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The brown haired boy trudged down the road, grumbling to himself. "She left it; it's her responsibility. I shouldn't have to waste my time on her problems."

He glanced at the red Pokedex in his hands. He had never seen one like it before. Then again, she had mentioned something about Altomare, wherever that was. So maybe it was an entirely different region. It didn't really matter to him. The last time he had competed in a league was two years ago when he had battle in the Renaissance Conference in Kalos. Sadly he had only made it to the top 32, defeated by some teen hotshot named Ash Ketchum. While many kids would have complained and made a huge fuss about being defeated at such a low area, Calem was content with his score and decided to travel around the world, getting stronger in hopes of someday reentering a league and getting higher. Where was Altomare anyways? That's where the Pokedex said it was from. He had never heard of such a region. Ok, he took back the statement that he didn't care. He really was curious about where the heck Altomare was. Who knew, it might have rare Pokémon he's never heard of. As he pondered this, he reached the top of a hill and looked at the sun…it was sinking. He panicked, he'd never find the peppy girl in the darkness. He'd better hurry up. He rushed down the hill shouting her name. "Um…Sapphire? You left your Pokedex here. I have it. Where are you?"

But where was she? He couldn't find her anywhere. The forests of Hoenn where dark and gloomy. Calem could barely see in the thick cover of darkness. "Miss Sapphire? Hello! Anyone there?"

For once, Calem wished that he had thought this plan through better. Perhaps he should have waited for at least one of his Pokémon, preferably his flying Pokémon: Hawlucha. He would have been a handy ally to have in Petalburg forest. Who knew what was lurking out here tonight? Or maybe even Electrike, Aggron, Ralts, Staryu, or his faithful starter: Chestnaught.

He smiled for a second in reminisce. While he was no ace trainer, he wasn't a cruel one either. Though his friends might call him negative and pessimistic, he in no way treated his Pokémon cruelly. Some might say he treats his Pokémon better than his friends…explain his lack of close friends in general.

Chestnaught had fought for him to the very end, bring him much pride and joy in every battle he won or lost. Even when he fell to that Pikachu's Iron Tail, the boy was by no means displeased with his performance. He had merely accepted that there was always someone stronger than him and he was ok with that.

Hawlucha was probably his strongest fighter, but had been a pain to train. His arrogant nature made him cocky and overconfident. Only after being defeated by another of his kind did he understand that he needed to lower his ego and work alongside his trainer rather than above him.

Aggron was just a regular catch as an Aron. It had taken time and effort to gain the little Steel type's trust and even to this day, a year after catching him and evolving, he still felt shy and sometimes reluctant to battle other trainers unless absolutely necessary. Calem connected to his friend in that way, understanding his shyness and instead focused on building in strong and tough so that he could someday shrug off the pain and hurt that came from battle and gain the confidence needed to battle regularly.

Staryu…there wasn't much to say. The lone sea star seemed content to fight, battle, train, and eat. He seemed sort of like that reclusive hermit that lives on top of a hill. He'll fight when called upon, but that's about it. To this day, Calem still struggles trying to bond and connect with him. Perhaps someday he'll find one of those Coinsures from Unova and ask him for advice.

Electrike was his puppy. He when he had first started his Hoenn journey a year ago, he had stumbled upon a pack of Electrike and Manectric. After proving he meant no harm, the pack had awarded him with an egg from their pack. Not wanting to let them down, he instantly ran to the Pokémon center and begged the Nurse Joy to help him care for it. He had done everything he could for it: he kept it warm, he talked to it, heck, he even rocked it around…something very awkward for a twelve year old boy who had just received the Pidgey and the Beedrills talk a few months before. But when the little pup hatched, he had instantly felt a parental instinct that should not have come up for another decade. He raised the puppy as if it was his son, feeding it, playing with it, and training it. It saw Calem as his dad, vice versa.

Ralts was Calem's secret weapon. He had found it only recently, but immediately knew it had potential. He had heard the tales surrounding Ralts and its evolutions: Gardevior and Gallade. Recognizing the power behind this lowly Physic Fairy type, he immediately caught it and began training it. He hopes for his Ralts to become his main powerhouse, either as the elegant Gardevior or the brave Gallade, his Ralts was male, so it could evolve into either one.


