Day 41A

Rowing, rowing, and more fucking rowing. Is it a possible to go mad with just seeing nothing but water now? I need to know, I need another voice or something to talk to, other then this damn squid coming at me. Well shit.

Day 41B

Boat is busted but still able to float. Plus side, I got dinner and such the moment I can make it to the island. Rowing is paying off, despite the detours. Thinking the squid was bad enough, I was wrong. More wanders are coming around and passing by, though the current is working in my favor here. Likely by coming morning I will have made it to the island. After that? Hoping not to die.

Yeah, that's a good plan. Bleed aside from the point there, yep.

Day 41C

Shore is about a few meters away from me, just a bit longer and just gather items. If I remember correctly, some of those wanders were heading to this area. Meaning they might be near. Could easily trade with them or find work. Healing would be nice. Either way if I plan to go underground, I got to be ready.

Day 45

Getting my bearings of this place has been working greatly. Though not as much on the mind, to say the least here. Damn. I found where those wanders are from. And from how they treat some of the natives here of this world, for horrible amusement. I am just going to stay clear from them.

Plan list for this area:

1 - Wait till mid nightfall (Any longer and crawlers and things might come)

2 - Free the natives of who I can

3 - Raid as much I can carry (Shovels and food)

4 - Kill wanders if needed (Don't wish but they might have it coming)

5 - Don't fucking die!

Day 47

Never thought the mountain view of seeing a campground set ablaze is quite lovely. Not the most easy of raids go, granted this is the first one I have ever done. Not all that fond of it, but if this going to be happening a lot, best to start somewhere. At least the group was small, barely a pack, and very unware of things. Wonderful combo.

Either way though of having a dark moment, we carry on and see what these cliff ends have anything of luck for me.

Fingers cross on not dying. Sudden shiver of the spine is a warning of being jinx, right?