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Calem stared between the two women and his friend in confusion. "Sapphire, what's going on?"

The red haired girl glared at the two women, rage slowly building as she recognized them. "I know who they are."

"Who are they?"

"Team Rocket."

*Having been ambushed by Team Rocket, our heroes find themselves boxed into a corner*

"Hey we still got plenty of options!"

"I resent your negativity towards us!"

Annie turned to her sister. "Any idea who they're talking to?"

The pink haired woman shook her head. "No idea. Let's get her now though."

Calem gasped at his friend's answer. "Team Rocket? But I thought they were disbanded a year ago."

"Oh you poor uninformed child," Oakley cooed, "While it's true that Giovanni isn't in command anymore, we are far from disbanded."

The two women took poses across from each other as unseen spotlights shone down on them.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To infect the world with devastation!"

"To blight all peoples in every nation!"

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"

"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"



"We're Neo Team Rocket!"

"Surrender now, little dragon or prepare to lose!"

Sapphire clenched her fist. "I know you who are! You're the ones who are responsible for my father's death!"

"Oh is that so?" Oakley chuckled, "Annie do you remember killing a cute redhead's father?"

"Umm...nope. She's completely new to me Oakley?" The blonde responded as she tried to think. "Hmm...she sorta looks familiar but I can't figure out where though."

"You dimwit!" Oakley slapped her sister. "That girl must be related to that Latias from Altomare!"

"I didn't know Legendaries could have kids."

"It doesn't matter!"

Calem stared at his friend in confusion. "Sapphire what are they talking about when they say you're related to a Latias?"

But the girl was still burning in anger towards the two women. "Now is not the time to explain, all you need to know is that those two killed my father in an attempt to take over my home."

She released several pokeballs. "Flare, Taillow, with me!"

When the two women realized she had released Pokemon, they grinned. "Ariados, Espeon, take them out!"

The two Pokemon nodded, advancing on the bird and fox. Calem took it as time to release his own. "Look I don't know who you are, but you're going down for threatening Sapphire. Hawlucha, Aggron, battle positions!"

"Aridoados use Night Shade!"

"Espeon use Psybeam!"

"Flare, Quick Attack! Taillow, fly up and prepare a Sky Attack!"

"Hawlucha, Aerial Ace! Aggron, get in between them and use Iron Defense!"

Pokemon clashed for a few seconds before the Rocket's Pokemon were knocked back. Annie gritted her teeth. "How dare you attempt to resist? You'll pay dearly!"

"Dear sister, that's not how you do things around here. If they want to fight, fight back dirtier!" Oakley laughed as she lifted a net gun, pointing it at the group. "Ariados, use String shot on the boy!"

The spider obeyed, spewing a sticky string upon Calem, who grunted in surprise. Sapphire gasped in horror. "Calem!" She called, running to his aid, only to be struck by a electrified net.

The girl attempted to resist, but was met with a series of electric shocks. "Urgh!" She grunted. "Flare, use Flame Charge and free Calem!"

"Flare, flareon!"

"I'll be...ugh...fine!" She managed, "Just free Calem and get him out of here. Taillow...get up in the sky and prepare another Sky..." The last sound sorta came out as a combination of an inhuman squeal and growl. Calem turned to the girl in surprise. "Sapphire, are you okay? Just hold on a second, we'll get you out!"

The girl's face was scrunched in pain but she shook her head. "Don't worry about me...just...free...yourself. I'll...be...fi-AWW!"

Calem couldn't take it any longer. He twisted his head towards Flare. "You heard her, use Flame Charge!"

The fox nodded, erupting into flames as she sped past the boy, burning the web as she went. Calem managed to free himself from the remainder of the sticky substance and ran to help his friend when a lilac fox blocked their path, launch Psybeam attacks at the boy. Calem grunted as he dove for cover, Hawlucha and Aggron both rushing to his aid.

Sapphire watched in disdain as the Rocket Pokemon continued to press their assault on the boy. Just then a powerful gust of air slashed down on the net, effectively freeing her from the net. "Thanks Taillow!"


"Now let's go save Calem."

"Not so fast, little miss dragon, you're coming with us!" Oakley jeered as she readied another net launcher. "If you don't surrender, I'll just have to fire this one at your friend. And while you can obviously handle the shocks, who's to say your human friend can too?"

Sapphire froze, her emerald eyes igniting into flames. "How dare you threaten a human being like that?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe in exchange for a powerful Pokemon perhaps."

"You really want me don't you? Well, fine then, I'll give you a powerful Pokemon." The girl pressed her pointed finger onto the triangle on her chest, causing her entire form to glow brightly. When the glow subsided, the familiar red haired girl was gone, standing in her place, something stood or rather floated there. It looked like a cross between a bird and a dragon with a sleek aerodynamic body with glass like down feathers. The dragon was white with red wings and arms, but what was most familiar about the dragon was its brilliant emerald eyes.

"La!" The dragon cried in anger before rushing forward, a blue dragon energy covering its body. It rammed head on into the opposing Pokemon, knocking them into the pair of Rockets before the dragon followed up with a frosty white beam of ice. The Rockets and Pokemon were effectively frozen in a block of ice. Smiling a feral grin, the dragon spewed blue fire upon the quartet, launching them off into the sky.

"We're blasting off for the first time!"

"In forever!"

"Knock it off Annie! We're not singing Frozen!"

"But we are frozen!"


The dragon smiled at its handy work, dusting off its claws in satisfaction. "Sapphire?" The dragon froze before turning around to meet the astonished eyes of a slack jawed teen. "Is that you?"

The dragon nodded before a shimmer of light surrounded the Pokemon. When the shimmer faded, a familiar red haired girl stood before him. "Calem I can explain. I was meaning to tell—"

"No I get it. You weren't planning to tell me that all this time, I've been traveling with a freak."

Sapphire froze. "What?"

"That's what you are right? Some sort of freak who thought that she could be a trainer and fool everyone around her. And you know what? You did." The boy's eyes never met the girl's. "To think..."


"Nothing...but I can't. This is too much for me." The boy turned around and began walking away.

"Calem, wait!" The dragoness raced after him only to run into his outstretched hand.

"No, don't come after me. We're through. You go back to Altomare or wherever you came from. I knew it was a bad idea to travel with someone and you're only proving me right. I'm leaving."

With that, the boy ran off, leaving the girl sitting on the floor, tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. "What have I done?" She murmured.

Little did she know, the very same tears rolled down the boy's cheeks. "To think...I liked you."

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