I woke up to the blaring sound of the damn alarm clock. I blurrily rubbed my eyes and squinted at the clock. Ema and the bros should be awake. I washed my face and trotted down to the kitchen, squinting at the light.

"Good morning bros and baby sis." I announced my presence as I climbed down the stairs. Oh wow. Classic Japanese breakfast of salmon, miso soup and rice on the table. I want to eat it but it's not good to eat and immediately sleep after so…Damn. I walked up to embrace Ema, leaning my head on hers. Got to show her the love guys. I love hugs, and physical affection.

"You feel better?" I asked her. She nods, smiling at me happily as she polishes off the last bit of her rice. I pressed a kiss on her cheek, and slide into the seat next to her.

"Good morning. Miyu-chan. I do not mind you using my kitchen equipment as long as you clean and put them back little sister. However, you left on your note that you did not want breakfast why that is so?" Ukyo walks is to keep the dishes, giving me a kind smile.

"Ah, I work night shift. I'm going back to sleep later so I'll probably fix something for myself later." I explained, grinning at him.

"Night shift? That is rather unhealthy." He notes, a small frown on his face.

"True. But, it pays really well and I want to spoil my siblings." I grinned at him. I tend to buy Ema lots of presents, of course I don't buy her mountains of expensive branded bags or clothes. I buy her stuff I knew she would love and use properly, or things she like, like cakes or some accessories. For example…I reached into my pocket having had stuff the little gift that I had bought for her a week ago.

"To prove my point…tah dah!" I encircled her shoulder, showing her the cute hairband of what appeared to be a big scrunched up paper ball, with a poor drawing of a funny face. She gave me a look. "YES THIS IS THE AMAZING FACE OF LUCK. MY FAVOURITE EXPRESSION EVER! LE CAT FACE! (:3)" I announced. She raised an eyebrow, giving me a flat expression. She kind of got used to my usual antiques already…Damn, I need to get more creative.

"Fine. Fine." I teared open the odd face, there goes my master piece, revealing a beautiful intricate design of two realistic looking pink and black butterflies, each fluttery wing so well made it almost looked as if it could just fly off my hand.

"Wow. WOW! " Ema gasped in delight. Her eyes widening at how beautiful the hairband was. She loves these type of things, absolutely adored them. Plus, hearts and butterflies were her weakness. I smirked. "How do I look?" She smiles at me, retying her hair with my present, and turning to give me a better view. It looks wonderful on her, complementing with her school uniform. She absolutely adores pink.

"You look like… A CHICKEN." I guffawed. She gave me another 'Stop giving me this shit Miyu-nee' face. Alright, alright. "Okay fine. You know what I'm going to say anyway. You look absolutely beautiful." I grinned. She beamed, pleased. Ah, I spoil her rotten all the time. "Oh, sorry I mean the butterfly that I looked for, found and bought looks absolutely beautiful-HA-Ow!" She slaps me lightly on the arm and gives a huff of annoyance, grabbing her bag and making her way to the door. I laughed reaching for the bento boxes.

"Here's your lunch sis." I passed it to her. Her eyes lit up.

"Oh! Did you make my favourite sausages?" She beamed.

"Of course. Plus, your favourite chicken rice balls too." I told her, she grinned. Ema loves the food I cook. As a child, Dad travelling all the time to work, she only knew how to cook simple meals for herself. Hence ever since I stayed with her, she always looked forward to my cooking.

"Yusuke, eat this." I passed another box to him. His eyes widened.

"Eh for me Miyu-nee?" He gaped.

"Of course. Can't have you eating school food every day." I replied. Yusuke nodded to me, thanking me politely, before making his way off to school.

"Thank you Miyu-nee!" Ema says, beaming brightly at me. She gives me a quick hug before running off behind Yusuke.

