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"You two have to promise me to visit more often!" Will's mother said for the fifth time that morning and smiled widely. "It was so good to have you here!"

Will laughed. "We already promised to come back, mum." He grinned and wrapped an arm around Nico's shoulders. "So stop worrying."

"I'm always worried about you, dear." She argued. "You have such a dangerous life." It surprised Nico that Will's mother knew about this, or at least suspected something. Will did his best to hide all the bad events from her and made life at Camp Half-Blood look like a holiday in his stories. "You also have to come back, Nico. I'm so happy that Will finally found the love of his life!" She beamed at him and he tried his best not to blush. Honestly, all the affection made him uncomfortable.

"Of course I'll visit again, Mrs. Solace." He smiled. Even if she made him feel uneasy sometimes, he was surprised to see that he actually liked Will's mother.

"And now we have to go." Will threw in. "The others are expecting us back soon. We want to say goodbye to Percy and Annabeth before they head to New Rome."

"That's true." Nico added when Will squeezed his hand painfully tight.

Will's mother hugged both of them again before they left her house. "Let's walk down the street, there's a small park. I'm sure we'll find a shadow there." Will whispered.

"Are you afraid that it would scare her if we just vanish in her front yard?" Nico raised his eyebrows and grinned at the idea.

"The neighbours could see us." Will muttered. "And yes, maybe I also don't want her to see that."

"So you think I'm scary?" Nico was still grinning and his boyfriend rolled his eyes.

"Don't be stupid, Death Boy. You could never scare me."

"You sure, Solace?"

"Yes." Will said simply. "But maybe you can scare others. There's a game of Capture the Flag tomorrow, if you might have forgotten that."

"How could I?" Nico asked. "It's the first game this season without Percy and Annabeth. Without her, it will be far more difficult. Her plans were brilliant."

Somehow, it felt strange to Nico. Walking through the streets in this small town hand in hand with his boyfriend. It felt normal. Just like getting to know the mother of his boyfriend.

"Our cabins will team up with Jason and Ares. We'll win." Will grinned.

"Remember that the other side has Piper with her Charmspeak." Nico warned him.

"I thought after last time, we agreed that she isn't allowed to use it in games anymore." Will remarked and they both grinned at the memory. Piper had been on their team then, guarding the flag against Jason. She'd distracted him easily, they found them lying on the floor, kissing fiercely.

"We'll see what happens." Nico looked around. They'd reached the park. It was quite nice here.

"I used to play here when I was a kid." Will told him. "Me and my best friend loved to play pirates." He frowned. "I wonder what he's doing now."

"Living a normal life?" Nico guessed.

"Most probably." Will agreed.

"Do you think of that sometimes?" Nico asked suddenly. "How it would have been to be normal?"

"No." Will answered immediately. "Then I would have never met you." He smiled at Nico.

"We were never meant to meet in the first place, Sunshine." Nico reminded him. "Normally, I should be dead for a long time now."

Will grimaced at that thought. "But you're not. You're here."

"Because of my father." Nico sighed. "Maybe we should really accept his invitation for dinner. He sent another ghost before we left the camp."

"The third one in what? Two months?" Will frowned. "He seems to be serious about this."

"He is." Nico said simply. "Though I'm not sure if it's a good idea to go. Because that will scare you for sure. And maybe your dad gets stupid ideas then and wants to meet me as well."

Will stopped and looked at him seriously. "I thought we'd agreed that nothing, and let me repeat it, nothing will scare me and make me leave you, Nico. I love you."

He leaned in to kiss him. Nico grinned. "But I'm not sure if your dad wouldn't scare me." He joked. "I hate rhymes."

Will laughed. "He would never invite us!"

"Let's hope that." Nico took Will's hand again and looked around. They were alone. "And now let us go home." He pulled Will into the next shadow.

They found the others sitting in the sand at the lake. Percy and Annabeth were facing the water while Piper, Jason, Grover and – much to Nico's surprise – Clarisse were sitting opposite of them. When she saw them, Clarisse stood up. "That's my cue to leave." She announced. "Have fun and come back to us!" She winked at Percy and Annabeth before Clarisse left.

"You're back!" Jason exclaimed with a smile when Nico and Will sat down.

"Of course we are, we said that we would be in time to say goodbye." Will explained and wrapped an arm around Nico's shoulders.

"Not that we couldn't visit you guys at Camp Jupiter any time..." Nico added with a grin.

"Or that we would be living there ourselves next year." Will continued. They'd decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood for the rest of the year. After that, Will would start studying medicine in New Rome and Nico was still trying to figure out what to do there. Honestly, it didn't matter to him if he could be close to Will. And Hazel. His sister had been thrilled when they'd announced that they would be with them in less than a year.

"Thanks for coming, guys." Percy smiled at them. "How was your time with your mother?" He looked at Will questioningly.

