Day 1

I seem to have awakened in an unknown land. How I got here, is sadly unknown at the moment, but maybe this world will tell me something. Anything would do at this moment. Yet, I will bury that, as now it best to stay focus on surviving.

Picking a location to find any kind of life, looked grim, just like night sky is now, gladly though, I was stricken with luck and found a small village by the ocean, and the people . . . who seem oddly used to seeing travelers come by, have let me stay until I have gotten my wits together.

Some of the elders and a handful of the adults speak in a dialect I have not heard of, so a language wall is there, but a few do speak familiar words, so there isn't much silence when exploring the village. Though, the on looking eyes, that seem very dead and distance. It is best that I learn some basics of camping and maybe some fishing tips, medical too if I tread lightly on their feet.

Until then, staying in the empty cellar of a small family of three, the youngest being the family couples child has given this book to write in, as in ways, has calm my nerves greatly upon that, though, the cellar is oddly giving some sense of welcoming more than how it was, when yes, comparing it to the bright open world.

In the morning, I will be asking some the minors on their dwelling habits, in hopes that maybe I can pick up those as well. Till then, this is goodnight.

The soon to be underground traveler's story has begun.

Day 7

I have come to notice that fishing isn't for everyone. Barely even able to stay on the boat to fish, without something or even my stupidest-ness to knock me into the water, and yes, I am making that a word now, after catching a cold from the cold watery mishaps, I have earned to someday make my own book of words.

Enough with the rambling, was there even a point to it, no I don't really think so. The fever has finally broke, best not to warm it back up, and I am distracting the kind family from their work, with busying to treat me back to health.

Though I am grateful that the family's youngest has asked for his father's approval on teaching the means of farming. Not much I would go for in the art of farming; I don't recall much of anyone, or even myself speaking great things of me having a green thumb. This will hopefully doesn't end tragic. Dear bright Solar, I hope not, or I'll never be able to leave this village.

It may be a nice village, but it is not me, or at least that's how it feels to me.

Day 13

It wasn't a few good days, nor was it a few bad days, I understood how plants grow in what season, which is safe to eat out of the ground, and what needs tending to for long periods of time. Yet, I will happily never have to look at a hoe, pike, or water rows as long as I live. Despite that child being so young, he is very much a wise man, and I am just his old student still in the low ranks of learning.

After the farming lesson, I headed with some of the diggers that agreed to show me the roots of the game that is finding into coming across treasure, well as they put it anyway. They didn't take me too far down, the first and second levels were more than enough, showing what could be found, certain stones for shack size housing, coat is bound of plenty for fire used, even showing some crates full of what the lower levels have to offer and the likely chances of finding them.

It has been an eventful the minority days so far, I have yet meant anyone in medicine, as for most of the villagers in that practice are out in the forest areas gathering herbs. The sights of those woods send a shiver down my spine, still so, when just remembering of just wondering through it to find this place. And it was so close to dark, to the villagers, it was amazing that I made this far. I have to understand if I should take those words, as something good or not.

I choose not to ask. Thinking now that it best to finding a medicine man soon, pack some things, and head out; for how long I have stayed here now, has been too long. Yes, I barely got even the matters of surviving this world, but I can't stay here, not when I can see from other villagers I am not welcome here.

Plan now is; gathering things stop by the storage area and get a chest or so, finding simple bedding or make my own. The lady of the home has spoken to me about crafting, while her husband is more of an outdoor person and is always out hunting, and her son tending the grounds around their home. She is kind, I don't have the heart to say no, but also, I don't want to die.

But then again, who would enjoy dying . . . now that is stupid-ness if I have ever seen it.

Day 14

I am at a loss of words right now. The village was being invaded by travelers, akin to me I guess, though I have come to understand why the village people don't like me very much.

I mark this day as my first kill of another traveler, but I hope I never do it again, yet I choose the small helpful child, than someone who waves a blade in front of them. I have also learned the sudden rule of travelers, which once they are dead, no matter of how they die; their things belong to whatever did them in. And recalling some mining tales yesterday, finding a sudden grove that lead straight to lava, is very common. So I am wary, more ever so than before.

The blade traveler didn't have much on them, just the sword, some meats, pelts, herbs, garden tools, and a chest. No shovel, but luckily I was already in the middle of making one, so that is cover. The blade traveler didn't do much damage, but they seemed to enjoy fire, as some of the village huts were scorn black from dying flames. No one was hurt, so another blessing there, from how the gardens looked, the blade traveler was likely only hungry, but just became too pushy.

Again, I had to leave, crushing down those fear that I could do something like the blade traveler is a little nerving, but I got good head on my shoulders, so I have got a chance to at least think twice before doing something, that has made me fainthearted of just the thought of it.

Go to plan; leave but I got to find the medicine man . . . who seems to like living outside the village, so I believe in the morning, I will being going for a stroll. In the sake of not getting lost, I'll ask someone to come with some way through. Some areas are not safe, once more, I don't want to die.

Day 16

If I had known it would take this long to get to the medicine man, I would have done this first, as it was a great waste of time for me. Though, of course with having the young child as my guide, I don't blame him. I blame the great wise one that just had to aloof to the world. Leaved me to wonder if he cared of what would happen to village it wasn't just another traveler that attacked. While reaching the medicine man's hut, the child spoke of some monsters that at times were seen wandering around outside of the village borderlines, at a distance harmless, but never let get close.

Learning quickly that they only came out at night, sent some ease to me, but my choice of living has been greatly been put on a thin ledge. Luckily, the diggers were nice enough to give me some touches, not a lot, but enough to send ease to one self, which is fine by me.

When finally reaching the medicine man's home, upon finding he wasn't home, of course, why not? Life is like, isn't it, being a pain like sand in the eyes. Even so, the man was very aloof and wary of those who came by, from what the boy said. The medicine man wised up on knowing we were coming, leaving as soon as he could, but like the boy said, would have his unlocked, meaning that man trust others to a point, to take what they needed.

I did just as so, with the help from the boy, looking for a thin and easy book to carry that had medicine codes on them. Along with some other books, recalling what the boy told me was to take the dustiest books, as they are likely the ones the medicine man has grown tired of, and found something to take more interest in.

Out of the whole hut, a total of four books were now mine to own and used, I very plan on it.

Seeing the village again attack by some of those monsters was not part of the plan though, the boy and I hurried back as fast we could. Seeing his father, along with others going against the monsters, something that looked human, but far too green to be so, creatures that hiss like a snake meant, as I quickly learn could explode. This was becoming one night, not many, are going to forget.

The boy's mother was safely away in the cellar area, opening it up for us, when we came howling. The love to stay underground, with only torches for light, became more of comfort, some would never call normal. Yet, at this moment, no one but me would know that.

We stayed in the cellar through the night, hearing the screams, screeches, eruptions, and clanks of weapons echoed through the dark, as I am sure those, the mother and her child, and as I tried to rest through this all. In hopes, as many would, that it's all a dream.

But I couldn't sleep, no matter how hard I tired, the noises from outside, wouldn't rest, meaning I could not as well. To that, I left my eyes open, through the whole night, acting I was asleep, keeping the cellar door form opening, having the sleepless night play out. For once, I begged that bright sun to hurry, even though before, it was unsettling to me, others needed, and for them, I begged awake.

Until I finally found rest, little it likely be, but it was something.