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Harry Potter vs Zombies: Chapter 2

Rose is reading the blog from the resident network administrators of Hogwarts, when she notices that her parents, aunts, and uncles are gone, while her mother's hologram emitter is active.

Beside it is a display of a game of Plants vs Zombies, only that her uncle Harry, aunt Luna and dad are awake playing the game, finishing the round with a cherry bomb that looks like Ron when he's hungry or angry.

"Dad! Can you hear me?" Rose tentatively asks, as James and Albus walk in along with Lorcan, Lysander. Hugo and Lily can be heard running right behind them.

From inside the game, Ron hears her but when he shouts, "Yes Rosie, we can hear you!" he can't hear her reply of "What did you say dad?"

Luna shrugs and starts writing in the air with her wand. "They'll probably get to read this, you two." It reads:

We can hear you loud and clear. I think the fourth round of this front lawn level is about to begin, Rosie.

"Alright Aunt Luna, Uncle Harry, and Dad, we might be able to help you guys strategize by this red dot I'm pointing right now at the furthest lawn."

Good thinking Rose. We'll be able to get out of here soon enough, I hope.


A lane is added on each side, making it the first round that there are five lanes to defend. "Are you sure we can handle this?" Harry asks, knowing he only made it up to the last round they were in at the time.

Ron nods and sees Neville slowly getting his bearings. "Where am I?"

"We're all inside a Plants vs Zombies game at the moment, Nev." Harry answers and hears the sound of the Zom-Goyles once more after Luna places two clones along with herself on the lawn for their sun production.

As Harry goes into the lawn to defeat the first one, Neville observes, "I see our magic's coming along differently here." Ron nods and points him to the red pointer dot on the fifth column, coming are two ZomGoyles with a cone head.

"Uncle Neville, use your spell there. I think you're the Wall-nut plant in this case." Rose quips, as James places a bucket of popcorn on top of Albus' head while all her playmates for the day are watching the game.

Neville takes out his wand and to his surprise, he shouts, "Protego!"

A solid walnut-looking shield appears and is slowly being eaten by their foes while Harry takes them out.

After placing five of those barriers, Ron begins to occasionally batter down the attackers by his Bombarda Maxima until they finish the level.

"Good job, those zombies won't know what hit them." Luna quips in amusement as a long shovel suddenly appears and floats in front of her. She then grabs it and a man from their past appears with a large cauldron on his head.


"Hagrid?" Harry asks, seeing the same Hagrid with his brown suit and wearing a pewter cauldron on his head.

"No, I'm not the Hagrid you know. I'm the barmier Hagrid!" The weird version of Hagrid introduces himself before teaching the four of them to use the shovel. "In my time as the Hogwarts grounds keeper, ye wouldn't believe how much I used these for my large pumpkins. Just float the shovel and give it a flick for the forward pang, Ron. That's it, put yer back into it, lad."

Ron does Hagrid's instructions and for the first attempt, the shovel tip hits the ground and Harry clone disappears in streams of blue light like what they saw during the teleporter scenes in Star Trek.

From there, Hagrid "We'll be using ye solid protego spells for a spot of lawn bowling, Neville."

Neville gives Ron a questioning look and mouths, "Bowling?"

Ron nods and point to the red painted line, three tiles away from their end. "That one's your warning sign that they're getting too close for comfort.

The first ZomGoyle appears as the round starts and Neville takes good aim, beating the first of many zombies ahead of them. The wall-nut protego spell bounces off the fence wall and hits two more. Harry and Luna summon the sickles that appear at the other end of the map.

With the last ZomGoyle defeated, Neville breathes a sigh of relief and they see a card float in front of them. A picture of a planted potato-mine with Ginny's eyes is shown for a moment before disappearing in a burst of light.

Ginny awakens and rubs her eyes before looking around with a yawn escaping her lips. "What just happened?" She takes a moment to survey the scene before slamming one of her palms into her face with exasperation. "We just got stuck inside this game for some reason didn't we?"