Calem immediately snapped out of his thoughts. He had to; every trainer knew that if you heard a growl in the forest, you needed to get in the game, or else you could be lunch for the next large carnivore. He quickly glanced around him, searching for the source of the sound. He consulted his Pokedex for the local Pokémon around. Ok…Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Silcoon, and Cascoon…ok all non-dangerous. There were plenty of Taillow around, but they weren't nocturnal. So what was making that sound then? A loud roar suddenly pierced the night as a huge black wolf leaped out at the boy. Immediately, the boy rolled out of the way, reaching for pokeballs that weren't there. Dang it…he needed to get out of here. Come to think of it…why wasn't he wearing any repellant? Then again, Mightyena weren't local Pokémon, so it probably wouldn't have worked anyways. Where did this Mightyena come from anyways? As mentioned before, they didn't appear on the local map.

The dark wolf barked loudly as it made another rush towards the boy, teeth bared. Calem knew it was over. As the wolf charged towards him, he quietly resigned himself to his fate, like many unfortunate trainers before him. He was going to die.

Perhaps some background is needed here. The world of Pokémon is by no means a safe one. Trainers go out at a young age to catch Pokémon not only to battle and have fun, but also to protect themselves. While some trainers find fame and glory, other trainers like Calem, reach unfortunate ends such as being eaten by hungry Mightyena. It was the main reason why many trainers never knew their father or mother. In fact, for a trainer to have both his parents when he or she turned ten was considered good luck. The death rate was pretty high for teens between ten to twenty one, but then lowered as either they were strong enough to protect themselves, or had found jobs that weren't so life threatening. This often caused teens to start dating around twelve, get married around eighteen, and have kids by the time they turn twenty one; thus giving them a chance to live out life before they meet an unfortunate end.

Back to the story, Calem had entered his journey well aware of the dangers of his path, but what ten year old wouldn't want the chance to be strong and brave? Unfortunately, he was one of the many who had to pay the price of such a chance. He closed his eyes and braced for the sudden pain of teeth when out of the blue, a feminine voice cried out in the darkness. "Flare, use Quick Attack!"


The surprised boy heard a yelped as a red fox slammed into the attacking wolf. Calem opened his eyes to see a dark figure standing behind a determined Flareon. The voice continued. "Now, follow it up with another Quick Attack, then Iron Tail!"

The fox dashed in multiple directions at super speed before slamming a glowing tail into the wolf's head. The wolf growled as it charged up a powerful Shadow Ball.

"Flare, dodge it with Double Team! Then use Flame Charge!"

The wolf hurled the Shadow Ball at the fox, but it missed as the fox split into what appeared to be multiple copies of itself. The Mightyena looked around in confusion, but never noticed the Flareon catching fire behind it. The fire fox slammed head first into the wolf's behind, then slammed into it from a different angle, even faster than before.

Calem watched in awe as the Flareon quickly overwhelmed Mightyena, causing it large amounts of damage. But the Mightyena had one last trick up its sleeve…err paw. It let loose a powerful roar, causing the Flareon to panic and return to its pokeball. Satisfied with its work, the black wolf turned its beady eyes towards the shadowy figure, gnashing its teeth. The figure held out its hand towards it. "Calm down Mightyena. I don't taste good. I know you're hungry, but Humans don't taste good at all. It's not worth attacking us. Plus you're injured. How about we forget this entire fiasco and let me heal and feed you, and then we'll all be on our way. How does that sound?"

Calem recognized the voice now. It was Sapphire Redding and her Flareon who had saved them. Well at least he could say he found the girl before getting eaten. Mightyena weren't known for their rationality.

The wolf bared its teeth at the girl before barking out at the girl. The girl frowned. "Really? You're that hungry? I don't think anyone could be hungry enough to physically eat a human being, unless you're part of a pack or something…which you're not. Why don't you calm down and join us for dinner? It'd be great!"

The Mightyena considered this, but ultimately, hunger and rage won over logic and reasoning. The wolf charged at the Sapphire.

Looking back, Calem would never recall why he did what did. Later he knew that if he hadn't moved at all, he wouldn't have changed anything except for his own health. Sapphire already had a plan in action. But Calem was being irrational at the moment, so he acted on instinct. He dove in front of the red haired girl. A moment later, the Mightyena slammed head on into him, causing him to slam into a tree. Before the darkness claimed him…he could have sworn he saw the wolf being lifted up with a bright glow around it. And Sapphire's eyes were glowing the same color.

So what do you think? I hope I cleared up any confusion. On the plus side I incorporated Ash into the story. This will further be explained in my future fic, the Eevee Trainer. What you need to know is that Ash competed in the Renaissance Conference and defeated Calem. Mightyena remind me of atheist philosophers: never willing to actually examine the facts given to them, but rather just attack Christian philosophers without rational reasoning, just thinking with their rage and passion rather than logic. My opinion…

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