Prompt: I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that's how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore AU

Heather tried to grasp the book, but even for her tall height, she couldn't reach it. Come on, come on! Huffing, she noticed a taller guy who was browsing through cook books. Walking over, she got his attention. "Sorry to bug you, but you wouldn't mind grabbing a book for me would you?" she asked. He smiled, "Oh course, I'd love to help a pretty woman such as yourself."

When she pointed out which book she was trying to reach for, he laughed. "Excuse me?" she asked him.

"I'm sorry, it's just. This is the book you were so eager to obtain?" he chuckled, "I'd hardly call this a masterpiece, despite the label." Heather blushed, ripping the book out of his hands. "Well, I like it. So what if you think it's a joke?" she grumbled, holding the book in her hands, and spinning around.

He scoffed, and whispered "Nerd." under his breath. She spun around again. "Oh so I'm a nerd now?" she asked him, and he only nodded, wearing the stupid smirk on his face. Without warning, she pushed him into a table of nonfiction best-sellers. Looking quite satisfied with herself, she smirked above him, and he lay there, looking bewildered. But that only lasted for a second when he promptly, grabbed her hand and pulled her down on top of him. She yelped, and with their noses touching, she said angrily "I hate you." as he laughed.

But that wasn't the end of it, as the manager came out screaming obscurities beyond her wildest dreams and kicked them both out.

They stood awkwardly outside, both in a mess of loose hair and dust. Heather crossed her arms, turning away from the guy who got her in this mess in the first place. "Well, that was something wasn't it?" he tried to start off with. She didn't answer.

"Oh come on, that was pretty funny." he defended. "Yeah well, now I don't have a book store to go to." she said in a bitter tone, something he caught onto. "If it helps, I could show you an even better book store." he chided. This got her interest, but she still didn't turn around.

He sighed. "Alright, alright, but if you're ever interested, give me a call okay?" And with that he walked off, hands in his pockets.

She scoffed, how could she even give him a call? She doesn't even have his- but feeling something in her coat pocket, she took out a small slip of paper with: Alejandro - 345-627-6821.