"Take care!" I yelled at her. I turned, noticing Wataru dressed cutely in his school uniform with a cute little bunny bag on his shoulders. Masaomi loves rabbits, he must have bought that for him. Wataru was rubbing his eyes tiredly, glancing at me with tearful caramel orbs.

"Hey Taru. Here's your lunch." I passed the box to him. He reaches to take it.

"Good morning Nee-chan Oh lunch? Waaaah! I'm so happy! I get lunch from Nee-chan." He smiles brightly at me, with the cherubic angelic face of his. However, his eyes are glinting expectantly, almost as if he wants something from me. Is he trying to use his cuteness to curry favour from me? Whatever trick he is playing, I can see right through it. Ah, but he is still my cute little brother, cute little spoiled brother, incredibly spoiled. Masaomi you softie!

"I'm glad little brother. See you after school." I smiled, brushing my bangs out of my face, I leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek, accidentally kissing a little too close to his mouth. Ah whoops. Oh well. Siblings kiss each other on the lips sometimes don't they? He's 11 years younger than me anyway.

Wataru's eyes widened and his face turns a nice shade of bright pink. Damn, I've been seeing a lot more blushing siblings these days. He swallows hard and nods, a somewhat more mature expression entering his eyes as he stared at me.

"You…Onee-san…why did…" Unsurprisingly, his voice is lower than his usual high pitch cute little squeal. Somehow, it is soothing to the ear, soft with that hint of gentle kindness behind that slight roughness. Wow, he could easily become an amazing voice actor with such a beautiful voice. If it were lower, it would be absolutely sexy. Hopefully the puberty god would give him just a slightly lower voice. Just slightly…Ah what am I thinking?

He coughs, sporting a darker blush on his cheeks before gaining back his usual composure. "NEE-CHAN YOU!" He gaped at me outraged at the fact that he let his guard drop down, pointing his index finger at me angrily. I laughed, and teasingly chomped the tips of his fingers. He practically squeals in horror, pulling back his fingers quickly, the blush turning an even darker maroon.

"You're going to be late dear otouto." I smirked, my eyes glinting with mischief. He pursed his lips, and huffs before storming off. He is easily riled up huh? I giggled, watching him as he storms off. I closed the door gently, yawning tiredly. I'll go back to bed now. I trotted tiredly up the stairs towards my room. Hey wait…I glanced at Masaomi's door, feeling the cool air from the air conditioner in his room seep out from the cracks of the door. I want warm hugs.

I gently opened the door, feeling the cool blast of cold air on my skin. The room is incredibly dark, Masaomi's curtains are thick and dark lavender blue, blocking out the sun. His bed is queen sized, with various large white pillows and white comforters. He lay sprawled on the bed, sleeping soundly on his back. His chocolate hair messy from sleep. I gently crawled onto the bed, glancing at the clock at his bedside. It is set for 10 in the morning, looks like he didn't have work today, or maybe his shift starts later? Oh well, never mind. I then proceeded to stare at him.

He looks years younger with his eyes closed, his lush long dark coffee lashes fluttering ever so slightly. His rose pink lips parting ever so slightly. Something inside me shudders and makes the hairs of my skin stand. He looked amazing. Of course. I'm used to it. I think? I swallowed thickly. He shifts turning to face me, and the comforter is pushed down from his body revealing to me….His very naked upper body, and hints of his boxers. Holy shit. He sleeps in boxers? I gaped at him in horror. F*ck.

Masaomi was ripped. Bloody hell. He probably gyms a lot at work. If you're thinking about a big pack of beef that bulges and makes you look disfigured. No, Masaomi is not that beefy. Thank God. He was curled slightly, sleeping soundly in a somewhat foetal position, making use of his abs. Those incredibly fibrous bands of muscles, are hard and well defined. The bumpy regions of his serratus anterior, the thick stringy muscles at the sides of his abs, are clearly seen. His chest, those amazing pecs of his, are oh so slightly rounded and perfectly contoured, thick and taut with muscles, and then those pale pink nippl-Oh shit. I'm really ogling him. Why Masaomi? Why? I gulped. Then there are those…sinful deep lines at the top of his hips, leading from his abs to the outrageously low calvin klein black boxers. Oh God. Thank god his assets are covered by the comforters. I have enough of brothers and ass. Seeing one ass today is enough for me.

