Another day.

I'm not sure how long it's been since I arrived in Lordran, since Velka's crow carried my sorry hide to this bonfire.

That man eyes me tiredly, though not of exhaustion. We both know. What he's tired of is seeing Undead come here, wasting their time with the Bells.

I'd only just come back from the Undead Church, the damaged tail halberd discarded beside me. Gargoyles are a bitch, I thought bitterly. I had barely—barely—survived those things, with the help of Solaris' summon. Afterward, I dragged myself up the bell tower and pulled the lever.

The Bell of Awakening had long since stopped ringing, its resonance echoing no longer.

And here I am again—back at square one, with a spoil of war that I can't feasibly use.

Maybe someone would take it for a price. I'm not sure.

How many more days?

How long until everything ends, until the dark is all that's left?

I reach out my hands as a small glint of fire floated away from the bonfire, its brief warmth fading.

Sighing, I look up at the horizon, uncertain of what the future will bring this forsaken place.

Another day.

Another dark day.