The Last ship S02 final scene episode 13

Just had to pen something down after the final scene-unbetaed

Now I lay me down to sleep

Lost in the giddy sensation of hope brought on by Tom's invitation to look him up once she had completed her tour at the President's request, Rachel turned the corner heading down the corridor towards her room. Her mind was filled with images of her Captain, the warmth in his eyes with a smile softening his lips as she gloated over her pardon from the President. She passed him the envelope lost in the moment whilst standing in front of him. As their breaths mingled she was overwhelmed with a sense that they had weathered the storm together and come through wiser but unharmed.

She could feel the heat in her cheeks as she recalled his pleading request to be safe which touched her to the core. Tom's voice had firmed, his intention never to be doubted when he spoke his invitation. It took all her strength to continue walking away from him though she couldn't resist casting a last flirtatious look over her shoulder. She knew the effect the tight dress was having on him and the high heels put a definite wiggle in her step. That would give him something to remember her by while they were apart.

'Stop behaving like a teenager' she chided herself only causing her to smile even broader.

Distracted by her thoughts Rachel didn't notice the figure approaching her from the shadows of the corridor ahead. A man called out to her and she fought down her misgivings at being alone with a stranger. She answered his question but as the light finally fell on the man's face Rachel recognised hate in his eyes. Her instincts screamed at her to turn and run away but just like a deer caught in the headlights she found herself unable to move allowing the man to come closer. He raised his arm, pointing the muzzle of the gun at her chest firing point blank. Rachel twisted instinctively before the impact of the bullet threw her against the wall. She slided to the ground listening to the fleeing footsteps.

Rachel gasped loudly as her right hand reached up to touch the warm flow of blood seeping from the entry wound just below her heart. As luck would have it, the bullet had missed her heart though her breathing was becoming laboured and there was the taste of blood in her mouth. A wave of sadness swept over her but her clinical mind took control. The bullet had smashed its way through her ribcage shattering several ribs. Her left lung had collapsed as the bullet and bone fragments tumbled through the chest cavity. Blood was pooling under her. "Too much, too fast" she thought

A surge of red-hot pain slammed through her as the shock wore off. She could feel the thumping of her heart, picking up the pace to keep her circulation going. Tears filled her eyes from the pain but also from the knowledge that she had only minutes to live and would die alone.

Now she regretted not closing the distance and taking that kiss as she stood next to Tom. Her breath hitched as she thought of the words unsaid, taking for granted that they would have time. He would see her as the second woman in his life he had failed. Closing her eyes in fear that her death would tear at his soul she prayed for him. She had turned away from God after her mother died and making science her religion but now she knew no other way to help him.

Her breath was coming in shallow huffs and coldness was wrapping around her. She felt so tired and knew all she needed to do is close her eyes and let go. But she never had taken the easy way and her stubbornness kicked in.

"Damn it, I'm not ready" She whispered defiantly.

"I need to hold on…Tom will come and find me…he always has" Rachel blinked hard as the darkness circled. The blood loss was making her lightheaded.

She dragged in breath after breath, ignoring the pain as she fought for him.

Finally her faith was rewarded when she heard a commotion in the distance. Someone was calling her name. A smile tugged at her lips. He had come.