Requested Prompt: Either Heather or Alejandro has a nightmare caused by PTSD stemming from Alejandro's time spent in the robot suit, and the other calms them & makes them feel better.

He couldn't breathe. He couldn't see. He couldn't do… anything. All he saw was darkness, but then he heard that angelic voice. She was put off by him, or to say, the robot. If he wasn't so desperately ecstatic to see her, he'd probably chuckle at how repulsed she was.

Another challenge, diving off the cliff. Chris is really starting to lose his creative touch. Like it matters. as long as theres ratings, there will be a Total Drama, and as long as there will be a Total Drama, there will be a Chris McLean. The farm boy, -Scott is it?- is seeming to resist the jump down into shark infested waters. Like he could blame the farm boy, even if he wasn't trapped in the metal box, he'd be intimidated by it too.

Lightning it trying his best to remove Scott from the rock he's clung onto for dear life. But then, by the sheer force of Scott letting go, he's wheeling backwards toward the cliff's edge. He wants to scream, he wants to so badly. Get me out! Stop! Help! Someone! ANYONE. but all that comes out is two beeps, the rocks give way as he falls closer and closer into the water. He hits the water, it instantly fills up the metal suit. He tries to hold his breathe but without his lungs working properly, he's lost all the air he can breathe, he's drowning.

This is when the sharks come an attack him, causing the suit to explode and set him free, high into the air where he gives off a academy award winning smirk, hearing gasps and Heather's words "What?! You have got to be kidding me!"

But that doesn't happen. He's still in the suit, in the dark, no air to breathe. The sharks ignore him. They pass by without even a second glance. Just like everyone else seems to have been doing the entire time he's been missing. Ignore, out of sight, out of mind, right? He wants to scream, he wants for someone to notice him after all this time. Why didn't anyone care? Why didn't she care? He can't breathe, it's dark, he can't see, he can't do anything. And somehow in all of this, as he loses his consciousness, he somehow hears Heather's voice, as she says "So long, and good riddance."

Alejandro opened his eyes, taking a deep breath, heart beating rapidly in his chest, covered in sweat. He sat up, trying to calm down, but the dark room wasn't helping. When he spotted Heather sleeping soundly beside him, glowing in the moonlight from their window, his heart rate went down and he took deep breathes. Then as suddenly as he was feeling better, the memories of his dream began to sink in, and whether out of impulse or because it felt right, he began to cry quietly. Then the crying grew louder with each passing minute as tears trickled down his face. He covered his face with his hand in an attempt to silence himself but it wasn't quiet enough to keep Heather asleep. She began to stir from her sleep, lazily opening her eyes in annoyance, ready to yell at her boyfriend until she saw him buried in his knees, shoulders bouncing.

"Alejandro?" she whispered quietly, a hand coming up to touch his shoulder. He flinched at the contact, almost embarrassed to look up. When he revealed himself to her, he must have looked worse than he thought because her eyes widened as she sat up quickly, moving in closer to Alejandro, cupping his face in her small hands.

"Do… do you care for me?" Alejandro asked weakly, eyeing Heather's reaction. She blushed, taking her hand away for a second to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "Why would you think that I didn't?" she asked back at him. She brought her forehead to his, moving in even closer than before, a reassurance for Alejandro. He smiled weakly.

"It's just that I had a terrible dream. I was in that damn robot suit again, and in the water. But nothing happened. No one cared to help. And what you said haunted my thoughts." he replied. Heather's heart ached terribly. Like she couldn't care anymore than she already did.

"Believe when I say that I never meant those words for you." Heather said, then she chuckled, "If I knew, I'd be screaming to get that pile of junk out of the water." almost amused by the scene she created for herself. She pulled back but even that was enough to make Alejandro squeeze her arm tightly. "I love you, you and only you. And I will always care for you, whether I'm angry or sad or whatever. No doubt about it." Heather said, blushing a bit for confessing. She kissed him softly, hugging him dearly as they fell back onto the bed.

And this time Alejandro cried, but for an entirely different reason.