Eleanor falls to the ground weeping uncontrollably. She has now lost everything. Beck… Beck has betrayed her by trying to change her. If she slows down, if she clears the fog in her head, the reality will come into focus… this horrible reality that her life has become. Her foundation was knocked out from under her… Robert, her father, her family, and now Beck. Why is this happening to her… Why doesn't it end. She cannot move. She surrenders into the haze.

Abby sits with her evening drink, flipping through the papers, which has now begrudgingly become part of her routine. David exchanges a sympathetic look as she dives into the obligatory reading of the tabloids. David pulls a couple of the papers to assist with a kiss to Abby's forehead. Ironically, it is bit like flipping through a family album. If it isn't a Henstridge in the lead story…it's a Rothschild. After several drinks and a dozen articles, David's expression takes on a curious change. In silence, he draws Abby's eyes to several articles about her terrible twosome with a tap on papers. Abby picks up the paper reading about Eleanor's most recent adventure as her phone rings with a familiar number. Abby casts a glance at David before taking the call.

Eleanor wakes in unfamiliar surroundings. She shields her eyes from the glare of the sun. Her head feels as if it weighs a thousand pounds as she tries to focus on her surroundings. She does not recognize the features of the room. She can feel the softness of the sheets on her skin but soon realizes that she is still clothed and that she is alone.

She rubs her forehead trying to ease the dull ache within as she drops her feet to the side of the bed. The room is grand, elegantly appointed and unfamiliar. She stumbles to her feet making her way to the door. As she reaches for the handle, the door opens before her. "Good Morning your Highness." Eleanor is stunned to see her bodyguard. "Good Morning . Mind telling me where the hell I am?"

Mr. Hill waves her forward. "This way." Mr. Hill walks through the halls with an odd familiarity. He opens the doors to a grand room. Eleanor enters the room as Mr. Hill closes the door behind her. In her first moments within the room, Eleanor does not see Abby standing behind her. "Well don't you look like hell, come on." Abby scoops Eleanor's arm into her own and takes her through another door. Abby walks Eleanor into a grand kitchen.

Eleanor attempts to speak but is silenced by Abby's finger on her lips. "Seems to be a hell of a hangover, Wee One." Abby's words ring with familiarity. "Why would you call me that?"

"It is what Robert called you. I figured it would bring you some comfort." Abby moves about the kitchen as Eleanor watches her intently. Eleanor is touched to hear herself called by a familiar pet name. It brings back memories... happy memories which dull the ache in her head and heart if only for a moment. Before Eleanor can ask any more questions, Abby places a plate and a glass in front of her. "Eat." Abby taps the table in front of Eleanor.

Abby has placed a sandwich and a glass of what appears to be tomato juice on the table. Abby again taps the table. "Eat… you need something in your system." Abby moves to take a stool across from Eleanor.

Eleanor reluctantly takes a few bites of the sandwich before reaching for the drink. She takes a sip of the juice almost spitting it out. "Bloody hell, what in god's name is that?"

Abby pushes the glass in front of her again. "An old family recipe… now drink." Eleanor obliges, she is not capable of conversation at the moment anyway. Abby makes herself a cup of tea while Eleanor finishes. Though, she has no clue what the hell the concoction was… she does feel a bit more human after consuming it.

"How did I get here?" Eleanor asks the obvious question. "There will be plenty of time for questions. I am sure you would like to freshen up first." Abby walks Eleanor back to the room she woke up in. The room has already been refreshed. As she enters, Eleanor spies a familiar bag on the bed. "You should find everything you need. I will you see a few." Abby closes the door behind her.

Eleanor heads to the shower. The water cascades over her head warming her skin and offering moments of clarity from the night before. She wonders how the hell Abby would know where or how to find her. A nagging feeling in her gut tells Eleanor that she may be quite glad that the mysterious Princess came to her rescue.

Abby returns to her study to find a familiar face within. "Thank you for bringing her here." Jasper paces while his eyes constantly scan the door for Eleanor's inevitable approach. "I am worried for her, Abby."

Abby knows that for Jasper to call her by her name that he is lost in his thoughts. "What happened last night?" Abby circles closer to him. "She… she gave up." Jasper casts his gaze out the window lost for further words. Both hear a stirring in the hallway. "I will take care of her. Go find my Liam." Jasper is thankful for the call to another duty. He needs to get out of his own head for a while. He disappears out the door before Eleanor returns.

Abby takes seat on a couch a picking up a book from the table as Eleanor appears in the room. "Feeling better?" Abby places the book in her lap as she surveys her sister. "Yes, thank you." Eleanor takes in the room, glancing out the window.

"Is this yours?" She runs her fingers along the velvet drapes as she waves the other around the room. "It was my mother's." Abby joins her at the window. "Why am I here?" Eleanor faces her sister crossing her arms across her chest. Abby quietly surveys her. They are so much alike, it is rather ironic. Abby walks over to a nearby table drawing her sister's attention to the latest collection of headlines. Eleanor slumps into the chair realizing that she is going to have hell to pay from the palace.

"How did I get here?" Eleanor flicks the pages beneath her fingers. "A friend." Abby's answer is vague by intention and design. "Where did you find me?" Much to Abby's surprise, tears are welling up in her sister's eyes. Abby takes a seat next to Eleanor. "You are my sister, Len. I will never judge what you do. I may be concerned but I will never judge you. Understand?" Abby wraps her arm around Eleanor's shoulder. She pushes the papers away. "Fuck 'em." Her crass remark makes Eleanor break into laughter.

The mood lightens as the sisters sit and chat. Eleanor begins to learn about her sister. She asks Abby about her life as she reluctantly admits that everything she had known about her sibling was limited to the content of google searches. She knew her sister had an education, that she was an artist and an activist but little more. After a long conversation, Eleanor attempts to ask about Robert but the conversation is interrupted by Mr. Hill advising that it is time for the Princess to return to the palace. Abby takes the opportunity to set the topic move away from Robert. There are somethings that Eleanor does not need clarity on.. at least not yet.

Eleanor returns to the palace under the watchful eye of a very displeased mother. The Queen's interrogation begins complete with photographic evidence of the adventure of the night before. Eleanor watches her mother and Rachel pacing back and forth before her like a twisted Cinderella story.

Later that evening, Abby finds herself at a charity event along with the rest of the royals. The Queen is shocked to see that Abby is wearing an all too familiar tiara. A tiara that the Queen once coveted, it was the Queen Mother's Lotus Tiara. Seeing it upon Princess Victoria's head is salt in the wound. There is only one person who could have given that to her… it had to be Simon. Simon chose Abby over her.

Queen Helena draws close to Abby at the party so that her words can only be heard between the two of them. "I know that you retrieved Eleanor last evening, though a nice gesture never for a moment believe that you can replace me, it will serve you to remember that though you just might be a Princess... I am a Queen... never forget that."

Abby turns towards the Queen. "Are so blinded by the glint of your tiara that you cease to see that both of them are in trouble? Are you incapable of looking outside of yourself and seeing that both of them are in pain. I am not trying to be their mother but I will not apologize for acting like their family. Perhaps you should try it your Majesty… you might find it to be a rather refreshing and gratifying experience."