Marvel Dragons.

Chapter 1: Marvels first Dragon Slayer!

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"Dragon Speech."


"Human speech."



..The woods…..

"Damn… where am I?" In the middle of the woods, stood a teenager. Brown, hair that was slicked down, and reached the back of his neck. A blue hoodie, blue jeans, and converses as his only source of warmth. His black eyes scanned the forest for any sign of civilization. Why was he in the woods? To get away. Away from his abusive orphanage. This teens name, is Vince. Vince Devone. 10 year old with a smart mouth.

"Well I better start somewhere, or I'm never getting out of this place." Vince Started to walk off, with nowhere specific in mind. Vince took notice on how the trees seemed to get creeper the further he went into the dark forest. The only reason he could see, was the moon light.

"Wonder if I could find a nice and cozy cave. I could start a fire, get my things in order, and find some way of getting to civilization." The kid soon lost himself in his own thoughts, as he kept walking.

"A bed would be nice. Never actually had a 'good' bed." Vince didn't see the fallen tree limb to late, as he found himself lying face first in the disgusting floor.

"Note… to self… never, look up in the sky, when walking in the woods." He slowly got himself up, with some effort as he felt his arm might have been bruised.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Shoot!" Was the noises he was making as he kept walking.

..In a close by cave…..

"Hmmm. So one of them finally found me. About damn time, you dirty little humans." Whispered a huge beast in a deep dark voice, with an icy chill. The huge creature stood up on it's four legs. A large set of icy blue claws as his feet, a body that shined like crystal, and a pair of icy blue wings, that sat on his back.

"I wonder how tough these humans are? It better get me to stretch my legs a bit, or I'm having a human popsicle." With that said, the impatient beast stepped out of it's cave.


"Found you!" The dragon stretched his wings one last time, before Silently slithering after the scent.

..Still lost…..

"Still no cave…. why am I not surprised? I mean, It's not like there's going to be a random cave right when I need one! … I need people to talk to..." Said Vince as he continued walking through the thick woods. All of a sudden, he felt a chill up his spine.

"I'm not exactly 'people' but I can talk." Vince turned to where the voice came from. Horror written on his face as he saw nothing. The voice... it felt so cold to Vince.

"Wh-who's there?" The teen was given no reply, from the strange voice.

"Ok… I know that wasn't some random noise… I'm in deep shit right now aren't I?" The moment the words left his mouth, Vince felt a sharp pain strike his back.

"What do you think?" Vince turned in time to see a icy blue tail retreating into the thick trees. His face had pure shock. Never had he seen something like that… never.

"What the hell?!" Vince griped his bruised back as he crawled back. Whatever this thing was, it was terrifying.

"A child? All alone in the woods? Why, I wouldn't believe it, if I didn't see it for myself. So human, why are you all alone?" Vince was taken back. This thing sounded as if it really cared. Yet the pain in his back told Vince a different story. Vince didn't know what came over him, and before he could think, he told the Dragon.

"I've always been on my own. Didn't need anybody then, and I don't need them now! Come on! Come get me you asshole! If I die now, then nobody would be sad for it! Just to warn you, I'll give you some indigestion!" Shouts Vince as he slowly stood on his feet.

If I'm dying, I'll stand up tall and proud! When I see all of them in hell, I'll show them all! I will die with dignity!

"Why would I eat you? When your such an interesting individual? No. I don't want to eat you. I want to fight you!" The Dragon could see the shock on the boys face.

"Fight me? While I could easily beat up some punk on the street, I don't think I could fight a monster." Before he could register it, a huge claw of what felt like ice had hit him it the ribs. Vince flew backwards, stopping when he hit a tree. More pain raced across his body.

"I. AM. NO. MONSTER! Next time you call me one, I'll put you into cold storage. Permanently. And for your information, I'm a Dragon! The King of all Ice Dragons!" For the first time, Vince saw the Dragons full form. The ice that covered its body, making the area colder.

"My name is Tsumetai! Now tell me kid, what's your name?" Vince didn't know what to say but one thing.

"My name is Vince Devone. And sorry for that 'monster' comment, but how am I supposed to know your a big ass Dragon!" Vince hated his mouth. For some strange reason, he was mouthing off the thing like how he did to all those assholes he knew.

"Fair point, brat. But I have a retort…" Tsumetai opened his jaw wide, and let out a scream as a green light rushed toward Vince. As if by instinct, Vince dived out of the way, but as he was out of it's path the beam turned and hit Vince on the chest. His earlier injuries becoming more painful.

"A gift. That should unlock all that pent up energy. Now… get up my Dragon Slayer!"

..Far away…..

"So… he finally found him one. A Dragon Slayer of Ice. Hmph! Lucky bastard!" A feminine Voice.