My heart was beating loudly in my ears, drumming loudly against my eardrums. I shook my head, pinching myself. Get a grip Miyu! Get a grip! I mean. I've snuggled with him to sleep. It's just one layer less of clothes and more muscles. No big deal right? Plus, it's Masaomi! Masaomi! It's just Masaomi! Calm down. Anyway, sleep is more important. Hormones later. I heaved a huge sigh, and I was looking forward to hugs. I pried open my eyes to look at the muscular apple pie god in front of me. Ack.

I crawled under the comforter, lying down with my back facing him, my nose penetrated by the soft smell of sweet apples. I inhaled deeply, what cologne does he use? No actually, I think it's some sort of body wash or shampoo. I kept a certain distance from that body of warmth, closing my eyes. If I don't see it. I gulped at the thought of muscles. NO NO NO. If I don't see it. It's NOT there. I sighed, comfortably, burrowing myself into the bed.

"Mi-miyu" He breathes, his voice rough with sleep, so sinfully rough. I froze in shock, feeling his weight shift on the bed. His incredibly warm skin touches mine. It is blazing hot and so deliciously warm. His arm is wrapped around my mid-section and the other is looped over my shoulder, trapping me in an embrace. Is he freaking spooning me? He had shifted so close, I could feel his hard chest on my back. He nuzzles into the crook of my neck, his warm breathes tickling my neck. I stiffened. Oh god could this get any worst. Oh bloody shit. SHIT. My eyes flew wide open, when that thick male organ of his…pressed against my freaking ass. Holy shit.

I know I know I should be used to this. My job scope includes this sometimes. But…THIS WAS MY BESTFRIEND. MY VERY HOT AND MUSCULAR BESTFRIEND TURNED BROTHER. I DON'T PREY ON MY BESTFRIEND. The burning hot steel rod pressing on my butt, not covered by the usual second layer of pants, but by only that skin tight boxers was not helping at all with my thought process. CURSE YOU PUBERTY FOR GIVING MALES MORNING WOODS. CURSE YOU.

"Nggh M-miyu." He moaned, the sound vibrated on my skin sending tingles down my back. He gently brushes his lips on the nape of my neck. Instinctively, I arched backwards into his touch, his breath on the sweet spot of my skin sends electricity down my veins, my heart beating faster and faster. I AM USED TO THIS STOP BLUSHING. But the red specks erupt on my skin, turning my ears a bright crimson. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, starting to feel flustered and bothered, and something deep inside me stirred with excitement, but lo and behold, muscle man was as strong as he was buff and he clamped his arms around me tightly.

"Damn it Masaomi." I hissed through my teeth. To make matters worse, his leg is now propped over mine, and his arousal is even more clearly felt on my skin. This guy was treating me like a bolster. He murmured to himself softly, still deep in sleep and pressed that male organ of his onto poor little old me, my inner succubus would beg to differ. His grips tightened and he grinded. Hard. I gave a small gasp, feeling heat and molten hot pleasure run up my veins. Shit. Was this boy, no, man having some sort of wet dream?

"Miy-u." His voice seductively low and filled with pleasure, groans out his voice cracking slightly. This confirms my doubts. He IS having one. About me too. Oh god oh god oh god. I have never been more embarrassed in my entire life. Imagine it like this. Your best friend, with whom you've spent years of your life with in school, got separated from you and came back grown up and even hotter, has a wet dream about YOU and you just so happen to be there for him to grind on. This wet dream of his…Was getting more real than he thought. He grinds against me again, doing it in quick thrusts, giving little groans of pleasure. My face burns as tingles of pleasure travels up my spine. Please please please please fall back to sleep. This is too much sexual tension. I inhaled sharply as he gave a strangled soft cute little cry into my ear. STOP MASAOMI !

