Chapter 1-The insult (disclaimer I do not own TMNT only this story)

Mikey had just recently been on a mission with his brothers but did a lousy job at

Stoping the Foot clan from stealing mutagen containers and his brothers were dismayed by this and went to discuss something in donnie's lab

"what are they doing in there"mikey said to himself curious

Then noticed that the door to the lab was unlocked so he went

In to find his brothers

"hmm"mikey hummed while he hid under a table

"This is hopeless mikey couldn't even recover a vile of mutagen from the foot that knuklehead "Raph said angrily with his arms crossed

"I have to agree with you on that raph he was a bit pathetic in that last mission" Donnie said

"He was useless"Leo said a bit bitterliy




Those words hurt mikey more then getting stabbed in the chest

With a dagger

Mikey ran to his room where ice cream kitty peaked out to see him crying

For a few minutes until he stoped and wiped the tears

'I'll show them I'm gonna prove them wrong'he thought

End of chapter 1

So what do think so far guys anyways hope you all enjoy bye!