of a new adventure for our demon friend, thank you so much to anyone that decided to read this, hopeful with enough positive feedback, I can work on the next chapter. Ishmael will meet the Straw Hat crew in later chapters. Criticism is welcomed but please don't be too harsh as this is my first fanfic. Rate and Review and SEE YA NEXT TIME! :D