"She was happy to see us." Will said simply.

"We've visited my mother again yesterday." Percy explained. "She's sad that we're going to leave."

"She'll visit us in California." Annabeth reminded him.

"It's not the same as having her close." From the way Annabeth reacted to this, Nico knew that they had this discussion several times by now.

"Ready for the game tomorrow?" He asked Jason and Piper to change the subject.

"You can bet on it." Jason grinned. "We'll win!"

"Of course we will!" Will agreed.

"Boys." Piper rolled her eyes. "Of course we will win." She said simply.

"It's a shame that we're not there to join you." Annabeth muttered. "I had so many ideas for this game..."

"Maybe you'll have even more ideas when we return to Camp Half-Blood." Percy kissed her on the cheek.

"Maybe." Annabeth said thoughtfully.

"I'm going to miss you, Percy!" Grover exclaimed and focused on Nico and Will then. "Coach Hedge was looking for you the other day. Said something about a satyr in London who's completely insane, I think. He wouldn't stop shouting insults."

Nico and Will exchanged a look. "I think we know whom he means." Will said slowly.

"Did you really have to buy souvenirs from him?" Grover looked curious. "Apparently, he complained that you promised him the visits of more Demigods, but no one will show up."

"We didn't promise anything!" Nico said immediately. "That was Reyna! He should talk to the Romans!"

"We'll speak to Coach Hedge later." Will threw in. "I hope he doesn't expect us to go to London again."

"I thought we'd agreed to never visit that place again." Nico muttered. "It was horrible."

"Guys, I think -" Grover started, but he never got the chance to finish that sentence. Because in that moment. a big object was flying through the air right towards the camp and landed in the strawberry fields with a loud crash.

They all reacted immediately, jumping to their feet and starting to run towards said place. Percy pulled Riptide from his pocket and Nico also checked if his sword was on his belt. Of course they all expected an attack immediately, just like more campers who were running towards the source of the noise.

"What the hell...?" Percy asked when they got closer.

"This is..." Jason was pale when Nico glanced at him. When he saw what had caught their attention, he knew why.

"Festus." Piper whispered with wide eyes. "But how is that possible...?"

Before any of them could answer this question, two figures walked around the dragon. Nico recognized Leo Valdez immediately, though he didn't know the woman next to him. She had long, caramel hair and dark eyes. Next to Nico and Will, who just watched them silently, Percy, Jason and Grover inhaled sharply.

"Calypso." Percy muttered and when he saw the look Annabeth threw at him, Nico was glad that he wasn't interested in women. Will seemed to think the same since he just watched the other boys silently and squeezed Nico's hand.

"Leo!" Piper shouted and ran towards him, not paying much attention to Calypso for now. She was followed by Jason, who also wrapped his arms around his friend.

"How is it possible that you're still alive?" Percy went to join them as well, which left Annabeth, Nico and Will alone with Calypso.

"Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Will." Of course his boyfriend was the first one to talk to her. He smiled. "And this is Nico, my boyfriend."

"And this is Annabeth." Nico added, introducing her.

"I'm -" The woman started, but suddenly, Leo appeared next to her again.

"Calypso!" He exclaimed loudly and wrapped his arms around her waist, grinning widely.

"Do I even want to know how you managed to get away from that island?" Percy asked and looked from Leo to Calypso and back. While doing that, he stroked Annabeth's hand with his thumb absent-mindedly, which made a highly satisfied look appear on her face.

"It was quite spectacular!" Leo announced loudly and began to tell the story how he survived the battle against Gaea.

"I think we're not needed here right now." Will whispered into Nico's ear. "Come on, let's go to your cabin, Death Boy."

"Good idea." Nico agreed and followed his boyfriend through the crowd that was gathering around the dragon. They also saw Chiron leaving the Big House to see what's going on, but they didn't stop to talk to him. Instead, Nico and Will just waved.

"Maybe we should head to Camp Jupiter earlier." Nico muttered while they were walking through the camp. "Now that Leo is back, we'll have to expect lots of chaos."

"Leo's back?" Someone who's heard Nico's words shouted. "Leo Valdez?! Come on, guys, we have to see that!" Of course those were children of Hephaestus.

"I already have an idea what you mean." Will muttered with a slight smile. "But don't you think that Calypso will keep him busy?"

"Doesn't mean that he won't cause trouble, though." Nico said thoughtfully. By now, they'd reached the Hades cabin. When the door closed behind them with a thud, Nico grinned. "Finally alone!" Without hesitation, he grabbed Will's shirt, pushed his boyfriend against the next wall and kissed him.

Will laughed into the kiss. "I love you, Nico."

"I love you too." Nico whispered. "Forever, Sunshine."

"Not long enough, Death Boy." Will muttered.

For a few moments, they drew back and grinned each other. Then Nico pulled his boyfriend towards his bed.

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