The Queen sits at the King's private desk. She runs her fingers over the frames and pictures. Mindlessly, she opens the drawers one by one gazing at the contents. She reads old letters and cards from Robert sent from boarding school. She looks over the random items with a bit of long lost sentiment for her husband. As she reaches the final drawer, she realizes that it is the only one that is locked. Her husband never locked or hid anything in all of the years that she knew him.

She looks over the draw shaking the handle. She looks over the desk to find something to open the drawer. She takes the letter opener and jimmies it open. Preoccupied with her current mission, she does not notice Eleanor's presence.

After several minutes and chipped manicure, the drawer gives up its contents. Inside, there is a beautiful wooden box. She places it on the desk with care as she discovers box to also be locked. Her frustration grows as she finds yet another obvious secret that her husband was keeping. She picks up the letter opener and begins to work on the lock of the box.

Eleanor announces her presence as she crosses the threshold. "What do you think you are doing?" She approaches the front of the desk. "Those are his private things."

"If you would remember dear daughter, I may be the Queen but I am his wife. These are now my things; now make yourself useful and help me open this."

Eleanor may be pissed that her mother dare to go through her father's things but she is also curious about this Pandora's Box that was locked in her father's private desk. He never kept secrets from them… or rather she thought that he did not keep secrets.

She takes the letter opener from her mother's grasp. "Give me that." It only takes her a moment to open the lock on the box. Her mother slides it from her view the moment the lock releases. In protest, Eleanor rounds the desk to her mother's side.

The contents reveal a trove of photographs of a young woman. She is beautiful but not in a runway model way. She is neither heavy nor thin. She has striking gray eyes and blond hair. Before she can react to the photos, the Queen slams the lid down on the box practically on her fingers.

"What the…" The words barely leave Eleanor's lips as the Queen ends the conversation by storming out of the room.

The Queen vanishes as Eleanor pursues into the empty hallway.

She finds her way to Liam's room.

Liam is sitting in his room upon the couch lost in his thoughts. He does not hear Eleanor's entrance. She stands before him for several minutes before he acknowledges her. "What's with you? Looks as if you have seen a ghost." His words are delivered in an absent tone. Eleanor begins to pace in front of him as she lights a cigarette.

"What is it?" Liam's tone becomes a command. "Do you think Dad would have had an affair?"

Liam is struck dumb by her words. "What?" Eleanor's pacing has grown more furious as she pictures the face in her mind. "Don't be ridiculous. Where is the hell are you getting a ridiculous idea like that?"

Liam's question opens the floodgates of what happened in their father's private study. Eleanor tells him of the box of pictures locked away. She describes the woman in the photos and their mother's reaction. She knows that the Queen did not know who she was. Perhaps their mother was not the only one with secrets to keep.

Liam watches his sister. She is speaking with the passion of the truth that she saw. He is finding the thought of an affair to be so unlike their father that he cannot believe it. Eleanor tells him of their mother storming off… there is only one place she would go… Cyrus.