Harry shakes his head and gives his wife a kiss on the forehead, "Pretty much the case, Gin-bug. The Hologram machine Hermione was working on had the plug look like the one for the toaster. Guess who plugged in it?"

A loud shout of "I didn't know, alright!" is heard around the front yard, to the amusement of Neville and Luna.


"Dad, the pole-vaulting zombie's coming up." Rose reminds them while Lorcan and Lysander sift through the game guide in the internet. Behind them, Albus makes James float in one place with a dunce cap on his head through a burst of accidental magic. Lily and Hugo poke their elder cousin with a broom on his sides to tickle him. So far, James, between laughs, is begging them to cut it out.

"Potato mines on the tiles before the 'protego' wall-nut right?" Ron inquires and hears his daughter say yes. The words Round 6 appears in front of them and they begin fending off the regular and cone-head ZomGoyles. Ginny instantly sees the pole-vaulting zombie that looks like a thinner Crabbe.

"First Goyle, and now Crabbe in a track and field suit! What kind of twisted game is this?" Ginny exclaims in exasperation.

Rose instantly points her red dot a tile ahead of the 'protego' wall-nut. Ginny aims and to her surprise, she incants "Confrigo!" A small potato-looking mine appears and the zombie Crabbe. After it vaults over the potato mine, it finds itself pinned down and does its best to eat the wall-nut, but is killed before it becomes a serious concern.

On the final wave, the potato mine explodes spectacularly on the ZomGoyles that managed to get near enough. The last attacker falls to the cherry bomb and Ron stops himself from cussing at the pointed humor at his expense. Just before he loses it, the card with the snow pea appears and floats in front of them with Hermione's face having a slightly blue tinge. Luna taps the card and they all see Hermione waking up. Ron grins and leads the rush towards her.

"Welcome back Hermione."

She wallops Ron on the arm and chides, "I tried to tell you to not plug that one!"

"It looked like the one on the toaster!" Ron defends himself and they both hear Hugo shout, "Mom, I told you to use the blue plug instead of the red one when you made that."

A round of chuckles is shared by the group and they notice that only Hannah and Rolf are still not awake. "Let's move it forward so we'd be able to get out of here soon enough," Harry suggests and they all go back to their positions with wands drawn.


A younger voice that reminds them of Luna when she's on to something, speaks up. "Mum, there are two waves on this one alright. I hope we'd have Dad awake soon enough."

"I'll do my best, my young wolves." Luna replies tearfully as they begin the coming round.

As the first zombie comes in, Ginny does the delay strategy she saw Ron doing by placing the potato mines as the first set of defense for the row of sunflowers. A couple of explosions hit the first two to three zombies on field with their two rows of Luna clones dance around in an Irish Jig while powering up for sun orbs.

The protego wall-nuts Neville set up, Ginny's confrigo mines, Harry's clones, and H make short work of the first wave and Ron's cherry bombs take care of the rest. It was like watching a ballet on how synchronized they are with keeping the hordes of ZomGoyles and Crabbes at bay.

But as the second part of the attack arrives, their defense is slowly but surely whittled down by the volume of the incoming horde.

Neville immediately levitates the shovel and it taps the tiles where the furthest Luna clones are. As the tip of the shovel hits the grass, the Luna clone disappears. "Quick Hermione, it's your turn!"

"Here goes nothing." Hermione takes a deep breath and says, "Glacius!" A bookish Hermione wearing a blue sweater appears on the empty tile and fires balls of ice at the zombies coming, turning them blue and slowing the ones hit.

"Nearly frozen, how can you be nearly frozen? I thought my spell could turn you into ice cubes by now." The clone Hermione's irritation is evident, while snowflakes swirl around her. The real Hermione smiles softly in amusement and continues to create the clones for the line.

Holding the line much better with the ice balls, they eventually put down the last zombie and celebrate another win.

The card for the Chomper appears and after touching it, Neville rushes to Hannah and kisses her head. "Looks like we just need Rolf back and we'll be set to finish this game. I'm starting to enjoy it already."

Hannah coyly grins at her husband, shakes her head in disbelief and deadpans, "These things only happen when we have the Weasleys and Potters in one place."