"I'll have mine soon enough." She stood to her full height. Orange scales, a white under belly, and huge red wings.

"Maybe I should just go looking for one? No… a human has to be close, in order for one of us to gain, a Dragon Slayer" She put a claw up to her snout. "You may have achieved one before me, Tsumetai, but when our Slayers meet! Then mine will be victorious over yours!" The female Dragon gave off a chuckle as she sat back down on the floor.

..Back to Vince…..

Pain! Pain! Lots of Pain!

The green light now enveloped, Vince, as he screamed. The young boy couldn't do anything, but claw at the ground in agony.

"Stop whining! It'll be over in a moment. By then your magic would have been restored. Then, we fight! We'll see if you're worthy of being the Ice Dragon Slayer!" The Dragon's grin spread across his face in excitement.

"Magic? Theres no such thing! Stop screwing with me!" Shouts Vince as he continued to crawl on the ground.

"So… they managed to erase Magic from history, did they. Surely there must be some stories out there. Yet the government covered up the magic, you Humans loved so much. They casted a spell that sealed all the magic, you humans had, thousands of years ago. I'm one of the only things alive, that could break that stupid seal." The Dragon enjoyed the way Vince looked at him. Confusion, anger, and horror. Tsumetai wasn't going to kill him. (Yet.) He was just going to test him. See if the kid has potential. Enough to at least hurt the Dragon who taught him one day.

"S-shut up! I don't need con-conspiracy theories stuffed down my th-throat!" Vince had to get away… He couldn't fight this thing… this Dragon. He was only human, not a superhero. Not like the Avengers, Fantastic Four, or even the X-Men. No… he was only human.

"The pain should stop soon. Your releasing all the pent up Magic. Only problem with seal, is that the older you are, the more magic that piles up. All that Magic will need to be released as fast as possible. Thus the pain." The Dragon looked away in thought. Vince took notice of it.

This is my chance! Vince started to crawl away. He reached the treeline. The teen slowly stood up, with the help of a tree. The pain… it was leaving. Not all the pain he had.

Maybe the Dragon wasn't all bullshit. Vince started at a slow walk. Slowly gaining speed until he found himself running at a speed where he didn't see his surrounding. That is, until a tail swapped his feet out from under him.

"Good job. I almost didn't see you leave. But you'll have to do better than that." The Dragon had a smug grin on his face.

"Shit." This was bad. If he couldn't get away, then he would have to fight the overgrown lizard.

"Come at me kid. That is… if your not scared to get some freezer burns!" The dragon then let out a torrent of cold breath from his mouth.

ICE DRAGONS ROAR! The wave of cold air rushed to Vince, who took notice that everything the Dragon touched was coated in Ice.

"Crap!" Vince ducked to the side. He needed to find out how to hurt it. He couldn't just punch it, like he did back at the orphanage.

Think! He has scales made of Ice so punching him is out. I can't keep dodging him like this. I'll run out of breath long before he does. Think! Think!

"RAAW" The Dragon swung his claw at Vince, but the teen back stepped out of the way. A scratch appeared on his jacket, and it reached from his upper chest, to his lower belly. Blood trickled out of the jacket..

"Damn it! Ow that hurts… a lot. And that was my favourite jacket..." His hand shot up to his wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. If he didn't stop it then he would bleed out. He took notice that the Dragon stopped in it's attempts to kill him.

"You are worthy. You were not covered in Ice, like others would have. You are to be an Ice Dragon Slayer." Vince was too badly wounded to back away, as one of Tsumetai's claws came closer to him. The Claw got closer and closer, And he knew that there was nothing he could do.

I'm finished. here I am… Going to die by the hands of a giant Dragon. Not by punk with a gun, or a supervillain. Well… It's better than dying by psychos. The Claw was upon him. He stopped trying to get away. It would have been delaying the inevitable. Vince felt the cold touch of Tsumetai. He waited for death to claim him… yet it never came. He then felt very cold where his wound was.

"What the hell?" He whispered to himself. Vince opened his eyes to see that, the Dragons claw was slowly moving down the wound, and creating ice around it. Stopping the bleeding and possibly saving his life.

"From this day forward. You Vince Devone, are my Dragon Slayer. I will teach you my magic, and in return you will one day give me the fight of my life." Vince watched on in confusion. He had a very little idea of what this Dragon was talking about. You will live on to protect the bonds you will make, and to save the Humans from threats only you could ever hope to handle. You… ARE NOW THE ICE DRAGON SLAYER!"

"What the…" Before he could ask, a sudden sleepiness took over. The last thing he saw before falling unconscious, was the claws of the Dragon coming forth.


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