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Hisako Furuya and Ichiro Sanka meet


My name is Hisako Furuya, sixteen years old, and I'm in my first year of high school. I live with my dad, my little sister Mero and my grandfather. My dad is a priest so my family live and run a temple. My mum dad when I was a little girl and I don't remember her that much and I even don't remember of what her voice sounded like. We also have another member of the family; my cat Babu. I found him abandoned near the temple a few months ago and I'm allowed to keep him. The truth is I love cats and so I love Babu very much.

But Babu isn't the only cat I have. Quite far from where I live is an abandoned building that used to be a bowling alley. In there are lots of homeless cats and I go there to tend to the cats with food and other things. For money to pay for cat food I work part time at my aunt and uncle's restaurant. My cousin Ranko Saoji, my uncle and aunt's daughter, helps out in her parent's restaurant and it was her who suggested I worked there for money to buy cat food. Truth is I don't really like working there, especially when Ranko keeps on bossing me about. We are about the same age as each other, a few months apart, but Ranko likes to act like she's the eldest sister and it doesn't stop her from bossing me about.

My life seems pretty normal I guess; going to school, working part time at my aunt and uncle's restaurant and looking after my cats. Yes it does seem normal. But sometimes I wish that something, that would change my life a bit, would happen.


What Hisako didn't know was that her wish was going to come true sooner than expected. One rainy night she was playing with Babu and the other cats at the abandoned building, when suddenly she heard a noise; a crashing banging noise. The noise was so loud that the cats started scattering. "What on earth is going on?" she said. She had a look out of a window and she noticed a boy hitting the ground with a baseball bat.

This boy was Hisako's age, with black hair, and he was hitting the ground in anger. "Grrr I hate you Father!" he shouted "I study and work real hard to be a perfect son for you as well as getting perfect grades at school but you treat me like I'm just a thing! Both you and Mother don't care about me so why was I born huh?! Am I really not that important to you?!" He started to hit some old bricks with the bat. "Goodness me," whispered Hisako, who heard and watched everything, "I don't think I'd want to live in that family if he's own parents aren't giving him any attention". Suddenly she dropped a bottle of water she was just drinking and it hit the ground outside. The boy noticed that and when he looked up he saw Hisako. Hisako tried to hide herself, but it was too late.

The boy entered the building to get out of the rain and to find out who Hisako was as he never met her before. "What's a girl like you doing here?" he asked her. "I'd be asking you the same thing, but to answer your question I'm spending time with the cats". She introduced him to Babu and the other cats. "I've never seen so many cats in all my life" said the boy. She bent down on the ground to pet one of the cats and the cat liked it. "You have any pets?" asked Hisako. "I'm not allowed to have one," said the boy "my father is a germophobe so it's forbidden to have any animals at my house". "That's rough and anyway there is nothing wrong with touching animals, as long as you wash your hands afterwards of course" said Hisako. "Yeah but when my father makes up his mind I cannot disobey him" said the boy. It seemed to Hisako that this boy was living in a much disciplined household. "I'm Hisako Furuya, you?" she said. "I'm Ichiro Sanka" said the boy.

Hisako and Ichiro spent more time with the cats, but then Hisako said it was time she went home. "I better go home too," said Ichiro "otherwise I'll have nags, nags and more nags by everyone at my house". "Me too, come on Babu lets go" said Hisako, picking up Babu. "You mind if I come here again?" asked Ichiro "I'd like to spend some more time with the cats". "Sure, just make sure that no one else knows about this place" said Hisako. So Hisako rode her bike to her home and Ichiro rode on his motorbike for home.

Meeting Ichiro Sanka for the first time made Hisako feel like that her life was going to change a bit.

I have had this idea in my head ever since I saw Sankarea. Before anyone asks, yes Ichiro and Hisako will fall for each other.