The subconscious Masaomi must have heard my internal screams because he stops out of a sudden, going back to peaceful sleeping, his breathing going to a normal slow pace. His grip around me tightened and he cuddles into my warmth, hugging me tightly before drifting off into a normal peaceful dream.

What? Did it end? What was going on in this guys brain? Honestly, I would wake up after that intense wet dream. Why the hell is he still asleep, and hugging me tightly as well. Okay, maybe it is not such a good idea to wake him up, knowing Masaomi he would be incredibly embarrassed. Probably so embarrassed he won't even look at me for days.

I tried to turn to look at him without pushing him off, but to no avail. Okay so nope. I can't leave. Maybe if I pretend to sleep? Hopefully he wakes up first? I am starting to have a meltdown here. I CAN'T THINK LOGICALLY ANYMORE. MY BEST FRIEND JUST-AHHHH! I cursed fluently in my mind, with the occasional scream of embarrassment and horror.

I just want to dig a hole in the floor and die. Oh god. He was hot. It was hot. He likes me, his body parts like me. I can't-I gave a loud sigh. I give up on this shit. I'm too tired. I just. I will just go to sleep. I'll think about it another day. I should not have even thought about coming here. I should not. Oh well. It's okay. I'll just deal with it one by one. Firstly, I should go to sleep and pretend nothing happen. Masaomi can wake up and deal with his problem, possibly freak out, but assume that I do not know a thing about his morning problems. YES.

In the meantime, a small smile crawled onto my lips. I can enjoy the fact that a hot guy is hugging me while I sleep. I snuggled closer to him, closing my eyes, lulled to sleep by the soft sound of his breathing and warm apple pie.


I pried my eyes open, propping myself up sleepily, and rubbing my eyes tiredly. I glanced around. Looks like Masaomi woke up and ran off already. I glanced at the clock 3.30pm. Okay, great. Oh wait is that a note from Masaomi? I grabbed the little post it note reading its contents quickly.


I have a shift at the children's hospital. I will see you tonight. I can't believe you climbed into my bed, when I was (naked and in boxers) not prepared.

I spent a minute trying to decipher the cancelled words and giggled after finally reading it. I can practically feel his embarrassment in the paper.

Aahh I should have known better. Anyway, turn off the air conditioner when you wake up.


I gave a sly grin. That basically means I can hop into his bed anytime I want for a cuddle. Good. I like hugs. Hopefully his testosterones do not act up again. I quickly turned off the air conditioner and made the bed, grabbing the note as a souvenir for keeping, and stuffing it into my shorts. I then quickly splashed some water on my face before sleepily trotting into the living room hoping to see Ema. She should be coming home anytime now.

The living room was dark, dimly lit. I squinted slightly, rubbing my eyes and letting it adjust to the dimmer light. Someone had pulled down the drapes. I strode to the large comfy stain resistance sofa, wanting to lounge on it for a few seconds. A mischievous smirk appeared on my lips. I gripped the edge of the sofa and flipped myself over. Well, a girl could be lazy to walk five more steps and have fun at the same time right? The air brushed through my raven locks, its fingers running through my air. I closed my eyes and winced at the soft impact of my skin against the cool skin of the sofa. I sighed. Score!

Warm fingers wrapped around my waist, bringing me closer to a hard taut chest covered by silky smooth cloth. My eyes snapped open in shock. Warm breathe the familiar bitter chocolate and mint along with the slight sweet tang of male fanned across my face. My eyes trained onto the face inches from mine. That oh so sinfully beautiful face of a pretty boy. Asakura Fuuto. Is sleeping on the sofa. I screamed internally. What the bloody hell is my customer doing here? At my house? His hold on me tightened and he snuggles closer, his body pressed tightly to mine.

