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Sorry for such a long time of absence. School has started and I know I wanted to write the Eevee Trainer but I just couldn't get the story down on paper. Rather I'm going to start this story. The Black and White 2 story will be continued, but I need ideas on where to go from there. So if you have any ideas for the fic, pm me and I'll take your ideas into consideration. I'm currently trying to figure out how Whi-two will respond to Hugh's actions. In the meantime, enjoy this new short fic I'm writing. Consider this part of the anime-verse. Many sections of this will be explained when I write the Eevee trainer.

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When Mew and Arceus first created the world of Pokemon, they had divided authority of different attributes to various Pokemon, dubbing them Legendary Pokemon. They gave Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno power over the Spring, Summer, and Winter; Groudon and Kyogre power over Land and Sea; Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina power over Space, Time, and Antimatter; Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf over Knowledge, Emotion, and Willpower; and so on. But they set the Serpent Dragon Raquayza as their judge. It was he who would settle the disputes between various Legendary Pokemon, most commonly between Kyogre and Groudon; Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina; Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, and Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. However, Arceus recognized that Raquayza could not handle this tremendous task alone while at the same time maintaining control over the atmosphere. Rather, to serve the Emerald Dragon., the two created an army of retainers, the Eon Twins Latios and Latias.

Arceus, on one hand, recognized that to serve Raquayza, these warriors needed strength and wisdom to stand up to the powerful legends many times stronger than themselves. Thus he gifted them with the courage element: Dragon. He blessed them with tremendous dragon speed rivaling the fastest Pidgeot, Staraptor, and Dragonite as well as burning dragon energy, allowing them to hurl unbelievable flaming power at their lord's enemies. Latios and Latias would have a natural tendency to be brave and steadfast resolve.

Mew, on the other hand, recognized that to survive in the combined world of humans and Pokemon, her children would need cunning, wisdom, and most importantly, playfulness. Thus she granted them with the clever element: Psychic. She blessed them with powerful mental energy, giving them the ability to launch powerful attacks with a single thought as well as the rare ability of camouflage, allowing them to vanish before their enemies, whether it be hiding in the sky with their invisibility, or take on any form with their shapeshifting. Despite their bravery, Latios and Latias would be playful, spending their lives playing and pranking each other.

These psychic dragons would serve their lord at his beck and call; they would be at Raquayza's side in battle and enforce his authority throughout the land. Herds of Lati would travel the Earth obeying the will of the Serpent Dragon Raquayza, his Emerald Knights.

"It is uncertain whether or not this myth is true. While there has been a sighting or two of a Latios or Latias; there is proof that Raquayza really has an army of Latios and Latias at his side. We've never found any evidence of large herds of dragons traveling around the world. Any footage of Raquayza we've taken haven't shown any proof surrounding this myth, thus this legend has been lost to time.

"About four years ago, Professor Adrian Yvone departed on a research journey to find the legendary herds, but came back a year later in defeat, renouncing his claim of the legendary herds actually existing. Since then, there are only four known Lati left in the world: the legend trainer Tobias has a Latios, the Nurse Joy foundation is said to have a Latias in their ranks, and two are said to dwell in Altomare as its guardians. However, beyond that, there haven't been any other mentions of the Eon twins. Thus concludes this lecture on the Eon Twins. Tune in next time to hear my lecture on the Deoxys." Professor Birch concluded.

Calem sighed as the program ended. Professor Birch always captivated his attention with his lectures on Pokemon Mythology. This most recent one about the Eon Dragons was the most mysterious he's heard yet. "Wish we knew more…" he muttered.

"As much as it seems you're into this sort of stuff, the program is over. Could we switch the channel to Coordinator's Weekly please?" a female voice interjected.

Surprised, Calem whipped around to see a girl about his age glaring at him. She was fair skinned with red and white hair and emerald eyes. She wore a red blouse with a blue triangle imprinted on it. She had a pair of black riding shorts and blue sneakers. At her side, a Flareon growled. She frowned at his staring and gestured back to the TV screen of the Pokemon Center. "Uh? Hello? The TV please?"

Calem shrugged. "Sorry I don't have the remote. Ask Nurse Joy."

"Oops, sorry about that. Let me take care of that." The Nurse chimed as she clicked some buttons on her computer screen. The channel changed to show the final match of the previous year's Hoenn Grand Festival. Standing on one side was a brunette with an orange bandana on her head. Facing her was a tall (man?) wearing a Cacturne costume? It was the finals between Harley and May. The two watched as the battle between Glaceon and Banette raged on, beautiful moves being thrown both ways. The red haired girl clenched her hand tightly. "Someday, that's going to be me up there. I just know it. Don't you agree, Flame?"

"Flareon!" The Flareon nodded, but then pointed out a mistake in the girl's behavior. "Flare, Flareon."

The girl's face turned red in embarrassment, she turned to Calem and bowed in disgrace. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to get in your face and everything...come to think of it, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sapphire, a soon to become Top Coordinator."

The red fox rolled his eyes, "Flareon!"

"I will! I'm not that good yet, but you'll see, we'll become the best! That's not too high of a goal. Besides, if I set my goals too low, then we'll never get anywhere in life!" She objected.

Flareon dubbed Flare shrugged and gestured back to the boy. Calem scratched his head in confusion. How was Sapphire understanding word for word what the Flareon was saying? She truly queer indeed. "Uh…It's alright; we should have high set goals for ourselves or else we won't get anywhere in life right?" he managed.

The girl shrugged. "Flare's just like that. So anyways, what's your name? Where you from?"

"I guess I'm Calem, from Kalos."

Sapphire raised an eyebrow questioningly. "You guess?"

"I mean I am. Why are you so curious?"

The girl smiled. "I just like meeting new people. It's so different here in Hoenn than in Johto. It's so much more modern and warmer. Where I live, people are a bit friendlier though."

Calem raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "You talking to me?"

The girl sighed. "This prove point." She lamented, throwing her hands in the air, "Come on Flare; let's go find someone else to battle." She got up and left the pokemon center, the red fox following her. Calem watched the redhead leave when Nurse Joy suddenly ran towards him. "Excuse me sir, could you rush this over to your friend? She left her pokedex here." She handed him a red pokedex with the name Sapphire Redding.

Calem shook his head. "Sorry she's not my friend. I barely know her."

The nurse frowned. "Even so young man, it's not good to shrug off responsibilities like that. She may not be your friend, but I think she would appreciate her pokedex back. I'm busy and need to attend to your pokemon, while you're waiting, you should help this young lady out."

The brown haired boy sighed. He hated it when he was wrong. He reluctantly took the pokedex and headed out. "Fine, I'll do it. But don't expect me to be happy about it."

Ok, here's some explanations: Calem is the going to be the anime equivalent of Calem from the games. Never played XY but this was the personality I gave him. In the same way Sapphire is not Sapphire Birch. She's an OC character. Give me your feedback on whether or not you see potential in this fic. In the meantime, I will strap myself down to a chair and finish Pokemon: True Colors.

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