Requested Prompt: Imagine Person A takes the elevator to the highest floor of a tall building, while Person B insists on taking the stairs. When Person A gets off the elevator, they find Person B waiting for them. Bonus: B asks what took A so long to get to the top. for the aleheather thing

Alejandro and Heather found themselves in Toronto, and Heather insisted they check out the amazing view on the CN Tour. Now like any person with sense, you'd think they would have taken the elevator together to enjoy themselves. But no. Alejandro thought with his amazing athletic skill, he'd be able to climb the ridiculous amount of stairs the tower offered as an alternate to the elevator.

"Just get in here already." Heather said, arms crossed, standing alone in the elevator.

"Where's the fun in that?" Alejandro asked, "I can easily climb these stairs, I'll hardly even break a sweat by the time I've reached the top." he added, flexing his muscles. Usually the sight would make Heather swoon, but she was in no mood. Heather rolled her eyes in annoyance instead. "Um, well spending time with me should be a good reason." And he almost considered it, dropping his arms down, with a contemplating look on his face.

"Fine." she quickly answered, "Have fun with your workout, honey" she said sweetly, waving as the doors closed, leaving a arrogantly confident and confused Alejandro alone. She smirked and leaned back on the walls of the elevator. No way could he ever make it up by the time she got out.

She left him behind. Not like it was surprising. Sighing, he waited for the other elevator to open, but when it opened, he noticed a large group of teenage girls standing inside and chatting. Almost instantly they noticed him and began to eye him. It was uncomfortable to say in the least at the moment. He knew that he was quite an attractive man, but now that he had been with Heather for years now, it felt violating for him. He didn't care who looked at him with adoration unless it was her.

A few greeted him and waved, as they began to whisper and giggle among each other. "Um, aren't you going to come in?" a girl with blonde hair said as she twirled her -possibly fake- hair a bit, batting her eyes. "No thank you. I'll be taking the stairs." he said with a suave chuckle, deciding then and there to take the stairs instead. Quickly turning around and swiftly opening the door, they all shouted out good byes and "call me!"s but he ignored them for the most part, hurriedly climbing the stairs.

By the time he made it to the 124th flight of stairs he was barely able to keep his legs up. Wheezing, he sat down and took deep breaths. Note to self: Run into elevator next time I decide to be arrogant. He groaned, she was probably already all the way up by now and ready to give him a condescending smirk and make fun of his arrogant accusation.

He sighed, taking off his boots to give his feet some freedom, stretching his legs out. Might as well not keep her waiting…

When Alejandro made it all the way up, he was instantly greeted with a blast of AC, something he was incredibly grateful for right now. He looked around expecting to see Heather but nothing. No one was even up here yet. Did I actually beat her?! He thought excitedly, grinning all too happy to notice just how tired he was. It seemed that the elevator was actually much slower than he anticipated so he had a few glorious minutes to fix up in order to look fresh.

Heather hummed to some music on her phone, looking through youtube and instagram while she waited to be let out. Turns out the elevator was slower than she thought, but no way did Alejandro actually make it up first. Not by a long shot- And the doors opened to reveal, Alejandro, smug grinned, leaning up against the frame of the elevator. She was speechless. "A- y-you…" she barely got out before he spoke, all too smugly for his own good. With a smile that could melt her.

"What took you so long?"