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Another nightmare.

He had gotten free of his chains again, and was intent for the crack in the cave ceiling. Quietly, he softly made his way, casting anxious glances at the black mouth of a smaller cave, hoping it wouldn't wake up and find him out in the open, where it was perfect opportunity for it to have a snack. He was a third of the way there now.

Still stepping, holding his breath, he continued.

Not a sound from the cave.

Alright, he thought. You're doing great.

Halfway there.

Feeling a bit more confident now, he increased his pace a little bit. But then there came a menacing growl, and the sound of chains slithering across the stony cave floor. Then the beast he hoped to not wake up came walking out. First it's blue head, silvery neck, wings, and then it's body and tail came out of the darkness. It stopped to sniff the air, then it's head snapped towards his direction.

Slowly, it walked toward him, and it exhaled, mist and shards of ice. It advanced, first at a slow but menacing walk, then at brisk pace, then a trot, a run, until it was galloping full speed towards him.

Where he was, there was a jagged slope of rock encrusted in snow. He backed up quickly as he could until his back was pressed flat against it. He tried to scramble up, but it was too slippery to climb over. He turned back around, seeing the beast was only half a furlong away from him. It raced towards him, mouth open, letting forth a huge plume of ice. Now it was only two yards away. Then one yard. At the final yard, the beast lunged at him, jaws wide open, revealing a row of sharp glittering teeth, and talons outstretched. It was so close to his face, he could feel it's icy breath on his body.

His eyes snapped open right before the feeling of claws slicing into his neck and body could set in.

Zane woke with a start. He was breathing heavily, still recovering from the horrible dream he just had. "It's- it was just another nightmare." Zane muttered to himself. However, when he still heard the sound of chains sliding on top of stone and growling,coming from right outside his door, as of the beast was waiting for him to come so it could devour him, he was convinced it was real. Zane's vision was out of focus, so when things became clear again, he remembered that he was still locked up in Chen's dungeon. He fought against the shackles around his wrists a little bit, but when he heard the voices of guards, he froze. He pretended to be asleep.

Zane was watching out from a half closed eyelid, when something large, scaly, and black moved past the "window" in his cell. It went on past, the sound of clinking chains following. Then he heard growling, violent noise of chains tightening, and a guard saying "A little help over here! Grab the loose end at the right. And watch the tail!" Zane saw a guard rush past his door. There was more growling, more shouts for backup, and more noise of chains. Curious about what was going on, Zane moved as close as his chains would let him. Peering out of the window, what he saw was frightening.

A large black scaly creature was fighting against the hold of a guard. The guard was pulling the tail-end of the chains wrapped around its mouth, others pulling at the chains that were attached to to a metal collar around its neck. The creature jerked its head upward, and tried to rear a little bit, but the guard countered it with some violent jerks downward. Loops of chain were wrapped around its ankles, loose enough to allow only a clumsy walk. Zane couldn't get too good of a view, plus where he was, it was dark, so he couldn't get make out all of its features. While struggling, the creature caught sight of Zane out of the corner of its glowing purple eye. Zane looked into its deep pink pupil, a look that was begging for help. But there was nothing Zane could do, even if he wanted to, which he did. He was chained to a wall in a cell. After a few more chains and struggling, the creature seemed exhausted, and reluctantly allowed itself to be led away. It cast a wistful glance back in Zane's direction, and Zane looked back at it, before it and the clinking sound of the chains faded into the dark corridor.

Based on the direction they went, Zane assumed that the guards were taking it to the more deeper parts of the dungeon. Zane felt a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He tried to piece together what things he saw from the creature to figure out what in the world it was.

"I saw it was black and scaly, and it was alarmingly large. I also caught a glimpse of what looks like grey horns, and some sort of silver thing covering its head. Was it possibly armor, or was it all these metal chains wrapped around its mouth?" Zane cast a look down at his own chains, which were a metallic black. He sighed and sagged against the wall. "I need to get some sleep." But Zane was afraid about having another nightmare about that dragon. He tried to fight against his drowsiness, but he gave in within a few minutes. He slipped into a deep dreamless sleep.

But a few hours later, a blood-curdling shriek echoing through the corridors of the dungeon caused him to snap awake.

"Oh my god!" Zane said covering his ears when another scream rang soon after the first.

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