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The sand roared around the bird wrestler's feet as he tried in vain to find detect his opponent. But alas, the sands were too thick and winds to loud to find the powerful compass Pokémon.

The bird felt nervous. He couldn't hear his trainer through the powerful storm either.

"Woah, he's perfect for the team, don't you think so Quilladin?"


"Let's catch him!"

Hawlucha stared at the trainer and Pokémon. They looked just like any old trainer that traversed Route 10, inferior to his superior might and skill. Why should he give them any special attention?

Suddenly a powerful Vine Whip knocked him off of his stone pedestal. The bird glanced up and saw the green vines retracting towards the grass type. How dare he attack him?

"Great job, now follow up with Pin Missile!"

The bird grumbled as he took to the sky, expertly dodging the projectiles. He raised his fist, ready to Karate Chop that overgrown chestnut.

His fist made contact with said nut and slammed him to the ground before summersaulting back to his pedestal. Ha! That should teach that pitiful trainer not to mess with him.

That was when he made his mistake. He turned his back towards the pitiful trainer to shake his tail feathers. That was when he felt something tap against his back and suddenly the world went black…

"Come on Hawlucha, listen to me!" the ten-year-old demanded for the third time.

The bird pointed his beak upwards in disapproval. Sure, he was caught now, but it didn't mean he needed to obey the pitiful kid. He returned to face the Pokémon before him, a Hariyama. Well, if he was going to battle, he was going to battle his way.

He struck a pose before summersaulting into a Karate Chop attack. The Pokémon grunted in pain before striking out several Arm Thrusts, only to be swiftly avoided by a keen Detect. To finish up the fight, the bird wrestler jumped high in the air and landed a Flying Press down on him, promptly knocking out the sumo Pokémon. He posed proudly, waiting for the applause of his trainer.

"Why did have to do that?"

The bird raised his brow in surprise. He wasn't proud of his amazing skills? How dare he just insult him like that?

"We're supposed to work as a team here. You're weren't even supposed to knock him out. I was going to try to catch him."

What? This guy so foolishly caught such a strong Fighting type Pokémon and now he wanted another?

To say the least, he ensured his trainer would never get his hands on a Hariyama.

Hawlucha didn't expect this wimp of a trainer to get far…heck he didn't expect him to make it to the Kalos League. But here he was, in a full six on six battle with some hotshot trainer. Surprisingly enough, Gym Battles were quite easy. Chestnaught now, a Staryu, and himself had pretty much trounced their way through the Gym Leader's Pokémon. The early rounds were challenging, but not impossible for him to win.

"Come on Hawlucha, listen to me! Use Detect!"

The bird refused to listen, choosing instead to charge towards his opponent, Karate Chop ready in his fist. However, before he could hit, the opposing bird, another Hawlucha, summersaulted back and responded with an aerial X-Scissor. The X attack knocked the bird back, leaving him unable to respond to the final strike…a somersaulting Flying Press.

Immediately the world went black.

"Hawlucha…you did fine. I mean…I never thought we would actually get this far; you know?" The boy lay down next to the depressed wrestler. "Sure, there are places we can improve in, but getting top sixteen isn't bad considering there were over two hundred competitors. Besides, that Ketchum kid is really something else. So no hard feelings right?"

The bird glared at his…trainer…it was hard to admit that. He had never lost before. This Hawlucha seemed to be way above his caliber. Why? He certainly wasn't stronger than him…what made that opponent's Hawlucha so strong? Of course the answer quite clear…as much as he hated to admit it. That Hawlucha was in perfect sync with his trainer. He respected his trainer and obeyed him. They got stronger together. On the other hand, Hawlucha himself disrespected his trainer but lost when faced with a duplicate of himself…what he could have been.

As the boy affectionately hugged his Pokémon, the bird resolved to grow stronger…with his trainer. He would listen, he would…obey, he would learn to fight with Calem rather than against him.

Now he found himself alone again. He had worked with his trainer, and sure enough he had gotten stronger. He loved the feeling of being strong again. Learning Ariel Ace, Hone Claws, and mastering Detect had been tough, yet amazing. He felt his pride grow again, but instead of being in himself, it was with Calem…the boy who didn't seem like much…yet his true potential had only just been unlocked.

Then they met Sapphire and realized that their training needed to reach a whole new level. That Flareon battled like a master Gym Leader. While he felt the urge to get stronger again, he also felt confused. Why was he not strong enough? He was doing it right, now. He respected his trainer and had gotten stronger as a result. Why did that Fire type beat him? The weird smelling girl had said something about his lack of trust in himself. What was that supposed to mean?

He tried to cover his eyes from the sand, yet the billowing winds hindered his sight. He tried using Detect, but his senses were all jumbled up. He couldn't hear or see anything.

