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Chapter 1

~"You are the one I love the most"~

I raced through the dense forest. The velvety moss brushed against my incredibly worn and overused running shoes and sweet untainted air filled my lungs with warm oxygen. The wind engulfs my body with gentle kisses as I ran, trailing its fingers through my long flowing raven locks.

Large brown pillars loomed above me, reaching out to grasp the beautiful green gems that hung at their fingertips. Cracks of light broke through the gems in a gold stream from the heavens.

Humming softly to myself, I strode deeper into the woods, following the familiar path towards my home. I arrived in a small clearing in the middle of the forest. The clearing was filled with wild flowers, giving the air a slight sweet scent to it.

A small cottage with a watermill sat in the middle of the clearing under a huge towering magnificent oak tree beside a small stream seeping and snaking smoothly past rocky obstacles and swirling to just narrowly avoid the tiny quaint cottage. A garden filled with fruits and vegetables sit behind the cottage.

The stream had a light azure blue hint, like the subtle sweep of a painter's brush. Pools of gold coated the surface of the water and flowed over the pebbled riverbed. The stones at the bottom of the lake glowed like embers in a fire, shimmering iridescent colours under the glowing sun due to the reflection from the sky which was a nice warm shade of vermilion and blue.

There were tufts of green little seaweed and plants in the crystal clear water and the smooth pebbles were iridescent in colour under the sparkling sun. Little orange and gold fishes and shrimp swam in the small stream nipping at each other like cats at play.

A small weeping waterfall at the head of the stream carried melted ice crystals from the top of the mountain, glinting with silver, feeding the small stream. I hopped across the rocks across the stream towards the cottage.

The quaint cottage was made of stone and strong timber. Bougainvillea and morning glories climb all over its walls with a thatched roof. There were well trimmed hedges surrounding the cottage which made do as fences.

There was a single white wooden gate that lead to the cottage's door, humming softly to myself, I opened the gate and skipped inside to see a cloth line brimming with soaking clothes. I unlocked and flung open the cottage door, taking off my worn shoes and putting it onto the wooden shoe rack that I had made. Most of the items in our house were handmade, build from scratch using raw materials we could find.

"Mom! I'm home!" I yelled down the hallway. I skipped to my room, dumping my thick haversack filled to brim with clothes and other necessities I had brought along to college. I then quickly begun to unpack, storing away the clean clothes I had washed at the dormitory.

I fumbled in my haversack for the photo frame and placed it back to its original position on my bed stand. It was the only picture I had of Dad, whom I had never met before, together with Mom. Dad has inky black curly locks, ebony eyes, and a short stubble, Hinata Rintarou. My parents were smiling in the picture. Mom looking way younger and happier.

Mom was Dad's junior in college. They met again at a gathering, and fell in love. They dated for a while, but Mom left him for another man. Mom eventually found out that she was pregnant with me and so the other guy dumped her for her infidelity.

Apparently, Mom did not tell Dad at all and she just ran off to the countryside by herself, raising me as a single mother. She loved me but, she ended up being really depressed. I frowned sadly at the thought.

I sighed and dumped my haversack a side before making my way to the kitchen. The smell of savoury clear chicken soup with the meaty thick scent of chicken oil, spicy hint of ginger and the grassy scent of vegetables hits my nose as I get closer and closer to my destination.

Our kitchen was mostly made of light hazel brown wood cabinets which were filled with cutlery, plates and bowls. A high quality stove sits in the middle of the kitchen beside a large refrigerator that ran on the electricity harvested from our watermill, and hanging above the stove was a smoke detector.

There was a special cupboard with at least 50 compartments beside the refrigerator which stored the herbs and spices that my Mom used. To the far right of the stove there was an aluminium sink and a microwave, oven and a knife rack. Four large marble top cabinets stood at the centre of the kitchen. It was where Mom did the preparations for her cooking.

Mom stood beside the stove, her short wavy brunette reaching to her shoulders. She has one hand on her hip and the other on the wooden spoon that was stirring the chicken broth she was currently making. She turned to smile at me.

I looked just like Mom with our small rosebud deep crimson red lips, pale albino milky complexion, piercing aqua blue orbs with flecks of emeralds and silver framed by thick long lashes and inlayed in almond shaped eyes.

We were both blessed with a celestial shaped nose, elegant arching dark eyebrows, an hourglass shaped body and a small beauty mark at the right corner of our eyes. The only difference was that I had a rather chubby heart shaped face and long wavy inky raven locks that flowed down my back like a waterfall, while Mom has a long face shape with hazel, chocolate straight hair.

"Welcome home Miyu." Mom smiled at me. I strode up to her wrapping my arms around her. I had inherited Mom's height as we were both sadly incredibly short, a mere 150 centimetres, just 4 foot 11 inches.

I released her grinning at her happily. Mom's smile was strained and despite her efforts to conceal her sadness and depression. Her eyes betray her true feelings of deep sorrow. I reached into my pocket for the medicine I had bought for my Mom in the city.

"Here you go Mom! Please remember to take them! I won't be back until November after this one week break!" I chided her fondly. Mom nods and spoons some of the soup into a wooden bowl. Using a long and big wooden spoon, she scoops up the long noodles and gently places them into the bowl.

"Here you go Miyu! Your favourite Chicken Ramen!" She hands me the bowl. I beamed at her and sat perched on the high stool. Using long wooden chopsticks, I begun eating my meal. Mom had always been a great cook. Her dishes were amazing and flavourful, and she could easily work at a high class restaurant if she wanted to.

This dish was one of my favourites. The soup has a strong, intense chicken flavour which bursts onto your palate with the first sip but quickly disappears to reveal and refreshing taste of vegetables and the slight zest of oranges.

The noodles were thin yet chewy and slides silkily down your throat. The vegetables fresh and crunchy. The wild chicken meaty and absolutely delicious, cooked till the meat practically melted on my tongue. I quickly gulped down the dish with gusto, finishing the meal quickly. The happiness radiating off me overwhelms Mom and for a brief moment her eyes are warm and filled with love.

"IT'S DELICIOUS!" I cheered, beaming happily. Mom beamed and she took her sit beside me to eat her meal. I chatted amiably to her as she ate and went to the sink to wash the dishes when she finished, humming happily to myself.

"How was your exams Miyu?" Mom asked, sipping on her glass of water.

"Ah! I did pretty well. I think I should be able to get my culinary degree easily by the end of the year!" I grinned. As a kid, I was a prodigy and easily obtained scholarships, skipping grades by studying hard during breaks and holidays. It was my life goal to graduate quickly so that I could support Mom and earn money for our family quickly considering how our savings were quickly being used up.

Mom was incredibly proud of me, and for each achievement I received she became happier and seemed less depressed. I had also secretly hoped by graduating quickly she would overcome her depression.

I raced to my bag to grab my report card before returning with a pen in hand for Mom to sign. She read it quickly, flashing me a breath-taking smile, tears welling up in her eyes. She signed it quickly with trembling fingers.

"Oh I'm so proud of you sweetheart." She wiped away her tears. She pressed a soft kiss to my cheeks before wrapping me in a tight hug. I smiled in her embrace. Even though we weren't rich, I had my Mom and our house in the woods, and that was all I needed.