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Mero thinks about her Mother

Today Hisako was working at Ranko's family restaurant peeling potatoes. Ranko was sorting out dishes, and she was checking out to see if Hisako was doing her work properly. "Ranko do you mind?" said Hisako, crossly, "I am doing the work here". "Yes I know, but I still have to make sure that you are doing it right" said Ranko. "I have worked here for weeks and weeks now and I know how to do it thank you" said Hisako. Hisako hated it when her cousin was being nosy and bossy to her and it made her cross. It wasn't like she hated her cousin, she just hated Ranko's attitude towards her.

"Hey Hisako since when did you and Sanka-kun become friends?" asked Ranko. Ranko couldn't forget about when she found out that Hisako and Ichiro were friends. "We became friends weeks ago" said Hisako. "What and you didn't tell me!" shouted Ranko. "Oh is somebody jealous because I have a friend who is a guy and you don't?" teased Hisako. "I am not jealous!" shouted Ranko, who blushing like mad. Hisako chuckled because Ranko would get embarrassed easily and Hisako liked it. It was her way of beating her.

While Hisako was working, Mero was getting ready to go out. She was going to visit her mother's grave to put an offering there and do some shopping to buy things for dinner. Like her sister Hisako, Mero didn't have any memories of her mother either. The only thing she remembered of her mother was her hands always feeling cold and nothing else. Unlike her sister Mero didn't try to push her father into telling more about her, even if she wanted to know more about her mother.

Along the way to the shops she met her classmates Ichie Shinoda and Miko Yasaka. Ichie and Miko were both girls. "Hey Furuya" said Ichie. Mero greeted her friends. "Shopping?" asked Miko. "Yes, I want to get offerings for my mum and things for dinner" answered Mero. "Hey Furuya," said Ichie "my big sister, who goes to the same school as yours, says that your sister has got a boyfriend. Is that true?" "She does have a boy who is a friend but I don't think he's a boyfriend," replied Mero "besides my sister is more into cats at the moment". "Really that's boring, I thought high school girls would be more into boys" said Ichie.

After talking with Ichie and Miko, Mero did the shopping. First she dropped off the things for dinner back at home. By now Hisako was home and Ranko had come to visit too. Mero went on to her mother's grave to place her offerings. She saw that Hisako had been there too because there were cat shaped cookies and some tea there. "My sister really does like cats" said Mero. She placed her offerings on the grave and did a silent prayer to her mother. Then she started to remember a bit about her mother. She remembered that once she had a terrible fever and her mother used her cold hands to heal her.

Mero didn't understand why her mother's hands were cold at that time, but at least this was a memory of her mother she had since she didn't have any other memories of her. With all the things that had happened ever since Yuzuna died, Mero had wished all this time that Yuzuna had been here to share it all. Truth is both Mero and Hisako wished their mother was still alive. But she wasn't so Mero and Hisako had to continue their futures without her. Right now Mero hoped that Yuzuna will watch her and Hisako from heaven always.

Sorry I haven't updated this story in a long time. I had been busy with pokemon. I know the Chihiro and Ranko working part and Mero visiting her mother's grave part were in two different episodes. But I decided to put those two parts in one shame chapter.