Out of the sands, a powerful Thunderbolt struck him, causing him cry out in pain. Where was Calem? If he could just hear his voice…

Hello? Oh good this works.

The bird glanced around in confusion. Where did that voice come from?

No silly. I'm in your head. Call me your voice of much needed help.

Hawlucha frowned. It sounded awfully. He could have sworn he's heard that voice before.

Yes, you have…but that's not important right now. What you need to know is how to beat this floating magnet. And I know how to help you.

The bird grunted. Yep, he was going insane. All the wind must be getting to him.

No you're not going insane unless you make yourself. I'm real. Trust me. Wait…incoming Thunderbolt. Dodge left.

The bird shrugged and took a step to the left. Almost immediately afterwards, a bolt of lightning struck where he previously stood. The bird gasped in disbelief. The voice really was right.

See what I mean? You can trust me…just like you trust in Calem. He's really worried about you; you know? He cares so much and is screaming at the top of his lungs.

The bird suddenly received a mental picture of his trainer standing at the edge of the field, a worried look on his face. "Stand strong Hawlucha! Break out of the storm. You can do it! I know you can!" Tears slowly flowed from his eyes. "I trust you."

See what I mean? He's put a lot of trust in you…this is what you were missing previously. That missing link in your training, the bond between you and your trainer. You trust him…but you need to trust in yourself again. Can you do that?

The bird frowned in concentration. Could that really be the key to victory? He let out a slow breath and extended his senses, no longer searching for his trainer for guidance, but rather for the opponent he vowed to defeat.

That's great! You're doing it. By the way, Probopass is thirty degrees to your left and three steps forward. I think a good Brick Break along with Flying Press should make quick work of him.

The bird sprang into action. His Detect sensors went wild and he veered left, dodging a Flash Cannon. He could just start to see the outline of the magnet Pokémon. He raised his fist and threw himself at the shadow. Almost immediately, he broke free of the Sandstorm's grip and he breathed in fresh air. But it wasn't over yet. He leaped into the air, dodging a rumbling Earth Power strike and landed his signature move: Flying Press. Almost immediately, the Steel Rock type fainted.

Calem couldn't keep calm. He rushed forward, gripping his Hawlucha in a tight hug. "You did it buddy! I'm so proud of you!"

Then he noticed the stares from a certain coordinator and gym leader. He awkwardly took a step back. "I mean...well done. You did fine."

The girl giggled lightly. "Oh Calem, that's so adorable how much you care for your Pokémon."

Roxanne nodded. "It is always a welcome sight to see such strong bonds between a trainer and their Pokémon. Now I believe this belongs to you."

She gestured towards the mysterious referee, brought out a tray holding a certain Stone badge. Calem took the badge slowly, enjoying the beautiful curves and signs of expert craftsmanship. Also hidden inside was the mysterious sensor that would differentiate the badge from frauds. Calem bowed respectfully towards the gym leader.

"Thank you for a great battle Roxanne."

The gym leader smiled. "You've definitely shown me have shown your skill and knowledge of the battlefield, defeating my Rock solid defense."

Upon mentioning the pun, the teacher giggled slightly, causing both trainer and coordinator to roll their eyes. Roxanne noticed their expressions, cleared her throat and continued. "Thus I present you with the Stone Badge. Congratulations Calem, you're one step closer to entering the Hoenn League. How many badges do you have left to acquire?"

"One badge: Flannery's Heat Badge."

She nodded, "I see, then I suggest you head down the Dewford route. Right now there is construction in the tunnels and it's freezing up in Fallarbor town."

Calem grinned. "Thank you Roxanne. I'll head there right away."

"Hold your Ponyta!" The boy froze before turning to see a pissed redhead. She glared at him. "Didn't you forget? I have a contest here tomorrow. We're staying for that."

Calem rubbed his head slightly. "Right...that first."

The girl grabbed him by the ear, very painful indeed, and dragged him off with unexpected strength. "I swear, you trainers are all fight this and fight that and go to the next fight!" She muttered.

Roxanne chuckled softly as she watched trainer and coordinator march or drag off. "Those two will go far. They have perfect chemistry."

She turned around and then remembered the obvious hole in her roof. She rushed after them. "Hey you forgot to give back my Golem!"

That evening, Sapphire looked out into the evening sky, enjoying the view. "I wonder how Ruby's doing?"


The girl looked down to see her faithful started staring at her. "Oh I know you miss Vapor too."

"Flare, flareon!"

"Yes I know, I should be preparing for my contest tomorrow. But honestly, I'm nervous out of my wits."


"I know, all that stuff we did with Calem should help, but I still can't get the Beautiflies out of my stomach you know?"