"Aphrodite." He mumbles, breathing in my scent deeply. I froze, feeling heat crawl up my face. This was kind of making me fell hot and bothered…Hold on you horny girl! You should be freaking disgusted at the fact that some guy is sniffing you. My inner succubus shook her head. No, you mean the Asakura Fuuto, everyone's celebrity crush is sniffing you. He wraps me in a tight hug, his body pressed onto mine tightly. The warmth of his skin penetrating mine. I could feel every breath and every shift of his muscles. Please do not give me wet dream experience number 2. Please Fuuto!

"I'm home!" Ema's soft voice called from above. I froze, blood leaving my face and I paled drastically. Shit. If Ema walks in on her older sister, getting hugged by a sleeping guy. It is going to be so embarrassing I would die. My heart raced in my ears. I swallowed thickly, my palms getting sweaty from fear. I mentally freaked out. NOOO! It is going to be so bloody awkward! I can't take it! I just want to hit myself on the bloody wall! Good god! It's like your mom popping in on you to see you kissing your boyfriend! How awkward is that? Bloody f*cking awkward!

Gripping Fuuto tightly, I pulled him off the sofa skilfully landing with my hand and butt, holding him tightly to me, absorbing the impact before rolling under the coffee table. I gripped him tightly, pressing myself tightly to his body, straining my ears to hear Ema's footsteps growing fainter and fainter. I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Aphrodite?" Fuuto's voice thick with sleep echoed from above me. I glanced up to see his warm hazel gold eyes staring intently at me. His body noticeably too close to mine. I could feel his muscles contracting with his every move. I tried to move away, only to feel a noticeably growing bulge prodding at my thigh. Horny dudes. I snapped up to look at him. He smirked and in a quick move, he pulled us out from under the table, rolling over so that I was lying on top of his body. He grinned, his eyes going dark with emotion. I shivered under his gaze, feeling hot molten gold flow up my veins.

"I would never suspect that you'll be so bold as to follow me home." His voice rumbled under me. I propped myself up trying to stand, embarrassed and flustered. However, he reached to grab my wrist and he pulled me back down onto him, my knee pressed against his increasingly tight pants. Horny teenage boys. His body was pulsating with heat. I blushed bright red, glancing up to look at him. His beautiful face watching me in wonder and adoration, his kissable lips parted slightly. His eyes swirling with a myriad of emotions. For a moment, I am entranced by him. His eyes under the soft light are so beautiful, so filled with happiness, wonder and amazement for me, drawing me deeper and deeper into his spell. My pulse raced under my skin, and my eyes dilated at the sight of him.

"No! I didn't follow you home!" I retorted to him breaking the spell. I blinked, and gaped at him in surprise. "Wait…Your home? But, this is my home!" His eyes widened in surprise. His very beautiful eyes. I think I might have a thing for pretty boys.

"Miyu-nee!" Ema's voice called from behind us. I glanced to see her aghast expression, her mouth wide open in horror. I felt as if I just got doused by a bucket of ice cold water. Embarrassment, horror, and shock vibrated around my body. Oh god. This is embarrassing. I tried yet again to stand up, however Fuuto pulled me down yet again. I scowled at him, and he gave me a bright grin. Cheeky little boy.

"Who are you?" He asked staring up at Ema, raising a brow and giving a huff of exasperation. He tilted his head, giving an indifferent shrug. "Someone's girlfriend?" He questioned.

"No," Ema answered, pursing her lips tightly.

"I don't know how you got in, but do you think you'll get something from me by doing this? Go away you're disturbing us." He scoffed at her, and then turned to give me a devilishly sexy grin, the sinfully pink muscle of his licking at his lips to reveal pearly white teeth.

"I arrived at the house with my sister a few days ago!" She answered, frowning at him. She glanced at me, her eyes portraying her shock and horror. Yes, I know I'm horrified too little sister. I'm kind of like a deer stuck in headlights or a puppy who got caught doing something naughty. Something really really naughty.

