More Than You Know

Chapter 5

The Ruins of Life

A certain type of wind has swept me up

But till it's found each bone

I, I'm overcome

There is an icy breath that escapes my lips

And I am lost again

A certain type of darkness is stalling me

Under a quite mask of uncertainty

I wait for light like water from the sky

And I am lost again

Sea of lovers by Christina Perri

Darkness. Pain. Dust.

What happened?

What happened?


The explosion rocked the entire block. Thankfully, the suspects apartment was the only one destroyed. The building that the apartment was in was intact, but the structure was not stable, which is why the firefighters were outside trying to figure out what to do. Currently they only knew of one person inside of the entire building. Mac Taylor. The bomb squad had evacuated with barely enough time to be out of the building let alone a safe distance away. At the moment, four of the bomb squad members were being treated for their injuries, all minor.

"We need to get in there!" Amaryllis told the firefighters. "Now!" The look on their faces told Amaryllis exactly why they weren't willing to go in the building for someone who was likely to be dead. "Fine, I'll go!" The firefighters were startled by her sudden statement and were too slow to react when she rushed past them into the building. One of the firefighters, the chief, cursed and rushed in after her with another firefighter trailing behind. Due to her quick reflexes from the war and her small frame, she was out of sight by the time the firefighters were inside the building with their full gear on.

"Boss, where is she?" the junior firefighter asked as they stepped through the debris.


"Mac! Mac!" Amaryllis called out as she ducked underneath another fallen beam. She swore when she tripped over a random box. To her surprise, the box was untouched by the explosion. From what she could see, the box was full of pictures and objects all related to Mac. She cursed as she realized that the suspect had set this all up. He was going after Mac, it was personal. Torn by the need to find Mac and wondering what was in the box she sent a quick text with a picture of the box as well as the contents along with her approximate location in the mess before moving on, calling out his name. Moments after she moved further into the mess searching for Mac, footsteps approached the box she had just left behind. By the time Danny reached the place Amaryllis had texted him, the box was long gone.


"Where is she?" Don yelled as he ran up to the scene of the explosion. "Where is she?!" Danny spun around. He handed Don his phone that was opened to the text message she had sent him with a picture of a box filled with things about Mac.

"I went to the location she sent Don and the box wasn't there," Danny told him. "She wasn't there; either; she had gone on. The firefighters are still in there but the structure hasn't been cleared entirely yet. Only part of the building is cleared and the rest, I believe that's where she is."

"Dammit!" Don shouted. "Dammit! Dammit!" Danny watched impassively as Don threw a fit and then broke down on the sidewalk. As he sat on the sidewalk, he placed his head in his hands. After a moment he began to run his hand through his hair anxiously. "What about Mac? Have they found him yet?"

"Yeah they did, he's in the hospital," Danny told him. "He's in pretty bad shape but he'll live. It was touch and go for a few hours though. Stella and Hawks are with him now. Once we found Mac and had him pulled out, I tried calling Amaryllis but I just get her voicemail. Don I had Adam trace her phone and her phone is still in there. The thing is we are not sure if she is still in there. Don we think someone set this entire thing up to grab her. Somehow they knew she would come to Mac's rescue and that she would be on her own when she did. It was an elaborate set up. They wanted to grab her."


When she came to she quickly realized that she was in a place she had never been before. It was unfamiliar, dark, dusty, and cold. The only indication that she wasn't alone was the fact she was chained to the wall she had been lying next to before she came to. A quick examination of the room told her that whoever put her there had been planning this for some time but had no idea that she was capable of magic, let alone wandless magic, which made no sense to her. The last thing she remembered was someone hitting her with a stunner from behind. Maybe a nonmagical working with a magical? But why? It made no sense.

She didn't have to wait long because before she could think any further on the subject the only door in the room opened. Blaise Zabani walked in. She felt as though the air had been knocked out of her. Before she had gone into training, there had been a beginning of the year dance which was an effort to liven up the moral after an attack before school started up and Blaise had asked her to the dance, she had accepted. She never got to go the dance because was pulled out for training before the dance even happened. Something she regretted deeply was not being able to say goodbye or apologize for being unable to attend the dance with him.

"Potter, Amaryllis Potter," Blaise taunted as he stalked up to her. "The times have changed and instead of being the hero you are the damsel in distress. How does that feel Potter?" Amaryllis shook her head while she tried to back up from him. She didn't get far as she was backed into the wall she was chained into. Blaise crouched in front of her.

"Do you remember how you said you would go with me to the Start of the Year dance? How you disappeared and left me dateless and the subject of complete humiliation? I didn't go just so you know. I didn't go and my little sister did. She died in that attack. Of course, you came in like the little hero you pretend to be. You are no longer the hero here, Potter. No one will get to be the hero here."


The beeps that came from the machines soothed Don's nerves only slightly. It gave him hope that if Mac could be recovered from the bombing and survive then Amaryllis could survive whatever she could possibly be going through. The second he found out that she had possibly been kidnapped, he lost it. The stress of everything that occurred with the bombing and the preceding bombings, he was tightly wound and about ready to snap from the stress. Her disappearance was his tipping point. Danny wrestled him to the ground and the paramedics took him to the hospital after sedating him. Currently he was sharing a room with an unconscious Mac. Danny had kept him up to date on the search for Amaryllis. They had gone back to the suspect they had dragged out just before he set the bomb for Mac.