She stared back into the sky. "You know, I kinda feel bad for him. I mean I sorta bullied him into joining me here. Sure, I helped him get stronger, but well...he's been a lot of help to me as well. He's no Adrian, but he's definitely made things more interesting for us."


The girl gasped. "What? NO! I'm not in love with him! Where did you get that idea?"

The fox rolled her eyes. "Flare, flareon!"

"This is not denial! This is me being serious. He's just a friend." She threw her arms in the air. "Oh what am I worrying about? The moment he finds out, he'll just push me away or worse..."


The girl turned around, surprised. "Hawlucha, what are you doing here?"

The bird gestured towards their shared room. "Lucha."

"Oh right...what's on your mind my friend?"

The bird went on to explain that during the battle, he had heard a mysterious voice in his head. When he had won the battle, he realized that the voice sounded just like hers.

"Are you saying that you're imagining my voice guiding you?" Sapphire inquired.

"Lucha" the bird shook his head, "Hawlucha!"

"You know it was me? That's ridiculous, why would you imagine me telling you what to do? Calem is your trainer, not me."

"Lucha! Haw!"

The girl sighed. "You're suggesting I'm some sort of psychic."

The bird nodded. It made sense with her understanding their speech as well.

"You know, you aren't half wrong." The bird raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"But that's a conversation for another night. I'm tired and ready for bed. You should go too."

*With a certain contest on the horizon, the mystery continues. But elsewhere, another type of mystery begins.*

"Tell again what happened to you."

The man sat in what appeared to be an interrogation room. He wore a tattered grey uniform, a barely visible 'G' on his breast. He shook nervously, as though he had seen a ghost.

"It was...horrible...it's so hard to...well...remember."

The therapist put his hand on the man's shoulder. "Relax, you're safe here. Tell us what happened."

To his surprise, the grunt shook his head vigorously. "No we're not. We're never safe. They're coming for us...for us all!"

"Who, who's coming for us?"

The man's crazed eyes closed, then jolted back open. "I can't...it's too painful..."

"Relax, start from the beginning."

The man slowly stopped shaking. "We had heard the rumors...about Cipher. How they vanished without a trace...only to reappear...dead. We didn't believe it. You know, they were in Orre and communications there are somewhat unreliable. But then, this guy walks right into our main headquarters on Steel Island. He tells us to back off our operations on Legendary Pokemon before it was too late. Of course Leader Cyrus didn't believe him. So we held him captive for three days. But then, the man told us...we were too late. He told us that we had crossed a line that could not be crossed.

"Then...they came. It was so hard to describe. Hundreds of monsters swooped in from the skies. They began attacking anything in sight, Pokemon and people alike. They were merciless. I watched as...Saturn...he was my superior...was slashed through by a Dragon Claw. They didn't stop with the Pokemon. They went right for us. It was a bloodbath. Nobody seemed to be able to stop these...monsters! I saw plenty of grunts running, but these monsters, they moved like jets, cutting down any fleeing grunts like Bunnelby. Nobody was safe. I don't think a single soul survived the attack."

"What about you?"

"I decided to hide. I took Weville and hid in a closet, praying they wouldn't find me. It seemed like forever before the screaming stopped. When I got out of the closet..."

"Go on,"

"They...they...were...all gone. Bodies littered the ground. I accounted for them all. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Charon, Mistumi, Sird, and then...there he was. Cyrus...lying there...well...what was left of him. It looked like someone had clawed him apart. His face...eyes wide open filled with blind terror. Even the Pokemon didn't make it. Nobody did. I tried making contact with any remaining operations, but all I got was static. Team Galactic...is gone."

"What about the man who warned you?"

"He was gone...I didn't look for him. He was weird. But all I could think about was getting out and hiding. They're coming Mister Rocket. They're coming for us all. Cipher and Galactic was just the beginning." The man shivered. "It's making sense now. We were tampering with powers we never should have played with. God himself has declared war with us. His angels are putting evil doers to the sword. We're not safe anymore. You need to stop whatever you're doing, hide, and pray for forgiveness. Or else...you'll be next."

The therapist turned to the head man. "That's all we're going to get out of him sir."

"That's alright then...it appears that things have just gotten more complicated. I fear that things have just escalated." He turned towards another grunt. "Contact our allies in Team Plasma. Any remaining teams left. We need unification."

"Giovanni might be gone...but Team Rocket will live on..."

Alright then, I think I've officially spoiled the The Eevee Trainer, but I don't care anymore. This is the underlying plot of my fics. I'm sorry for anyone who enjoyed Team Galactic. It was either Galactic or Plasma, and Galactic made more sense. From here on out, the only teams left are Neo-Team Rocket and Team Plasma. You'll find out what happens to Team Flare and the original Team Rocket in the Eevee Trainer.

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