"Miwa's husband's daughters?" He propped himself up, to stare at her. He knows…Miwa? What?

"That's right Fuuto-nii-san!" Ema nodded. My eyes widened. I cannot even explain the emotions growing through my head. I swayed slightly. I snapped my head back to stare at her. My mouth hanging wide open. My heart thumping hard in its cage. Brother? She called him her bloody brother? Bloody f*cking hell! This is… My brother Fuuto? SHIT! SHITSHITSHITSHIT.

"You're pretty cute, but it seems like you aren't very smart. You're an idiot aren't you?" He glanced at Ema raising his brows, sneering at her, he reaches his other hand to grip at my waist, glancing at me to give me a dangerous smile. I bit the insides of my cheeks finally realising that I was currently straddling him and my every move and struggle was making him feel good. I growled lowly at him, and tried to stand up yet again. He grins, a faint blush on his cheeks as he holds me tightly in place. Little piece of shit!

"Can't you see that I'm currently doing something with your older sister? Hmm…Miyu was it?" He smirks, looking like a child who just had received his Christmas present earlier than usual. Why the hell is he so strong? He should stop working out seriously. I decide to take drastic measures and give a skilful sway of my hips, eliciting a shocked moan from him. Pleasure shoots up my veins, electricity running up and down my skin. Get a grip Miyu! His grip loosens and I stand up giving him a deadly glare. He lazily watches me almost like a cat, his eyes travelling up my body slowly.

"You liar! You're not 19 are you?" I glared at him, my hands on my hips.

"Nope~" He playfully drawls. He smirks. "I'm 15 and if it helps I'm going to be 16 soon."

"And you requested for a hostess as a reward? You're too young! It's bloody illegal!" I glared at him. He waves my comment off, giving me a Cheshire grin.

"Don't worry. I've gone to other nee-sans too but no one is as good as you. Miyu-nee~" He smirks.

"So you're not even a virgin?" I gaped at him.

"Of-f course!" He smirks. I sniffed, raising a brow. Many would not notice his slight stutter in his voice but after talking with him and looking at him. I could distinguish his confident voice to his not too confident one. Plus, his ears were slightly redder indicating his flustered feelings. He can't lie very well. Then again, I am told that I am really good at observing people.

"Hold on!" Ema gaps at us. "You're Miyu-nee's customer?"

"Shit just got real." I groaned. NOT MORE DRAMA!

Author's Note:

I read an article which said that the roof of the mouth is an erogenous spot… I wonder if it's true. Someone please tell me! I actually spent some time researching on how to kiss. Yes, I have not kissed someone romantically before. (;A;) So I can't tell if it really feels that good…So…PS PS people with boyfriends and lovers, are my kissing scenes weird?

The question Miyu asked was on the net on an article about 100 funny questions to ask a boy. (Laughs) I spent 10 minutes wondering whether I should make her ask that question but well, it sounds like something Fuuto would answer with no sweat.

The one on boxer pants… Well, I actually asked some of my friends that question. They went "uhhh…" for a while. I know! I am the weirdest person ever.

On Wataru's personality, he is an honest, sweet but very spoiled boy. My age is not that far off from 11 and I can clearly remember my 11 year old days. Nobody in my cohort acted that cute or childish, and at that age I was already reading teenage romance stories. I felt like a thug every time I ventured to the 14-17 section of the library. Yes thug life! XD The boys in my class laughed about dirty jokes all the time. Hence, I'm making him OOC, and giving him a dark, naughty side.

On a side note, I actually researched on anatomy just to write about Masaomi's muscles. I'm getting bolder in my hot and steamy scenes. It's probably because my best friend got a boyfriend and I'm gaining inspiration from her. Totally digging out all that scoop! XD They're super cute together and he makes her happy. So I'm really happy for her!

I'll be working on editing the next chapter! See you all very soon!

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