Chapter 21-Things just got real

New york was fairly quiet, well almost quiet, sometime after the invasion people had begun hearing screaming in the middle of the night, 10:59 pm to 12:35 pm to be precise, and what does the local turtle protecters do? Investigate of course, plus they ready for it.

"Ugghhh can we go now"Raph Groaned.

Well almost all of them.

"Gah, you know for someone who's part lion your not very active in the night"Donnie thought aloud.

"Oh, you don't feel sleepy at 12:12 pm I'm so sorry for offending you master"Raph fake flabbergasted.

Donnie rolled his eyes then turned to Mikey.

"Hey Mike, seen anything yet"He asked.

"No, Just a bunch of hobosss walking and sscavenging"Mikey answered. Having gained more control of his constant hissing mid sentence.


"What…wassss-"Mikey was about to question.

"Guys"Leo yelled running over.

"We heard"Raph yelled.

"Follow Me"Leo Yelled. Running off to where they heard it.

~1 minute later~

"Are you sure thissss iss the place"Mikey asked eyeing the ally.

"Positive"Leo said

"GUYS"Raph yelled in lion form.

"Me and Donnie Found something"He yelled.

"What is it?"Leo asked.

"Follow me"The lion said.


"Oh my…God"Leo uttered.

"…Who would do thisss"Mikey uttered staring.

And what staring was a dead body.

A lifeless corpse.

Mikey and Leo gulped as Donnie observed the body.

"Odd"Donnie thought aloud.

"Odd what Donnie?"Leo asked.

"It's the body, it's been drained of blood"Donnie answered with and incredulous look.

At this point Mikey was trying so hard to swallow his vomit, as if it wasn't hard with body's mutilated appearance.

"GUYS!, I found something you need see"Raph yelled holding a strange looked phone.

"What is that?"Leo asked.

"I don't really know"Raph replied "But something written inside this thing".

Raph pressed a random button and hologram appeared, thus Leo begun to eye it carefully.


Jaime Reyes (captured)

Bart Allen (captured)

Garroth Johnson (eliminated during capture) [sample retrieved]

Timothy Afton (captured)

Gary Fujimoto (eliminated during capture) [sample retrieved]

Alissa Grayson (captured)

Lena Oxton (captured)

Genji Shimada (captured)

Hanzo Shimada (eliminated during capture) [sample retrieved]

Katya Olesen (eliminated during capture) [sample retrieved]

Amelie Lacroix (captured)

Mary Leroy (locating)

Jakeson Petit (locating)

Samson Asfour (eliminated during capture) [sample retrieved]

Lily Ocampo (locating)

-End of list til' further notice—

"Is this a joke?"Leo asked.

"Wish it was"Raph replied, expression unreadable.

"Who would do this"Leo asked shocked.

"Some sicko I beat"Raph supplied walking off Leo followed suit.

Unknown to the two a figure was watching them angered in his eyes.

"Damn, looks my job is a tad bit more difficult".

End of chapter 21