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This is my 12th round entry for the QLFC Season 3 for the Caerphilly Catapults against the Appleby Arrows. The theme for this round is doing a crossover of HP with a game, choosing Plants vs Zombies. I will be using the following prompts

1. (Instrumental) L's Past

2. (Word) utopia

3. (Dialogue) "Who the bloody hell is that?"

Lastly, this baby is the product of blitzing, so enjoy the story and let me know your thoughts on this one. (Apologies for the horrible title)

Harry Potter vs Zombies

Hermione's technology adapter ward is the latest buzz for the Wizarding world, enabling them to blend into Muggle society. With that success, she decides to start working on the hologram technology in her home.

'Almost finished,' she thinks, as she's placing the last bolt on her prototype machine.

Harry is on her left, playing Plants vs Zombies on her laptop under the tech wards. Ron, on the other hand is to her right, in the kitchen and preparing the bread for the kid's afternoon snack. Luna, Neville, Rolf, Hannah and Ginny are outside the Burrow at the moment, preparing the tables and chairs for the small reunion they will be having shortly.

"Whew, finally, I'm done." Hermione says, glancing once more to her husband. Ron is about to plug in the socket of the toaster, or so she initially assumes, until she see where the plug was connected to.

"Ron, don't plug it in!" Hermione shouts, but it is too late and her prototype activates, engulfing everyone at the Burrow with brilliant white light.


A moment passes which feels like an hour to Harry, but he's the first one up. Everyone else is unconscious behind him.

He sees himself stuck on a square tile of a darker shade of grass nearest to the burrow. There are nine tiles on one straight line ahead of him, each one alternating between lighter and darker greens. There are white fences on either side blocking other entrances to the usually open Burrow entrance and on either sides of the tile is stony soil, blocked from further access for the meantime. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day out at the moment, until a dark purple cloud appears over the horizon.

Something human in shape lumbers its way towards Harry.

"Brains," Harry hears that word on the other side and he mutters, "Who the bloody hell is that?"

His question is answered a moment later as he sees a cartoonish zombie-Goyle lumber toward him. "Brains, I want brains. The zombies are coming."

Harry lifts his wand from his pocket and realizes that he's cartoonish too. He casts 'incendio' but finds that it comes out as small green fireballs instead of the usual steady flame he can create.

He also notices a scoreboard like the quidditch ones in midair with a logo of a sun. "Are those my sun orb credits?" He summons one that was falling down and the scoreboard increase turns from zero to twenty-five. "Just like the Plants vs Zombies game then. I probably have to win this to go home and defeat the ZomGoyles." He smiles and starts summoning the sun orbs while small fireballs reach their target.

After six hits, the lumbering zombie is down. "I might need some help to get this to move faster." All of a sudden he feels something grabbing him and a moment later, another Harry in front of him.

"Don't worry, this isn't dark margic Harry one; we are just in a Harry Potter versus Zombies game." Harry two tells him in a Stephen Hawking-like voice. They both launch incendio balls at the other two ZomGoyles ahead until they see red lettering saying "FINAL WAVE"

The last ZomGoyles come at them and another Harry pops out in front of the second Harry. "This is getting confusing. Too many Harry clones already. My head is aching."

Harry three replies, "I know right? I guess the utopia programming Hermione was doing still wasn't perfected yet. I sound like you number two, but I we were supposed to be different by accents "

As the last Goyle comes down, the clones look at Harry and at the same time, they remark, "See you next round, Harry. Maybe you could change the music of the zombies' arrival as L's Past from that anime Teddy was showing you. Something about a black notebook where you write the names of people you want to die and how. It's absolutely morbid if you ask me, too much like Voldemort's Diary for my tastes." The two disappear in a blink and a card appeared with Luna's face inside a sunflower.

The real Harry taps the card with his wand. Luna awakens behind him with sunflowers stitched on to her dress.

"You know how it goes Harry. I'll take care of the sun orbs. You handle the defending." Luna rationalizes, as they wait for the next round.


Luna finds herself alone in the field for now. She sees Harry watch over their unconscious friends and respective significant other on conjured beds. This time, she notices that there are three lanes of grass tiles instead of the one from before.

"Well Harry, try summoning the orbs until I have enough sun to make two more clones." Luna instructs as she starts to sway around left and right while rocking by the balls of her feet and humming an electronic tune. She points her wand at the sun and to their surprise, instead of saying "Accio," the spell "Lumos Solem" came out of Luna's lips. She glows brilliant yellow for a moment before the sun orb materializes in front of her and adds another twenty-five to their sun credits.

A few orbs later, there are two Luna clones along with the original Luna, all doing the random dance in sync while singing, "There's a zombie on your lawn."

Harry shakes his head at the catchy song and steps into the middle lane on the third tile. "Let's do this! Incendio!"


After taking down the final wave, Harry and Luna see another card floating in front of them. The caption on the card informs them that it is Cherry Bomb, with the face of an angry Ron and a hungry Ron on the two cherries.

Luna leans her head to the left and asks, "Are you sure you want a recap of the Horcrux episode?" Her eyes furrow in concern, but Harry nods.

"He's my best mate. Sure, he failed me a couple of times when we were younger, but he's better now since he married Hermione. He grew up, as we've all seen."

Luna smiles softly and taps the card, seeing an alert Ron recovering from unconsciousness.

Ron asks, "What happened? I was just preparing sandwiches for the kids when they arrive with Teddy, then now," takes his time to survey around and sees the three grass lanes in front of the house, "Bloody hell, we're stuck in a Plants vs Zombies type of game!"

"You accidentally activated Hermione's Hologram Emitter prototype when you were trying to plug in the toaster." Harry replies, his eyes full of mirth at how Ron got them into this mess accidentally.

"Well I pottered it up then. How did you get me to wake up?"

"We did it by tapping the card at the end of each wave. Try any spell on the lawn." Luna flatly answers, and Ron obliges with "Bombarda Maxima!"

His angry and hungry expressions are visible from the two cherries for three seconds and then explode. Ron gives himself a palm to the face in exasperation. "I hate this game already."

"Either way, we'll have to win this then, Ron. You ready?"

Ron and Luna both nod in agreement, as they start to play round 1-3. Harry and his dopplegangers took the third and fourth tiles on the three lanes while Luna and her copies took the first two. Ron kept on trying to cast the Bombardment Hex, but only manages to do so in the Final Wave at the Flag carrying ZomGoyle and the others behind him, because of the sun credits.

The three smile at the end, the fun starting to creep in to their moods with another card about to appear. "I wonder who's going to help us out next."

A/N: I'm open to anybody who wants to adopt this story. This baby is a product of blitzing past deadline already so I'm not sure I'll be able to update. But if you have any ideas you'd like to put on and if I have time, I'd be glad to possibly update this in the future. Sorry for the Cliffie.