It had taken some time before the man would spill. Apparently he had some beef against Mac for years. Mac had caught him in relation to a breaking and entering case. Someone had been killed and he had been in prison for ten years due to Mac's work. He blamed Mac for being in prison when his wife left him and took their daughter and then disappeared. He knew he wouldn't be able to get to Mac on his own. A month after he had been released from prison, two years ago, he had been approached by a man around Amaryllis's age.

He had a plan to take down Mac and someone else along with him. When the man's daughter walked onto the scene over a year and half before, the man who approached him was ecstatic. He had some sort of beef with her over the death of his younger sister. The months of planning and murders to create the bombs and then strategically place them around the city was mainly done by the mysterious man. However, they had one thing on their side. Neville Longbottom. As Amaryllis was considered a diplomat, the magicals – in particular the secret service of the magicals took the lead in the case. Neville was able to take a look in the man's head and come out with who the man's partner was – Blaise Zabani. Now they just have to track him down. Of course, it was easier said than done.


Zabani had left a few minutes earlier to take a bite of some food. He left a panting Amaryllis on the floor. Wincing as she took inventory of her injuries, she used her magic to remove the pain behind the wounds but left the wounds behind. Zabani would know that the magical suppressant handcuffs weren't working if the wounds disappeared. After a few minutes of him being gone, she banished the handcuffs and took stalk of possible escape routes. There were no windows, no vents, and only one door in and out of the room. Frustrated she shoved the wall only to be shocked when it moved and revealed another room. Cautiously she slipped through the opening and into the room. She jumped slightly when the wall closed behind her.

She was surprised to note that the room was almost identical to the room she had come from with the exception of a window. It was larger than the other room but also held a large cage. She slowly walked over to the window, careful to not make any noise so as to disturb whatever was in the cage. To her horror, a voice called out, one she recognized.

"AJ? AJ?"


The entire room was covered in pictures. It was creepy, Don decided. Every inch of the room was covered in pictures of Amaryllis and Don, sometimes together but mostly alone or with someone else. They were able to discover that the Walsh store bombing had been one of 16 bombing that Zabani and his partner were the cause of. The partner had observed her for weeks and had chosen the Walsh store because it was a street that Amaryllis was frequently on. When she had walked by that day he hit a switch and the bomb went off. She survived.

Zabani was furious and kept an eye on her in the following weeks of her recovery in the hospital and then later at home. As she was still recovering she wasn't out of her home without someone by her side so he knew he needed to get her alone to finish the job so to speak. He realized that to get her out on her own, they had to go after someone she cared about. Originally the plan had been to go after Don but he was constantly surrounded by cops and was too difficult to get to so they switched to Mac which pleased his partner.

They were thrilled when they realized Mac was the lead on their case so they decided to led him to the partner in an effort to have him walk right into a bomb. He activated the bomb the second Mac walked onto it. He had wanted them to believe that the bomb was motion activated as well as pressure sensitive. However, the truth was it was on a timer and only on a timer. Mac could have left at any time.

The pressure sensitive portion that Neville and the bomb squad had seen was in fact a fake, used to convince all involved that Mac could not move. After the bomb went off, Zabani went in and grabbed Amaryllis while she was searching for Mac. The box that had the things related to Mac was the partners and a way to track where Amaryllis was at in the mess. They knew it would be difficult to track her in the aftermath of the explosion so they had several key points to help them discover where she was. The box was the only of the key points to survive. Each was tagged with a track and designed to capture her attention in order for them to gain access to where she was.

What worried Danny the most is that in addition to the picture of Mac and Amaryllis there were pictures of a man in what appeared to be a cage. From his look, it was likely he had been there for years. Danny called in their magical counterparts for the case and watched as Neville took in the view. When he came across the pictures of the man in the cage, he froze in horror.

"That is no stranger in the cage, he is not a John Doe," Neville whispered, his voice strangled. "That's Cedric Diggory." Danny jerked in shock. He remembered every bit of Amaryllis story, including how Diggory was the only death in the bombing at her old school.

"If that's Diggory then who died in the bombing and why did they identify him as Diggory?"

"That's a good question."


Although it been years since she had seen him, she knew it was him not someone who was potioned to look like him but actually him. He had been the only one to know her middle name and to call her AJ. He said it was what siblings did. They gave each other nicknames, watched out for each other, and so on. As she never had a sibling of her own, she took his word for it.

"Amica," he breathed out. She rushed to the cage and using wandless magic opened the door to the cage. Carefully she pulled him out, his weight leaning on her. From the years he had been stuck in the cage and the lack of substantial food and water, he was extremely light.

"Oh Cedric," she sighed as studied him. He was barely keeping his eyes open and was shaking from weakness. It took some time to get him to the window. Then she helped him through the window and she slipped through the window as well. Now that they were out she just had to figure out where they were and get home or somewhere safe. Easier said than done, she thought sarcastically.